insecure in her skin

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Okay but the missus and Harry being all cute and shit about their stretch marks,like,using them as guide lines for little doodles,and Harry taking some aesthetic ass photos of the missus stretch marks

Sprawled out on the bed when she’s heavily pregnant with Persephone and the stretch marks are very pink on her skin and she’s really insecure about them so he’s trying to make her feel extra beautiful because he really doesn’t give a damn about the marks, and she shouldn’t either. Dressed in a t-shirt of Harry’s that just won’t fit right on her torso so she tucks the hem under her breasts and lets her belly stay exposed to the air. Pressing fingers to her bump and giggling to herself when the baby kicks at the pressure and forms a lump under her skin. 

And Harry is just fresh from the shower. A towel gone forgotten as he chooses to just walk around naked because it’s hot out for August and the bedroom is taking it in its hands because the air is so stuffy and muggy, and no matter how cold his shower was, it just didn’t cool him down. 

“I found a new one,” she mumbles, face looking up at the ceiling as he sits down on the bed beside her, “on my hip. Vicious pink, too. Very itchy at the moment but that could just be the sweat on my burning skin.”

“S’really hot, innit?”

“Too hot. Why did you decide to knock me up at the beginning of the year so that I’m heavily pregnant in the summer? That’s not cool,” she hisses, his body falling to mattress as he bumps noses with her and kisses her lips, “I’m fed up of being pregnant now.”

“3 more weeks,” he whispers, “no more marks. No more kicks. No more doctors appointments for you. Just sick, wee, poo, milk, and sleepless nights.”

“I’d trade all of this for the bodily fluids,” she grunts, leaning up on her elbows and huffing out a breath, “have you seen my stomach? It’s horrendous. Stretch marks all over.”

“You look absolutely fine. All part of being pregnant, huh?”

“Are you pregnant then? Your thighs have got a few,” she kicks his leg softly, earning himself a grunt of annoyance as he follows her movements and brings a hand to run over her bump, “yours are nice marks though. Not so bold and pink. Mine are just hideous.”

“It’s all part of being pregnant, Gorgeous.”

“Gorgeous,” she snickers, rolling her eyes with attitude as he stands to his feet and walks across the carpet, disappearing into the wardrobe and beginning to rummage around for something he was in search for, “where’ve yeh gone? Come back. As much as I love looking at your peachy arse, I want you back here to lay with me.”

“Just, wait there a minute.”

And he’s straining his voice as he reaches up for the box on the top shelf, cheering softly when he sets it on the counter that held all his rings and necklaces and a few sunglasses on a rack, pulling off the top and pulling out his Polaroid camera that he brought a while back. Holding it delicately in his hands are he checked to see if it was still full of film, walking back out with slow steps before bumping the door shut with his hip.

“You’re not taking photos of me like this,” she whines heavily, flopping back to the bed as he sighs, “please, Harry. I feel so… icky.”

“I was going intimate. We don’t have any new ones of the bump and it’ll be nice to stick in the nursery or something,” he admits, crouching between her legs and bringing the lens window to his eye, snapping a photo from below and capturing the seam-line that went from her belly button and round to the underside of her bump. The picture developing and rolling from the camera as he took it between his fingers and set it on the bed. “Just let me do something whilst I have it. No shots of your face, I promise.” xx

Itching- Mitch Marner

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Look let me live my delusional fantasy that the Leafs make the playoffs in peace ok? It’s been a rough week! XD Anyway so I hope you guys like this! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: could you do an imagine with either mitch marner or johnny gaudreau where he’s dating a girl with eczema and he comforts her when she’s feeling insecure about her skin? thanks!


              This was not a great time for your eczema to start flaring up.

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Monsta X Opinion/Scenario| What Type of Person (M & F) They Would Look Best W/ a Small Scenario

Shownu- For a female I think he would look cutest with a girl who is fit. That is the type of girl he would go for. He would want a girl to work out with and honestly, I’m sure he would want the motivation to impress her. Can you imagine the hard work he would put in if his girlfriend had better stamina or something. He would shit himself with impressed feelings!

“Jagi! When did you get so strong?! I can barely keep up!” He would exclaim in shock and slight disappointment in himself. She would smile and keep running, looking un-phased and ready for more. Shownu would stop for a minute to catch his breath and watch her run the track. With sweat dripping down his body he would inhale deeply before taking off again after her. He would refuse to be second and refuse to lose! End Goals: Win to impress Jagi!

As for a guy I think he would want the opposite! He is so dominant and I feel like if he was with a chubbier guy he would feel the need to work harder. He would want to impress his boyfriend obviously, but he would also like the balance it created. He would like being the more manly one.

“You look so cute today!” is usually how Shownu would start every morning with his boyfriend. He would ask his boyfriend if he wanted to help Shownu work out. He would be embarrassed and Shownu would love the blush that would creep across his chubby cheeks. It would be a lot of Shownu staring at the boy as opposed to him actually working out.

“AISH! How am I supposed to focus when you look so cute?!”

