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one from each okay? Maybe? You're so beautiful/Can we do it again?/Don't make me forget, please.../Unbelievable!/I never thought love existed until I met you.../Prompt#1/ Drarry. Maybe?

Hey! Totally fine for more than one. Gonna drop some off though, and just do a few. Heh. Also in mobile sorry if it turns out a little janky.


Harry leaned against the corner of the wall, smiling to himself as he watched Draco huddle into his sweater. One that was an ugly dark orange color with a dark green ’D’ knotted in the center. Molly gave it to him for his birthday, last week, and he had yet to take it off unless he was showering.

Which was funny since he only bitched about the fifty of so Harry had laying around the house, and called them all “ugly, hand me downs” but he wore them anyway and Harry generally kept quiet, Draco cuddled up against the arm of the couch and buried his nose against the collar and held up his book settling in, when Harry stepped into the room.

“You look so young, baby.”

“Look?” Draco raised an eyebrow, “I am young Potter.”

Harry smirked, “I don’t know if I would call 35 young.. so much Draco.” The blonde glared, “but, but,” Harry hurried to continue, “you only look 25. And younger when you’re all huddled up.”

“Potter,” he groaned, “would you shut up?”

Harry laughed and leaned forward capturing the blonde by the chin and pulled him forward, “make me.”

“I could do that,” Draco smirked, lifting a brow, “but…”

“But what?” Harry whined quietly. He had been working long nights all week, every night and it was his first day in almost a month. He wanted to just spend time with Draco, spend quality time with his husband.

“I think I might want to hear more about me looking young,” Draco smirked and leaned back slightly, pushing his legs out.

Harry shifted so he was straddling the legs as the stretched out, it was a pretty normal pose for them so second nature as the man moved, Draco ran his fingers through his long hair giving it a playful tug.

“Mm, you have such nice skin,” Harry nuzzled his alabaster skin, “and soft lips,” he moved to kiss him but Draco chuckled and pulled back. “You’re so beautiful, Draco,” Harry whispered and pressed forward quickly taking his lips for a kiss.

The blonde gave in quickly, whimpering when Harry pulled back for air, “can we do that again?” The Gryffindor smirked at his husband, and tilted his head back with a small laugh. “It’s been so long Potter, c'mon!” He gave his hips a thrust, bucking against the man on his laps.

“You’re unbelievable!” Harry laughed at his flushed husband, cupping his cheeks. “You should let me take you to bed, Draco..”

“Should I?” Draco chuckled, rubbing his nose against the brunette, “and why’s that?”

“Because, ‘it’s been so long Potter’!” Harry whispered against his lips, shutting his eyes.

“What did I tell you about calling me that?”

“Oh Merlin!” Harry laughed, sitting back on his thighs, “we’ve been married for ten years.”

“And for ten years I’ve been telling you not to call me that,” Draco grinned and jerked his sweater off, folding it together at the sleeves and laying it over back to the couch.

“And for ten years I’ve been trying to call you that.”


“It’s why you love me,” he lifted a shoulder running his hand up the others now bare chest, “stubborn and annoying as I am.”

“Few reasons I love you Potter, but that is not one of them.”

Harry pouted openly, dropping his hands, “don’t do that,” he whispered shaking his head.

Draco’s smile fell and he reached out quickly, the whole mood changing, pulling Harry against his chest and holding him tightly. “Harry,” he whispered, rubbing his shoulders, “baby, you know I love every single thing about you. All of it, all of you.” Draco kissed his neck, then his cheek, then his shoulder, “all your stubbornness, and annoying traits, and the way you can’t cook a single thing, the way you leave your wet towels on the bathroom floor, the way you leave your cups all over the house and buy too much food at the store and spend money on things you never use and write a bunch of shitty poetry on parchment and leave them all over the damn place.”

He leaned back and smiled at Harry, running his thumb over his lips, “I didn’t know what love was until I met you, Harry Potter.” Harry’s grin broke out in record time, his eyes bright and swimming with emotion. “Sometimes I forget…I’m sorry baby.”

Harry blushed, looking down, “s-sorry.”

