According to some random reddit-or, I’m a needy whore for taking selfies.

I know I take a lot of selfies, and he wasn’t completely wrong in his comment, when he said I wanted to be constantly validated and accepted.  

Truth is, I am insecure, and I do seek validation, and I love the attention.  I don’t see why he feels the need to drag that out and make it his issue though.

We all have things we’re not confident about, and as humans, we all seek validation, so I don’t see what’s so wrong about pursuing validation.

It’s not like he was forced to like my picture, or look at it.  If he didn’t, then he could have just left it alone, but he felt the need to throw my insecurities back in my face, and I don’t see why.

I am needy, but I bet he’s felt needy at times in his life too.

I know I’m not some radiant goddess; from my unruly hair, to my chubby cheeks, from my hooked nose, to the extra fat on my hips and legs.  

But I’ll be damned if he’s one either.

on days when you
won’t get up from bed
on nights when you
cannot love yourself
i will love you
i will do loving enough for the
both of us;
and when my days come
(they will)
i take comfort in knowing that
you will do the same
—  Perfect Arrangements For The Insecure (#55, 1st March 2015)

Hi, I’m Tristian. This is my body.
I’m a transgender male, also burn survivor. Over half of my body is scarred. I’m overweight with paranoia, anxiety, depression and active schizophrenia.

These are my insecurities.

I’m making this post to reach out to any and everybody who’s ever felt ashamed of their body. I want to reach out to all of the kids and adult and teenagers who have ever felt insecure with themselves in any way possible. Anyone who feels as though they don’t fit in.

This world is filled with people who have flaws. People who have imperfections.
And I would like to strongly argue that you are fucking amazing and talented and noticed. You are beautiful and interesting and for the love of whatever you may believe in you are worth it.
Every person is worth the breath and life that we all live.

You are not the words inside of your head.

I’ve been insecure about my eyes for too long now but I’ve decided it’s enough! I have hooded eyelids (I think that’s what they’re called) which basically makes me have really small eyes and my eyelid is not visible. I tend to open them quite wide when I’m out because I hate them so much. But from now on I’m going to be proud of my eyes, I’m going to look at them and be happy because this is what I look like and I can’t change that! So instead of hating them every single day I’m going to learn to love them! And yeah it may take some time, even for this small thing that seems totally minuscule, but for me this is a big deal. Today, I’m going to love my eyes.