Hyungwon- For a female I think Hyungwon-ie would look good with a chubby/fat girl. I know he says his ideal type is thinner, but c’mon! Lie to me and tell me this boy wouldn’t look absolutely precious walking down the street with a bigger girl.

Imagine him telling her over and over again how beautiful she is, when they lay down for bed at night. He would wrap his arms around her and squeeze her tight loving the stretch marks and extra fat! She would try and pry his hands away from her skin, feeling insecure and he would roll so he hovering over her. A frown decorating his face.

“Jagiya! Stop! Let me touch you. I love this.” he says planting one kiss. “And this. And this.” he would continue kissing her body until she was giggling lightly.

“You’re so beautiful!” He would exclaim before rolling off of her and laying back down beside her. Pulling her back into him.

As for a guy we are back at with a thin guy! Just an average guy, ya know? Not a guy with abs, just a normal human being! His relationship with this boy would be an average one. They would do stuff just adventurous enough to never be boring, but nothing extremely special either. I honestly think Hyungwon would be the most awkward with his boyfriend.

Hyungwon slowly reaches for the boys hand. Hoping that he will want to hold his hand too. Knowing Hyungwon he would be taking too long so his boyfriend would reach for his hand to speed up the process. Hyungwon would laugh nervously.

“We have been dating for 8 months!’

“I know, but you’re so great! It still comes a shock to me!!”

Changkyun- For a girl Changkyun would want a fit girl. Not necessarily abs fit, but one that is the type to get a salad on the first date because she is afraid of coming off as fat. He would want to pick her up a lot and brag about her. They would also share mad banter!

“Hyung, this is my new girlfriend. How perfect is she?”

“Hush! I will fight you! I might not win, but I’ll do it!”

“Woah, you look good! Ready to have a fun time baby”“

For a guy it is so hard to pick that out! He and Hyungwon are so hard to imagine with guys! I feel like their relationships would be similar except instead of awkwardness, IM would feel the constant need to be aggressive to assert his dominance.

“Was I or was I not talking?”

“You know better than to interrupt people. Especially me.”


THESE TWO ARE MY FAVOURITES!! I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THEY  ARE ANYTHING BUT CHUBBY CHASERS! NO MATTER MALE OR FEMALE!! They love them some plus size people and that thrills me. Yes put your “fat” in the hands of some real men. They will worship the chubby bodies. They will support you in all endeavours. And god forbid their partner tell them they felt ugly or fat… For Kihyun’s partner they wouldn’t be able to walk the next day for Minhyuk’s they would drown in kisses and compliments and snuggles.

KIHYUN- “C’mere baby. Let me fuck some sense into that pretty little head of yours.”

“Even if you think your fat just remember I don’t fuck skinny girls, I don’t fuck any other girl except for you. I wouldn’t want to. I’d be missing out.”

MINHYUK- “Princess! How could you such silly things! You are so gorgeous! And if you think you are fat then i guess I only like fat girls because I’ve never seen anyone as perfect as you?”

“I happen to love your stretch marks!” He would say as he kissed each and everyone of them. 


Jooheon- For a girl Jooheon would literally want the most model like girl. I feel like Joohoney is all about aesthetic. He would want a Victoria’s Secret Model. He would think so far ahead before picking a girl. Everything from how he would look holding her hand to how she would look underneath his stern hand in bed. But he also so picky. He would want a girl with a sense of humor and who could make him smile everyday. A girl who was a certain height and stuff like that.

“C’mere Kitten,we got shit to do.”

“Tell me I’m cute! But then tell me I’m hip hop okay? I have to stay manly! I have pride to protect!”

He grip her waist a lot, easily wrapping his hands around it. That in itself would make him smile.

“Damn girl, you look good today.”

For a guy it would be just a mutually cutesie relationship. A lot of stupid cliches.

“No you hang-up first.”

“You’re cuter!”

“I love you the most!”

Wonho- For a girl Wonho is how Hyungwon/Changkyun are for guys. I find it so hard to imagine him with a girlfriend sometimes. He would definitely be one for cuddles and a lot of kisses.

Laying on the couch watch a movie turned into Wonho on top of her tickling her until she couldn’t breathe.

“Tell me how much you love me and I’ll stop!” He would exclaim smiling happily. After she told him how much she loved him, he would shower her in kisses. Just because he could.

Wonho would want a guy who is a lot like Shownu-Oppa. Muscular, dominant, quiet and funny. The relationship would honestly be adorable. Wonho would be very submissive and not even in a sexual way! Wonho is the type to ask for his male partner to do something just because.

“Oppa, can you come lift this box for me please?” Wonho would ask sweetly. When his boyfriend came to grab the box from the closet he would look at Wonho confused telling him it wasn’t even that heavy and that he could have easily lifted it.

“I know… I just wanted to watch you bend over and grab it.” he would reply laughing.

I hope you enjoyed this! I thought I’d add a little more group diversity here! So have some Monsta X!


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Hello my love! I'm really sorry this is a reader insert but I've been waiting to send you this for a while! I would like reaper and Hanzo (separate) with a (preferably fem) s/o and the s/o is insecure about her pale skin. It makes her not want to show any of her skin but unfortunately it's getting warm, so their boyfriend is confused as to why they're wearing long sleeve tops and jeans? And then they reassure them it's fine and lots of fluff?😘 sorry if this is confusing and thank you if you do!