“Don’t ever apologize for who you are, Harry.” Draco shook his head, leaning forward to kiss him softly, “it’s okay to need those words, Harry and it’s okay for me to give them to you.”

“I try..”

Draco smiled, shaking his head again, “you don’t have to try. You’re perfect, the way you are.”


The blonde nodded and hugged Harry tightly, “I married you, didn’t I?”

Shake Me Down by AGreatPerhaps12

Rating: Not Rated

Words: 208,590

Chapters: 36/36

Harry’s new to college, fresh out of Catholic school and conversion therapy camp, and Louis runs the campus LGBTQIA organization.

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Alec’s behaviour in How Are Thou Fallen and how to portray insecurity in a healthy manner

Since I won’t be able to make any videos this week due to unforeseen circumstances, I thought I’d offer my thoughts on Alec’s behaviour in the promo for Episode 7 ‘How Are Thou Fallen’ and how important it will be to the series.

I think it’s obvious by this point that I don’t like the books that Shadowhunters is based on. If you want to see why loads of posts will show up if you type ‘anti tmi’ or ‘anti CC’ into the search tags on my blog. The main reason is because of Alec’s behaviour in City of Fallen Angels onwards in relation to Magnus’ past relationships. He makes extremely inappropriate comments towards Magnus, insinuating that Magnus would sleep with anyone because he’s bisexual. Of course, as I’ve said in the past, I wouldn’t have an issue with this if there had been a character arch or development of understanding where Alec would apologise and realise what he had done wrong. But there wasn’t any of that.

Now, when book stans defend Alec’s behaviour, one of the first things they say is “Alec was insecure”.

This always struck me as interesting. As an extremely insecure person myself, I could never understand how people could justify statements such as: 

“Or, there are plenty of girls here, since apparently your taste goes both ways. Is there anything you aren’t into?” ~City of Fallen Angels Page 305

as someone being insecure. It definitely came from a place of Alec’s innocence in relationships and the young age he was in the books whenever he began his relationship with Magnus. I’m not going to get into the boatload of problems with Alec’s behaviour here, if you want to see my thoughts here’s my video on it:

I’m focusing on the point of insecurity in this post. Alec’s comments about Magnus’ sexuality-if were made to portray Alec’s insecurity in the relationship-failed their purpose. There are so much better ways to portray a character’s insecurity than having them make such damaging comments in a book series that prides itself on its LGBT characters. And this is where the show comes in.

I’ve only seen the promo for How Are Thou Fallen (we all have!) and I already know that they’re going to portray Alec’s insecurity so much better than the book could ever dreamed of. 

In The Iron Sisters, Alec made it clear that he didn’t care about Magnus’ past relationships. It did, undoubtedly, alarm him a little during their date that there had been so many people in Magnus’ past in comparison to his own. Which is natural. Even Magnus himself was alarmed by how little experience Alec himself had. But there was no disgust; no grimaces; no comments made like the one quoted above; they were both simply alarmed. And that’s normal. As Magnus said, they’re both from completely different worlds. And that’s fine.

However, we see in the promo for episode seven that Alec is still insecure. I know there are jokes flying around about him being called innocent one episode and then asking about sex the next but you see that’s exactly the point. Insecurity makes you so self aware, and Alec will not be able to help comparing himself to all the people Magnus will have been with before him. He’ll be measuring himself up, and worrying that he won’t cut the mustard. Hence why he goes to Isabelle, his sister, for advice. 

Sex is one of the most common things an inexperienced person will think of being inadequate at in a relationship. One of the most common questions is the one Alec asks Isabelle. The question of when? How do I know? Should I wait? Do I not wait? If I wait too long will they grow bored of me? Because from my own experience I know what it’s like to worry that maybe if I hold off too long, my other half will grow bored of me. It’s a normal thought process.

Not to say that Alec thinks Magnus is a sex hound and thinks this is the only way he’ll be able to hang onto him. It’s simply a concern that arises quite often with someone who hasn’t had any experience when they’re dating someone who has quite a bit. That their lack of knowledge on what to do and how to proceed will wreck things, or become difficult for their partner to deal with. 

