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Ok so I hate myself so, any insecure lance headcannons?

I have so many and almost all of them are based off of my own insecurities so this will be a fun ride.

  • While Lance was super extroverted in elementary school and he was always trying to make friends, he hit a wall when he realized that his peers were more prone to laughing at him rather than with him. He shut down when he hit fifth grade, keeping mostly to himself. It wasn’t until high school that he started to open up again, despite it being a slow and scary process.
    • He only had a couple friends during middle school. One of them turned out to be a pretty shitty friend when it came down to it, cue the impending trust issues. 
      • Hunk was the first person he was able to trust after this.
  • He clings to his friends pretty desperately, terrified of being left alone again. Despite everything, he still finds it hard to believe that people care about him. He knows it’s irrational but he can’t help it.
  • It’s because of his insecurities that he’s so competitive. It’s due to his lack of self-confidence that he’s so desperate to prove himself to others. Because maybe if they realize that he’s good at something they’ll care.
    • He’s so competitive it physically hurts sometimes, it’s a crushing pain in his chest that makes him despise his own competitiveness.
    • The fact that Keith engages in these competitions makes him feel a hell of a lot better about it.
  • He cries himself to sleep more often than he’d care to admit.
  • When he’s angry with himself he either shuts down or becomes louder. The second option is typically worse for him because it means that he’s focusing all of his energy into his voice in order to avoid breaking down.
    • When he’s shutting down his actions become more rushed and he curls in on himself.
  • Blue means everything to him because she accepted him for who he is. Despite this he’s terrified of loosing her and he tends to become super defensive whenever she’s being discussed.
  • He’s had multiple anxiety attacks out of a warped belief that his friends hate him and only tolerate him for appearance’s sake. Most of these fears come from his friends seemingly acting exasperated or ignoring him. In reality he tends to multiply their reactions to him and make it something that it isn’t.
    • Hardly any comforting words from his friends ever help with this because he’s been lied to before and he has no doubt that it will happen again.
  • He finds it sickeningly hard to move on. Instead he feels desperate to prove himself to those that let him down.
  • He feels useless because he has a hard time getting things done. Sometimes he just wants to sleep and ignore the world and hope that things will be better when he wakes up.

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Is there any fics where Taehyung is a tsundere?

not much, but here you go! I’m not sure if he could be considered tsundere in all of these but they’re the closest I can find

what do you fight for? by flywithtaetae - Taehyung has only ever known to keep his guard up. But that was before he knew Jungkook.

Maybe it belongs to me (where I’m standing today) by SaraSelle - Jeongguk questions even if him existing is worth it

To Walk On Air by AriesBaby - For me, dancing is a lot less like perfection and much more like falling in love. When I’m on stage in front of all those people, I feel powerful and weightless, like I’m walking on air.

Love and Other Planets by blxnktae - Kim Taehyung is president of the Astronomy Club, Park Jimin is captain of the basketball team, and Jeon Jungkook is so annoying.

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The name “Panic! At The Disco” basically just serves as a novelty/nostalgia act nowadays because either:

A) You have people like my brother who like the music retroactively and nostalgically, but don’t know diddly squat about the members, who think it’s still a “band” and the same band it’s been from the beginning at that.


B) You have the fans who actually know the history of the ‘band’ and its members and subsequently are pissed off at Brendon for still using the name when it’s not the same band anymore

And because of that, inevitably he’s going to light both ends of his candle and become a fucking joke to his fans, both casual and hardcore, eventually

#No9TWritingChallenge: Day 27

Word: Crime

Originally posted by mydarktv

by my own inhibitions;
I found a way
out of this hell
you call

I stood on top of
my biggest insecurity
to let the world know
that if
fighting back
is a crime,
then I’m guilty.


Feeling pretty good on this lovely sunny Sunday! It’s chilly here in Mass but the sun is so good for the soul.

He’s a picture of me, no filter, no editing at all. I’m beautiful.

I’ve been trying to take more selfies and post them because I realized the reason I don’t take pictures of myself anymore was that I never like how I look in pictures as of late. I easily have a double chin now because of the weight I’ve gained and it made me uncomfortable when I saw it in pictures. But I need to get over it. My double chin and I are beautiful. I’m heavier now and that’s ok. I’m in good health and I’m always working towards bettering myself. I’m beautiful at any size.

Ps. Not going to lie I posed in a way to mask the double chin because I’m a human. :) But I’ll post a candid pic one day soon with my double chin and all its beautiful glory!