Before his botched resurrection he was always the first one out sleeveless and in shorts at the first hint of sunshine.

Now he’s glad he has you to be miserable and bundled up together when everyone else enjoys the spring weather

As such for the longest time he doesn’t even care why you do it. If pressed he’d assume you were doing it out of consideration for him, but the truth is as long as he’s not alone wearing his winter clothes for as long as humanly survivable (and, in his case, beyond that), he’s fine

It takes the annual spring cleaning to stoke his curiosity. In true spring cleaning tradition you started by sorting through the old books and photo albums and have spent the past hour reminiscing about the past, cleaning supplies forgotten by your side.

“Puberty saved your ass.” you say as you flip through the remarkable transformation that is a pre-pubescent Gabriel hot on the way to win the World’s Most Awkward Kid award to the man so beautiful his mirror image fell in love with him.

“I once got out of a speeding ticket because the cop thought I was hot.” he says conversationally and flips the page to show you the incident in question, recorded from the passenger seat of a car. He taps the photograph and it plays a short video, showing a cop in an unfamiliar uniform flustered at Gabriel’s shameless flirting.

“Italy?” you ask.

“Spain. With the ingrate. He filmed.” he says.

You move on, dusting off old memories instead of the vases that really need it more. Once you’ve gone through his Life in Pictures, it’s his turn to tease you for every life choice you ever made that got immortalised on film. Eventually though a theme starts to emerge.

“Alright, I have to ask. What’s with the long sleeves?”

He points at a picture taken just a few years before you met him on a carnival parade in Rio. You’re the only one with sleeves reaching past your shoulders and the difference is all the more stark with the scantily clad dancers in front. You shrug, try to flip to the next page but once something got his interest there’s little to stop him.

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Stress - Jimmy x Reader

A/N- this is wrote on my phone as my
Computer is down so I’m sorry if the lay out isn’t what your used too

Warning: Smut, Strippers?

Someone requested for jimmy to visit a strip club so here it is, sorry I lost your request.



That’s all Jimmy felt, after the police coming to camp and tried to take Bette and Dot he needed to get away and quick. It was 10:30pm and Elsa requested everyone be back before then but at this moment in time Jimmy couldn’t give any fucks.

He came across a club with a flashing sign “Naked Woman!”, that’s all it took for him to enter the club and instantly go hard at the sight of strippers dancing on poles. All different sizes: skinny, curvy, bigger girls. Jimmy wasn’t one to judge a girl on how much she weighed.

Sitting at the bar he ordered his usual alcoholic drink, looking around he could feel the tightness in his jeans getting more constricting. A woman caught his eye, she wasn’t on the pole she was a waitress. Still naked with only a thong on. If it wasn’t for his hands he’d have the confidence to go over to her but she’d tell him to get lost, what usual woman do when Jimmy tries to flirt.

“Liking the view big boy?” Not thinking she was talking to him Jimmy stayed silent until her eyes met him, waiting for a response. “Yes you”

He only nodded, looking up and down her body. Jimmy felt like his cock was going to burst out of his jeans, the way her body moved… it was that off an angel. A very naked angel.

Sitting down she straddled him, going wide eyed and cheeks reddening the woman on top of him smirked. Her breasts in his face, she teased him. Everyone was watching, all eyes on him and the girl straddling him. “They always watch” She whispered into his ear as she nippled onto his neck.

A soft moan escaped his lips as she started to undo the buttons on his shirt, kissing his skin each time she popped open a button. The adrenaline was pumping through Jimmy’s body, the heat from the lights caused sweat to appear on his forehead, loud music banged through he room as she continued this assault on his body.

People had stopped staring, only a few eyes remained on the two still. Jimmy kept his hands to his side slightly insecure to touch her perfect skin, her hands opened his top showing off his chest.

“Already so desperate for my pussy” She smirked at him as she felt his hard on through her thong, grinding against his slowly she felt his cock rub against her clit. Whines and pants escaped her lips as Jimmy’s growls could only be heard by her due to the loud music, his hands gripped onto her waist pulling her closer to him.

“Already so desperate for my cock” Jimmy mocked her which put a soft smile on her face, their foreheads touching each others with their lips so close together they could feel each others breath. Standing up slowly she grabbed onto his hand, surprised she even did so.

The two walked down a hall until she leaded him to a room with a king sized bed in the middle, a few whips and handcuffs. Jimmy’s cock was already red and leaking pre cum in his boxers.

The room had a soft red tinge to it due to the dark light chandelier that hung from the ceiling, the walls a dark burgundy colour. As she pushed Jimmy onto the bed he bounced as he fell, her nipples pink and perky.. all for him. Leaning up his lips latched onto them like a baby did to their mother, his free hand squeezing her other breast as his lips worked the other.

“O-oh god…” Her voice sounded so frail, so submissive. The wet sensation of his tongue and Jimmy blowing on it made her grip his brown curls tightly. Erupting a growl from him.