So Alec is trying to educate himself by talking to Isabelle. He’s going to his sister, who he knows has quite a bit of experience herself, for advice on what he’s supposed to do. And Isabelle will probably tell him that he’ll know when the time is right (I don’t expect her just to say ‘jump his bones and it’ll work out in the end’) but for someone who’s worried and insecure, it can be misconstrued as ‘it might not be right for me but it could be right for them’. And Alec is constantly trying to put other people before himself anyway he’d be more concerned about Magnus being happy and satisfied in their relationship as opposed to his own worry over the topic of sex itself.

And as we can see from the stills for episode seven, Magnus is most likely going to stop Alec in his tracks. He’ll reassure him that this doesn’t need rushed and that he’s perfectly happy waiting until they’re both ready for it. Besides, just because Magnus is not a virgin himself it doesn’t mean he’ll be ready to jump into bed with Alec immediately either. They’ll only have been on one or two dates by that point.

That’s where I think episode seven is going with this plot. And it’s really, really good. It’s a much more healthy way of portraying Alec’s insecurity over Magnus’ past relationships and his worry that he won’t be as good as them. Alec is trying to build Magnus up, and make him happy in their partnership, rather than tear Magnus down like he did in the books. 

Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.

I don’t know if any of this makes any sense but I wanted to get my thoughts down somewhere while I had them ^_^

finally kissing him

His eyes staring at mine. His body getting closer to me, I could almost feel his breath on my face. That tiny smile on his lips, making his dimples pop out on his cheeks made him look irresistible. I had just one idea in my mind, get closer to him and kiss him. I wondered what his lips tasted like, and how they would feel on mine. Was the kiss going to be harsh and hot, or was is going to be softer and more laid back ? I didn’t know what was going on inside my head, but he sure did mess my mind up. I had just one thing in my mind, him. His face, the way he made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered to him.
I had been wishing for this to happen to me for a long time. Never would a guy be attracted to me, or like me the way I was, but he does. He sees the real me and actually appreciate it. I’ve been waiting for someone like him to stop by and love me.
I was staring at the floor kind of self-conscious about how I wasn’t actually the best girl he could ever find, he could find someone better, some girl that would be confident and sweet, a girl that is smart and pretty. Why was I thinking like this again.
‘Are you happy ?’ I asked him before he could get any closer to me.
‘Never been happier.’ He smiled revealing his adorable teeth.
‘Okay…’ I looked up at him, his smile growing bigger.
Looking into his mesmerizing green eyes. He looked cute, with his dimples showing off.
‘I love you.’ It slipped from my lips, his eyes grew bigger like he was shocked, while I shut my mouth right away and covered it with my hand.
‘Oh my god, don’t freak out okay’ I was just so caught up in the moment that I couldn’t keep my fucking mouth shut.
He stayed silent, like he didn’t have anything to say, and I couldn’t look at him anymore. My eyes staring at the ground again, I just started mumbling ‘Don’t worry it’s stupid, I shouldn’t have said that, I was just caught up in the moment and it slipped, and you know it doesn’t mean anything, don’t worry. Oh my god, please say something I’m going mad, I just… You can freak out, and if you want you can just go away and never see me again, and you can just…’
I didn’t have the time to finish my rambling, when I felt a pair of lips touch mine, his hands grabbing my face in a strong grip. His lips were as I thought they were, soft and sweet. For a split second he detached his lips from mine whispering an ‘I love you too, you silly girl’…


I never post anything from my writings but I thought, why not ? lol, I don’t know if anyone will read this or not but give me some feedback if you did that’ll be so kind

Ps : sorry if there are some faults, I’m not english :)


summary: in which no matter what, you refuse to love anyone else other than draco malfoy.

a/n: this has been in my drafts for ages and only now do i finally have the guts to post it! hope you enjoy it :-)

Masterlist + Request here!

When the whole school learned that the two of you were dating, saying that they were surprised by the news was an understatement. Well, who would expect that someone like him would fall for someone like you? Him, who was practically considered as the Slytherin Prince, while you, who was a fierce yet sweet Y/H.

Yep, you were a Y/H. Not to mention that you were a half-blood too.

