Your insecurities are arguments with God. He is telling you that you are loved and forgiven, but your insecurities are trying to convince Him of that you are the one person the gospel doesn’t apply to. The good news is, God is going to win those arguments in the end. He always does.
—  Matt King
You painted your lips
with strong red ink
to make you look less
weak than you really are.  

You cut your hair short
to look less feminine,
to balance it out, and
to play pretend you’re tough.

   You wore high heels 
for them to look up to 
you, because you have 
always been belittled. 

You showed some skin,
because you didn’t want
them to look at your
tired eyes, instead.

You walked with your
chin up, because you
couldn’t dare look at
your own scars, any longer.
—  Ces Castaño // the bright and dazzling

I’m insecure. I hate things about myself. I feel like my insecurities are the only things that people see. I hate my nose, my teeth, my everything. I want to be like one of those completely gorgeous girls who don’t have to deal with huge flaws like me. I want to be less annoying. I want people to like me. I want to be better. I want someone to be there for me. I want to be different. I want so many things. I’m sorry I ask for so much I just want help…❌


@izzybilotta inspired me with her no makeup beauty, so here I am, posting a very genuine stop drop and selfie as I sit in bed all washed up and ready to go to sleep! This is very hard for me to do and it is rare to see a photo of me without makeup on here, because sometimes I feel like I need to be “perfect” for you guys. No matter how perfect someone may appear, we all have insecurities! And yes this does have a filter, but baby steps people!!

Also thanks to the lovely @runningmandz for tagging me earlier :)

I tag ANYONE who would like to show me their beautiful naked face, tag me in your selfie and I will reblog! Good night everyone!!

Stop letting your insecurities overstay their welcome. Don’t let your mistakes overthrow your successes. Shortcomings will never mean you are not good enough - they simply mean you just might have to try a little harder next time.

For all of those that claim hate on themselves, their spirits, or their bodies: you must recreate your anthem. Rewrite the words you pour into yourself. Put those demons to rest.

I am worthy. I am pure. I am whole. I can do this.

Loving yourself is hard work; take your time. It is several days of speaking truth in yourself, just as it is several rain drops that make the flowers grow. Just make sure your truth rains everyday.

You are worthy. You are pure. You are whole. You can do this.