Panting and moaning filled the room, the two very hot and sweaty. Jimmy pulled away from her nipples with a pop, making her whine in desperation, then wiped his forehead due to sweat.

“Enough of the foreplay I fucking need you!” Jimmy pushed her down onto the bed causing her to bite her lip seductively at him.

Jimmy removed every article of clothing off of him, his cock springing up as it leaked pre cum making it drip down his shaft. A squeal erupted from the strippers lips as he quite literally ripped her thong off and threw it in some corner of the room.

“Holy shit” Chuckling at her response he leaned in towards her, one arm by her head and the other free hand jacking his cock over her wet pussy. “Please fuck me…”

Without even thinking he thruster into you, gripping onto her waist her back arched as she screamed out loudly. The sound of her wet pussy as he thruster into her filled the room as did moans, groans and skin slapping against each other.

“That’s it! Take my fucking cock you whore!” Jimmy roared out as he let all his frustrations out on her body, his hands gripped her waist so tight it was most likely to leave bruises in the morning.

Her moans got louder and louder each thrust Jimmy gave to her, his cock hitting her g-spot every time he thrusted. Her legs shook causing goosebumps to form on them, with this reaction Jimmy started to go harder and lean down to suck on her nipples.

“Cum you whore!” His voice gravelly as he spoke, indicating that he was about to cum. Not sure if she was on the pill he thrusted until she came, pulled out and came all over her stomach and breasts.

“T-that’ll be $50”

Aya Ziegler | 17 | female | Swiss \ American | ♎ | Departement of Fine Arts |

⊙ She is a friendly Person and tries to interact with the other Sholars but failed often due her insecurity of her Skin. Aya may look like she listen to some crappy Boy bands but she loves listening to Miyavi and other Jrockers.

Some Facts about her:

X She is left-handed
x likes to draw when it’s completely quiet
x don’t disturb her when she eats , she gets furious
x likes to wear two different socks
x calls her Vitiligo “ the map of Goddesses Island”
x Dosent has a crush yet
x She don’t like a specific Gender , she loves the Person
x afraid of Horses
x hates to get sick

#Oc #digitalart #owncharacter #sweet elite #AyaZiegler #MeelyusineArt


I’m going to ask you to bear with me one last time regarding this. I know I’ve addressed this issue poorly at times before, though at the time it seemed like the best way to spread awareness regarding it, and I want to put this in the best way possible now. 

You can see the pictures for yourself, Sooyoung knows that she’s tan, she’s aware, but due to the things she’s been told while growing up, you can clearly see that, up to this day, she’s not comfortable with her own skin tone. Even though she’s legit one of the most confident people regarding her own image, this is something that keeps on bothering her. 

I included that moment with Yuri because you can see that what Sooyoung says to Yuri is a mirror of what she’s been told before. I’m not saying it should be excused, but you can see that what she says to Yuri is a reflection of what she thinks of herself, you can see that she knows that she hurt Yuri with those words and that she’s sorry for making Yuri feel bad for something that she’s also insecure of.

Since she’s not as tan as Yuri, Hyorin, Kai, Hakyeon, (etc), her skin tone gets aggressively dismissed, and until now people keep on making her skin brighter than it is on edits (etc) as if it’s okay because “she’s not that tan”. It’s not okay and those pictures up there are the reason why (which are only a few of many moments she has let her insecurities regarding this show). Spreading a false image of Sooyoung, regarding something that she’s already insecure of, isn’t good for anyone. You can see on several performances, and shows, that Sooyoung is indeed tan, if you don’t want to rely on pictures. (example1 - e2 - e3 - e4 - e5 (pretty much any fancam of kcon NY) - e6 - e7 - e8 - e9)

Yes, it’s true that her skin tone may vary and look different according to the enviroment where she is, and whether she has a spotlight on her or not, but you can always see when that’s the case, and when she was whitewashed for an edit or gifset (I won’t even address fansites because it’s not like they’re here on tumblr)

If you have whitewashed her in the past, unknowingly or not, I don’t want you to think that I’m scolding you. We’re here to learn and better ourselves. I’m only asking you to see that the best we all can do regarding this is realise and understand how our actions affect her and the people who go through the same thing everyday, for the good and the bad.

I hope I was able to put this in a better way than I have before. Thank you for your time and patience.

Dark Enough (Lyrics and Chords) By Amanda Lopiccolo

The chord names appear distorted in certain fonts, but they are, relatively, in the correct place. I do hope that this helps all of you whom have asked for it! xx


Intro Notes: 
C G B A 

Intro Chords: 
Dm C G Am G F

C (x2)
There is a girl
Am (x2)
In the front of my class

G (x2)
Who I swear I’ve never seen
F (x2)
Do anything but laugh
C (x2)
She’s tall and she’s smart
Am (x2)
Beautiful and strong
G (x2)
And when someone’s down
F (x2)
She tries to fix what it wrong

Dm                    C               Am
How does someone so perfect
C          G     F
Feel so insecure
          Dm         C            Am         G
As to scar her skin with cuts and burns
        C            G         F
And still want to hurt more
Dm                      C        Am        G
How does someone so loving
C            G                    F
Learn to hate her own guts
Dm            C                     Am            G
Drawing a picture on her arm with a blade
               C            G        F
As if her mind isn’t dark enough