Honestly, some people would still look at the two of you like you were aliens. They gawked and weren’t even hiding the fact that they did — it sometimes drove you nuts. Draco, on the other hand, would smile smugly and place an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his side while his eyes lingered on those boys who would look at you differently.

Some first years who had crushes on your boyfriend would either sigh or squel whenever you walked passed them with Draco beside you, his hands holding your books for you even though you already told him not to. The said students would wish that they were in your position, while some rooted for the two of you.

You see, you and Draco had a lot of differences. One of them was the obvious; having two different houses. He was considered as the bad boy, you were considered as the good girl; he came from a rich and well known family, you came from muggles who weren’t rich nor poor; he had these gray eyes, you had y/e/c; and he was mostly hated, you were mostly loved.

That’s why when the news spread, Hermione had to make you repeat your sentence over and over again just to be sure she was hearing it right.

“Wait, so you’re dating the Draco Malfoy?” she exclaimed with wide eyes.

You simply nodded and carried on eating. It wasn’t a big deal anyway, right? What was wrong about dating him? You, out of all the people, of course did know what they thought of Draco Malfoy — the rich snob, the bully, the jerk, the son of Lucius Malfoy who was once a follower of Voldemort, and the Slytherin who hated Harry Potter.

You weren’t oblivious to those facts, but the people didn’t know how loving and caring Draco was. You fell in love with him because one time when you were running late to class and accidentally knocked him down, he was the one who apologized and picked up your books. When he saw you crying one time alone at the top of the cliff, he offered his ears to you and listened as you poured your heart out. And when he saw you inside the library, studying a lesson that you couldn’t understand, Draco sat by your side, teaching you even though you didn’t ask for help.

So when he suddenly asked you if you wanted to come with him at Hogsmeade the next weekend, you didn’t hesitate to say yes. He was more than pleased by your answer, of course, and even said that: “You won’t regret it, Y/N.”, in which you replied with a roll of your eyes.

But what entertained most of the student body about your relationship is that you are both players for your houses’ Quidditch team. Draco Malfoy was the Slytherin Seeker, while you were one of the Y/N Chasers. They found it entertaining whenever you were already on the field and Draco purposely annoys you by suddenly flying past your way in incredible speed. Sometimes you would get revenge by throwing the Quaffle in his direction when a teammate was behind him.

Your teammates were more than annoyed whenever Y/H was going up against Slytherin because of this.

“Y/L/N!” the captain of your team would yell in a high pitched voice as you crossed the three hoops. “Focus, will you? And stop messing with Malfoy!”

But you would just laugh and fly away from him, in deep pursuit for the quaffle once again.

Though just like any other relationships, you and Draco had your downfalls. The thing you two most fought about is how he always insults muggles and muggleborn students, calling them mudblood or calling the pure bloods who liked the said students blood traitors. You would always hit him in the stomach or arm whenever he sneers at Harry Potter or throw an unpleasant remark towards Hermione and Ron. Draco would just look at you then, rolling his eyes and muttering several curses under his breath that drove you to be even angrier than before.

“You know, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought that you preferred to be with Potter than your boyfriend!” he once yelled in an argument, his tone full of jealousy.

With that line, you just closed your eyes and sighed.

You always knew Draco had some deep insecurities about Harry Potter, and if you say something that might sound like you do prefer him over Draco, you knew you would regret it afterwards.

So to cause no more drama, you would suddenly pull him in a tight hug, in which he would always bury his head on your shoulder, stroking his blonde hair as you both murmur a bunch of “sorry’s” to each other.

And that’s why you loved each other dearly. No matter how much of a jerk Draco Malfoy might be, if you could have any person to love over and over again, you would definitely, no doubt in your mind, pick him.


request:  Can you do #28 from the list?

hello loves! i decided to post today because i have a ton of requests in my inbox, and i want to get them out to you guys as quickly as possible. anyways, keep sending in requests from this drabble list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

You’ve always had a big heart. If any of your friends or family were asked to describe you, the first thing that they would say is that you had a big heart, were generous, and selfless. You were just raised to always give to others, and not keep a lot for yourself. You would volunteer for charity drives, go on mission trips in Africa when you were just a teenager, and would just try and be kind to everyone you knew. In secondary school, you would try to make as many friends that you could, not because you needed them; you would be fine on your own, but because you thought that everyone could use a friend. You just wanted everyone to be happy, regardless of your own feelings. 

