So, today I went rock climbing in a nasty ponytail & t-shirt&jeans

And I felt less than average today.. LOLLL
& as strainfully climbed to the top & reached the second floor(yay), there was that random friendly rock climber guy that my group sorta befriended earlier, sitting & resting at the top.. And then he kinda told me good job for reaching the top, & then formally introduced himself.. & as I introduced myself, he told me that I was very pretty..
L O L at that moment.. I felt both very very flattered and creeped out… & then yeah.. I thanked him, & just walked back downstairs…. ._.

-never wear jeans if you want to stretch and reach that rock& not rip your pants(not that I ripped it)

-tell someone they r beautiful 4 who they are
-love who u r & embrace it
-how to handle compliments…..?