C (x2)
There is a girl
Am (x2)
In the front of my class
G (x2)
Who’s eyes are glazed over
F (x2)
Like newly cut glass
C (x2)
The ghost of a smile
Am (x2)
Hints at her face
G (x2)
As she laughs when they tell her
F (x2)
‘Who’s on First Base’

Dm                    C               Am
How does someone so perfect
C          G     F
Feel so insecure
          Dm         C            Am         G
As to scar her skin with cuts and burns
        C            G         F
And still want to hurt more
Dm                      C        Am        G
How does someone so loving
C            G                    F
Learn to hate her own guts
Dm            C                     Am            G
Drawing a picture on her arm with a blade
               C            G        F
As if her mind isn’t dark enough

C (x2)
There is a girl

Am (x2)
In the front of my class
G (x2)
Who’s so sad that you find it rare
F (x2)
To see her smile or laugh
C (x2)
Her friends tell her jokes
Am (x2) 
Like that one with the guy
G (x2) 
But all she does is close her eyes
F (x2)
And enter her mind

Dm                    C               Am
How does someone so perfect
C          G     F
Feel so insecure
          Dm         C            Am         G
As to scar her skin with cuts and burns
        C            G         F
And still want to hurt more
Dm                      C        Am        G
How does someone so loving
C            G                    F
Learn to hate her own guts
Dm            C                     Am            G
Drawing a picture on her arm with a blade
               C            G        F
As if her mind isn’t dark enough
For her imperfections

C (x2)
There was a girl

Am (x2)
In the front of my class
G (x2)
Who yesterday took
F (x2)
The breath that was her last

C (x2)
She wrote a few notes:
Am (x2)
'I’m sorry I didn’t say
G (x2)
But my mind was messed up

You couldn’t save me anyway..

                 G                                Am
And to the girl in the back of the class,
        C                      Am
Who feels the way I did..

'Dm                    C               Am
How does someone so perfect
C          G     F
Feel so insecure
          Dm         C            Am         G
As to scar her skin with cuts and burns
        C            G         F
And still want to hurt more..?’

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I was just wondering, is Margoe okay with her body? Is she insecure or would you say she's comfortable in her own skin? Not trying to hate on her or anything haha

For the most part she is very comfortable with her body type!
She does have those days where she’s not comfortable with how she looks in the mirror.. but Wolfgang usually turns her frown upside down with kisses and lovely compliments. ♥

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could you do the RFA reacting to MC being a native American (like she goes to powows and eats frybread alot, also has like 60 cousins) and is insecure that she is lighter skinned than the rest of her family because her dad is white? thank u (^-^)

Part 2 of this ask: 

native ask 2/2 - frybread is bread that is like huge and circular and is deep fried and u put taco toppings on it and its so good (some) natives also believe in the great spirits and see eagles as spirits that show up in times of need. Just to help:)

Hello anon! I’m going to dump them into one hc because I think all of their reactions would end up the same :D I’m sorry if this is not up to your expectations. 

Anyways, enjoy!

  • Will be excited to learn about MC’s cultures and roots
  • 60 cousins…. 60?? Probably gonna faint whenever the extended family come and bombard them with questions
  • “MC! Skin colors doesn’t matter, its the inside that matters!”
  • Excited to try new foods!! Explaining the foods to them will be fun because they’ll be all sparkly eyes and curious. 
  • “What is that circular thingy you keep eating? Let me have some!”
  • Your family would be delighted to find someone that eats as happy and as many as them
  • When night comes you told them about the native beliefs. 
  • They’re all ears and as curious as a little kid
  • Gets more excited day by day because you are going to tell them about new things!
Me Like Yuh

Originally posted by shwaybum

This was partly inspired by the ME LIKE YUH VIDEO CAUSE FUCK THAT VIDEO IS SO GOOD and also by this cause SIMON D’S SENSE OF HUMOUR KILLS ME I’VE BEEN FEELING JAY FLUFF OKAY? probs why that’s all im writing sue my lazy ass alright? you’ll probably win cause i’m so lazy just i’m sorry but i am just filled with fluff and i got way over my head with this like i was just writing and BAM 4000+ words also my hair is a curly mess most days and all i want to do is shave it off /crooning all i wanna do/

You put the gear into ‘P’ and adjusted yourself so you could see yourself clearly on the rearview mirror and groaned internally at the mess you called hair. You tried to fix your hair making it looked at the very least presentable- or less huge. You looked at it and pulled up the hoody trying to cover up how tangled your hair was but as the hoody covered your head, all you could see was your hair falling in front of your face. You for the most part love your curly hair but at moments like these all you wanted to do was shaved your head bald. You sighed and pushed the hoody back down, taking the scrunchie around your wrist and bunching up your hair into a high bun. You then pulled up your hoody and the way your hoody covered your head made you chuckled to yourself. You looked as if you had voldemort hide up underneath it and so you pulled the scrunchie out and let your hair fell back down along with the hoody.