That was the downside of your kindness, people constantly using your generousity as a chance to get you to do things for them. Sometimes they would ask you if you would pick them up from places, other times they would just use you to get things, always leaving you without a friend. You didn’t mind though, because you always had Harry. 

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Harry Hook - Preppy Pink Princess

Originally posted by unchxxrted

Requested By: Anon

Request:  can i request one where harry hook and his girlfriend, the daughter of mother gothel, are at auradon & she’s used to him flirting a lot with everyone but when she sees him flirting with the daugther/son of rapunzel, thats when she gets mad/jealous (bonus if he’s caressing her face with his hook while he’s trying to fix the situation)

Authors Note: I’m really sorry about how short this is, and that it’s kind of rushed, but I still hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of trouble with this, and I’m not very happy with it, but I’m hoping it turned out decent! 


“You’re acting ridiculous, love.” Harry laughed, his figure directly behind your own as you stormed up the stairs and toward your new dorm.

“What do you mean I’m acting ridiculous? How the hell am I acting ridiculous?” You asked, your voice dripping in venom as you slammed open your door and made your way inside. 

Harry laughed again, his usually darkly outlined eyes bright and full of life as he made his way toward you.

“You’re jealous of a princess. A preppy, pink princess.” 

You snickered, quickly crossing your arms in front of your chest and giving him a daring glare. 

“I’m not jealous, okay?” You snapped, “But I am pissed off about the fact that you were flirting with some girl right in front of me!”

Harry gave you a smug grin, his eyes boring into you as he pressed his chest against yours.

“I flirt with everyone, Y/N.” He reminded, “Besides, I did it all the time on the Isle. What’s so different about me flirting with that chick?”

“Because she’s Rapunzel’s daughter!” You seethed, “And because there’s no reason for you to flirt with the people around here!”

“And there was a reason for me to flirt with people back on the Isle?”

“Of course there was no reason, but at least the people on the Isle knew not to flirt back!” You raged, your hand reaching up and poking Harry in the chest. “Besides, we’re at Auradon now. I can’t do anything to these people when they piss me off like I could back on the Isle!” 

Harry cracked up at that, his eyes scrunching together in pure amusement as he threw his head back and laughed. Giving him another glare, you hit him in the chest, the whole situation just as serious to you as it was funny to him. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He laughed. “It’s just so funny, seeing you get so worked up about this random chick. I mean, I get that you’re Gothels daughter, but still! It’s so unlike you!” 

You rolled your eyes, an angry sigh escaping your lips as you continued to stand face to face with your way too amused boyfriend.

“This isn’t funny, Har!” You growled, your voice slightly more sad than it was before. “I know you’re just joking around and stuff, but I don’t like it when you flirt with people like that. I’ve NEVER liked it when you flirt with people like that. I mean, can you imagine how that makes me feel?” You questioned, your eyes holding a sense of insecurity that Harry wasn’t used to seeing. 

“Hey…” He whispered, a slight chuckle still in his voice as he looked at you with the kindest eyes you had ever seen. “You know I’m just messing around. You have nothing to worry about.” 

“Well, it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.” You admitted, your eyes looking straight at the ground as the embarrasment of you insecurities began to set in.

Harry let out a breathy sigh, the amused look on his face completely gone as he seen just how much his joking antics had affected you.

“Hey, I’m sorry.” He whispered, his left hand cupping your cheek and making you face him. “I didn’t mean anything bad by it. It’s just something I’ve always done.”

“I know.” You huffed, the warmth from his hand making you dizzy. “And I know you’re just messing around.” You continued. “But it just really gets to me sometimes.” 

“Well then why didn’t you say anything?” He asked, a look of guilt and realization washing across his face. 

You shrugged, your eyes looking straight into his as you attempted to explain. “I don’t know. I guess I was afraid of seeming like the jealous type.” You whispered, “Besides, we already have so many qualities that drive each other crazy. I didn’t want to give you another thing to add to the list of things to dislike about Y/N.”