Fuck it, you thought as you grabbed Jay’s phone that he had left at home, which was why you had to drive all the way to his set to send it to him.

You got out of the car with your white slip on, skinny jeans and sweater. You slammed the door shut and took in the exterior of the rather large mansion you were in. There were a lot of staff and crew and you saw how the security stared at you, probably pondering whether you were supposed to be here or not. Your confident eyes however made him doubt if he should stop you as you scurried inside before he could ask you for identifications. You were already so experienced at sneaking into his set anyway.

“Hey.” You greeted Ashley happy that there was finally a familiar face. Now that you had found someone that could justify you being there as not a crazy fan, you looked around the set. The interior was just as extensive as the exterior was and you frowned when you noticed all the women clad in only bikinis walking around set with long legs and luxurious hair. It made you unconscious of yours as their eyes would flit towards you from time to time probably questioning if you were one of them. “I bet Jay’s like a little kid on Christmas.” You told Ashley as another girl clad in blue two piece bikini with what looked like a raincoat on passed by. You pulled up your hoody feeling insecurity creeping out at your messy hair.

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Percabeth as parents/having kids headcanons!


  • Annabeth is terrified. Percy knows she’s terrified and he doesn’t want to pressure her into it at all and is willing to accept it if they never have kids, but oh my gods oh my gods he wants them so badly.
  • Annabeth knows, of course she knows, but she’s so nervous that she avoids talking about it at all costs. Percy would never push the topic on her and tries to somehow communicate this nonverbally, because if he addresses it it would be breaking Annabeth’s rule.
  • The thought of maybe maybe please please someday is always in the back of his mind. It’s easy to push it away though, because just being with Annabeth is so much more than enough.
  • He’s very careful to avoid mentioning kids when they talk about the future. He slips up once when he’s trembling and half delirious. It takes Annabeth a long time to get back to sleep.
  • Navigating their own relationship through college and work is tricky enough, not to mention managing their relationships with everyone else they love. As it is they never feel like they have enough time together, and they certainly don’t have enough time for friends and family, so thoughts of parenthood are far from both of their minds.
  • And then they get an apartment, and it’s so exciting and blissful that Percy couldn’t feel like anything was missing even if he tried. It also changes their relationship dynamic ever so slightly, and redrawing boundaries and establishing new rules keeps them pretty wrapped up in each other for a few months
  • Not to mention the luxury of being alone together in their home. As much as Percy wants children, he’s definitely happy to savor that for a few years.
  • Annabeth starts working on New Athens, and although they never talk about it, the unspoken excitement that that’s where they’re going to live is definitely mutual.
  •  Percy starts to think about it again. Kind of a lot.
  • They start thinking about their future more in general, because their future is actually here now and all those choices they used to fantasize about are ready to be made.
  • Annabeth starts to get the feeling that they’re outgrowing their apartment, the same way they outgrew the camps.
  • They get engaged
  • It comes up in a post-orgasmic conversation when they’re discussing wedding plans, when Annabeth finally gets the courage to broach the topic. By then she’s grown enough that she’s not paranoid that Percy’s going to up and leave her every time they disagree and also her afterglow always turns her into a sap. Percy tells her that he’d like nothing more than starting a family with her, but for the record, they already have one, so whatever she decides is fine by him.
  • He means it, and she believes him, but the small insecurity lodged under her skin starts to act up again
  • And then once they start talking about ideas for their house, Percy feels that old longing come back with gusto. They’re both holding their breath when they’re discussing how big it’s going to be.
  • They visit the construction site several times, and Percy finds that he really cannot stop thinking about the patter of little feet running around down here. It’s virtually impossible to picture the finished product without some combination of kids playing in it.
  • Everyone knows, too, especially Annabeth. Sally, Paul, and all their friends keep giving them knowing glances.
  • Some jerks tell Annabeth that her clock is ticking and while it infuriates her, it definitely gets to her because she’s not sure what she wants and they’re not talking about it and she’s so afraid.
  • She finally breaks down one night because she wants to be a mom but she doesn’t know how and she’s not sure if she’ll be any good and she can’t decide if that’s a risk she’s willing to take.
  • Percy assumes she’s just working herself too hard and she lets him, because it isn’t a complete lie and she just wants to be taken care of without having to have The Conversation.
  • She really does start working herself too hard between her job and working on expansions for the camp, and one day she’s ranting to Piper about how she’s just so tired all the time and she’s sore and uncomfortable and doesn’t feel like herself. She finishes with, “gods, I could use a drink,” and Piper winces softly and says, “Honey, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.”
  • She buys four different brands of pregnancy tests and locks herself in the bathroom and her heart is pounding and there’s bile in her throat and her whole body is shaking
  • It comes back… negative.
  • She just stares at it for a few moments.
  • It takes her awhile, but she finally identifies her feelings as disappointment.
  • She just sits on that for awhile. She only sends one text to Piper telling her it’s a no go, and keeps it to herself.
  • Percy definitely knows something’s up. It lasts for about a week before he can’t take it anymore, and says, “Are you going to tell me in your own time, or are you waiting for me to ask?”
  • She bursts into tears and everything comes tumbling out before she even has the chance to think about it.
  • When she finally calms down, he kisses her forehead and says, “It’s okay, we can do this, you can do this.”
  • She gets pregnant that night soon after and they’re like, deliriously happy, oh my god I hate them they’re disgusting.
  • She tells him by mentioning that she’s going to need to make some expansions on the blueprints.

Bonus: Percy is a stay at home dad, they plan on having three kids but end up with five because Percy and Annabeth never do anything half way. The “third” ends up being twins, and everyone is crushed that they’re jumping straight from four to six because they’ll never be the Jackson 5. The last one comes later, like years later, late enough that their oldest goes, “Oh, god, gross,” when they tell them. Everyone is thrilled that they’re not denied their Jackson 5 jokes after all.

"She's pretty for a dark skinned girl."

Our skin is the largest organ on our body. We have 22 square feet of skin & it’s 8 pounds heavy! We’re in a long term relationship with our skin, whether we like it or not. Some of us constantly wish it was this way or that way. Well, it’s not going to be any other way. We’re born with an X amount of melanin in our bodies, which should be embraced not rebuked!

Women come in varying amounts of melanin. Some of us are light skinned, others of us are *drum roll please* dark skinned! The skin tone associated with stereotypes such as inferiority, uncleanliness, & ugliness. This isn’t a racial rant whatsoever, but dark skin girls have been dodging bullets from family members, friends, men, & others we simply come in contact with. In a way, I feel it does humble us, but it still doesn’t make it okay for others to discredit us.

“Ooh she’s/ you’re pretty for a dark skinned girl”. Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that from anyone in your life! -RAISES BOTH HANDS- I’ve heard it so many times that I feel the need to raise both hands. What this phrase implies is… “Hi I’m totally judging you based on your skin color, and you’re pretty decent compared to other females in the same skin tone family as you.” This is basically what it means, and it’s typically a slap in the face. Like would it have killed you to say, “Ooh she’s/ you’re so pretty -period-” ?!

I believe females are beautiful creatures regardless of the amount of melanin they are blessed with. I’m not saying light skinned females have things easier, but I’m saying its a renown/ recurring issue dark skin females have to battle. It’s easy to discourage a dark skinned female from purchasing harmful skin bleach or undergoing expensive/ risky skin treatments. BUT…

Has anyone ever tried to go to the root of the problem that drove her to such an extent that she’s willing to compromise her health and well being? I bet you didn’t know her grandma always told her “You better learn how to cook and go to school to get any man you can get”. I bet you didn’t know her mother told her “Don’t go outside to play you’re gonna get darker!” I bet you didn’t know those girls at the playground that bullied her saying “How are you so dark? Did your mom leave you in an oven?” I bet you didn’t know that teenage boy that joked around with his friends saying “Eww her? I’m not into dark females like that man! Stop sending her messages from my phone.” I bet you didn’t know that older lady at the make up counter said “It’s so hard fitting a foundation color on a dark skinned girl. Just buy two foundations and mix them dear”.

This was a small scenario of a few taunts a dark skinned female has to endure on a daily basis. These small taunts and emotional abuse from males cause dark skinned females to resort to extreme measures. We’re damaged from society’s labels, prejudice, & discrimination. This makes us want to jump through hoops and loops to reduce the amount of melanin in our bodies. We know the dangers of hydroquinone, and we’re smart enough to read the fine print. Yet, we’re willing to disregard it in hopes that we’ll be just a tad prettier and tad lighter than our original skin color.

I want to reach out to my dark/ light skinned females and let you know that… You’re beautiful. You’re worth it & you’re loved.

If you know a dark skinned female who’s going through insecurities with her skin let her know that she needs to embrace her melanin. It’s easier said than done, but speak positivity in her/your life. When we actually start looking for alternatives to appear lighter you know we’ve been damaged by society. Know that your melanin is a blessing and not a curse. Love it cause that 22 square foot organ isn’t going anywhere! xoxo JeSuisFaux xoxo

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Could you write a scenario where Jungkook's girlfriend is American (Mix of Puerto Rican, Mexican, and African American) and she's going to meet the boys but she feels insecure because of her tan skin and curly hair. If you haven't guessed I relate to this hard so it'd mean a lot if you wrote it. Thank you. 💖💖💖

Hi.  Of course I’ll write this. Thanks for the love and support. 

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senpai could i have kagabae and ahomine having a s/o ,who has ezcema around her ankle area, so she always wear long sleeved clothing bcos she's rly insecure of her skin compared to ppl around her so the boys comfort her and do fluffly shit tgt ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yu da bae btw ;)

I wrote only their responds, is it okay? Thank you for request~! Love you :)
Anyway, is there someone who love Twenty One Pilots, because I think that I’m addicted to them rn.



‘Please, stop doing this to you. I know everyone has their insecurities, but stop hiding from yourself, from me. You are the puriest perfection, I can’t imagine being without you. And believe me, apperance is not everything, your personality is the most important. Anyway, I love you the way you are, so smile for me and love yourself too, okay?’


‘Listen carefully, because I won’t repeat myself, okay? You are beautiful the way you are and I couldn’t care less about your apperance. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me in my boring life, so stop thinking about you being so low. You shouldn’t hide your sking under clothes, this way you will never accept yourself. And if ever someone bully you, I will personally make sure to beat the shit out of them.’ 

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let's talk about genderbent marauders shall we


  • Fem!James Potter who was repeatedly told ‘girls can’t play quidditch’ YEAH OKAY NO ‘girls can’t coordinate strategies’ SHUT UP ‘girls can’t be captains’ WATCH ME MOTHERFUCKER
  • Fem!James who is still so unbelievably in love with Lily and flirts outrageously with her at every opportunity
  • “lily when i’m around you i can’t think straight” “oh merlin” “get it? because i’m gay-?” “you’re such an idiot”
  • FEMINIST JAMES POTTER who gets super involved in the second-wave of feminism (THIS IS THE 1970s AFTER ALL) but has a bad habit of becoming fixated on a single problem for days, nay weeks on end
  • “Mooney? Mooney did you know witches are paid 15% less than wizards in nearly two thirds of the Ministry’s sectors??” “James please we can discuss it in the morning” “MOONEY I MIGHT GET PAID FIFTEEN PER CENT LESS BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A PENIS” “James it’s 3 in the morning” “PENIS PRIVILEGE DOESN’T SLEEP MOONEY AND NEITHER DO I”
  • Lily and James’ first date in hogsmeade ends with lily hexing some jerk who makes disparaging remarks about lesbians and fags etc. and james accidentally blurts out how much she loves her (the words marry me make an appearance)
  • Genderfluid!Sirius NO SIRIUSLY THO
  • She starts exploring the idea of gender in her third year 
  • Nail polish some days, cheek stubble the next, both, neither
  • by the time her parents kick her out at sixteen, she’s punk af and any other kid might get teased and mocked and taunted like hell but it’s Sirius fucking Black and she (or he or sometimes it’s they) makes it seems as though its the most natural thing in the world because for her it is
  • the only student in gryffindor who can walk up the stairs for the girls and boys dormitories without them dissolving into slides
  • (there is no shortage of admirers of both genders at hogwarts drooling over her at any given time and she’s the worst because she knows it and honestly sirius you can’t make him write your essay for you with great hotness comes great responsibility)
  • Fem!Peter being short and chubby and freakin’ adorable
  • but Fem!Peter also being super insecure about being shorter and chubbier than the other Marauders at first - there’s a lot of snickers and bitchy words and all the usual crap about standards of female beauty and it starts to drive her headfirst into all sorts of body image issues “I’m just not hungry, no you can have the last cupcake, no i ate earlier, its okay”
  • When Sirius catches wind of whats being said and fucking snaps it’s spectacular
  • Remus and James half-heartedly attempt to stop the onslaught but to be honest, they really deserve it so at most they try to prevent Sirius from murdering anyone and in the end, they channel the homicidal rage into building up and supporting their friend)
  • fem!peter becoming more and more confident and beautiful and happy with herself and how she feels in her own skin (it’s these old insecurities about her self worth and her ‘superior’ friends that the death eaters start to whittle away at in the months before the end of the war)
  • Fem!Remus has two ‘monthlies’ and when they coincide, it’s a fucking nightmare bc handling a werewolf on her period is just about the worst
  • fem!remus is still tall and gangly and a little awkward at first and she hunches just a little when she walks, trying to make herself smaller
  • “who put the slytherin house table on the ceiling??? who are these marauders??? ALL GRYFFINDOR BOYS WILL REPORT TO PROFESSOR SLUGHORN FOR INTERVIEWS”
  • at first it’s hysterical and it makes their lives easier because no one is suspecting them but after a while, Sirius becomes more and more frustrated about it tbh
  • By the time they finally come forward in fourth year, there is a pot going around the staff composed of guesses as to their identity and mcgonagall buys a new desk with the galleons she wins
  • James’ animagus form is still a stag. I don’t know why i feel so strongly about this but it just is okay


There is a girl in the front of my class
Who I swear I’ve never seen do anything but laugh.
She’s cute and she’s smart, beautiful and strong
And when someone’s down she tries to fix what is wrong.

How does someone so perfect feel so insecure?
As to scar her skin with cuts and still want to hurt more.
How does someone so loving learn to hate her own guts?
Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade 

As if her mind isn’t dark enough.

—  Dark Enough.

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I don't know her at all and this is fucking weird but I really REALLY strongly dislike that Breetch or whatever creature that girl is, Every single photo makes me want to beat her and I don't like that feeling... Just her bitchy personality, over confident ass (Insecure in reality) and ugly soul shows through her skin...

She’s so snide, superior, self satisfied and smug, too (which is ONLY for meeee)—-when she isn’t busily flipping out and detailing everyone on her nervous breakdown 5 minutes later. 

She isn’t even fun on the “mean girl/bitch” score, cause she’s more just pathetic. Every time she starts my reaction is just, Cole, you put your dick in that??? REALLY??? Depression DOES make you do bad shit, huh???