Harry laughed at that, a small smile playing on his lips as he leaned closer to you. 

“Love, I’m pretty sure I give you a new quality to add to my list every single day.” He joked, the hook in his right hand lifting from his side and gently caressing your face. “Besides, you look hot when you’re angry. I’d never dislike that about you.” He winked, the slight tickle from his hook making you shiver.

“But I am sorry.” He suddenly continued, his hand leaving your face and resting on your hip, the tip of his hook lightly pressing into the small of your back.”I didn’t know it bothered you that much. I won’t flirt with princesses anymore.” He promised, a small smile forming on his lips. “I’ll save it for the Isle girls.”

You rolled your eyes, his words seemingly insincere but his eyes holding a love so deep that you knew he really was sorry. 

“You better be.” You chuckled, suddenly pushing him away from you and crossing your arms in front of your chest. Because if you keep doing it, I definitely won’t deal with it like a preppy, pink princess.”

uncommon alliances: part two

summary: intimacy isn’t really draco’s strong spot, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. you decide you don’t want a pygmy puff anymore, so you go in search of a new owner for puff.

word count: ~3800

a/n: YALL I DID IT I GOT IT OUT OMG now to get out all the requests i have….. hmm…….. we’ll work on it. please enjoy this i worked hard and i will work hard fulfilling you guys’ ideas! and i need to repost catch me if u can bc i deleted it oops anyway enjoy and wish me luck on these terrible cramps i have hoenestly (ha get it) i feel like dying bye

part zero  part one

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Something Great

Originally posted by notheartbroken

a/n: sorry for the absence but here is a cute one shot :-) smut warning gif credit to the owner 

His curl adorned head glanced over his shoulder and switched lanes with ease. Music was softly gracing the speakers with a light melody. The sky outside was grey and dull, rain littering the pavement and windows. With the rain and Harry surrounding my senses, I was calm.

The music flowing the truck was serene and I couldn’t help but sing along to the tune. “I don’t want to be your friend, I want to kiss your neck.” I took note of the grin that swept across Harry’s face when I started to sing. “What are you at?” I conjured. The grin that flashed his teeth and dimples grew wider, “You have a lovely voice s'all.”

I blushed at his compliment and kept my head turned to the window so he could fail to see my embarrassment ridden face.

I think I’m falling I’m falling for you

The lyrics resonated in my mind. What if my heart was really falling for this green eyed boy? My mind and heart were at conflict as I asked myself this significant question. Before I could ponder this question more than I already have, my mind swirled to the hand placed gently on my thigh. Even through my clothed material I could feel the hit that was immersed from his hand.

My heart swelled at the small, yet significant gesture that Harry had completed. Before I could revel in the sweetness of Harry anymore, he pulled his truck up at the curb in front of my house. The AUX cord connected to my phone was pulled out as I swiftly tucked it in my pocket. The door I was about to open, was pulled from my grasp. Harry smiled sweetly when I thanked him. See, chivalry isn’t dead.

His arm looped with mine as we walk to my doorstep. “I had a really nice time today.” His voice rang out, the British accent never failing to hook me into his voice deeper. “I did too.” An involuntary smile swept across my face, “We should do it aga-” My sentence was cut off by a loud crackle through the sky. “Yeah we should. But I should get going. Bye Y/N.” He gave me a swift hug, not nearly as long as I wanted. I hollered bye as he rushed through the yard to his truck.

When my door popped open, quietness surrounded me. Mom and Dad were still work. My room welcomed me with the scent of mahogany teakwood and I felt even calmer in that moment. The clothes I had on were stripped off me and replaced with sweats and an old t-shirt, my hair was pulled up into a bun. I had just sunk into my bed when a knock at my door startled me. I heaved a sigh and shuffled to my door. “So. My truck isn’t working.” A soaked Harry stood on my porch. “Alright, you can hang out until the rain stops.” I laughed and grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. “Stay here, I’ll grab you a towel and clothes.” I disappeared in my room, while I sent a swift text to my mom and explained the situation. My phone was placed back into my pocket, a towel in one hand and my ex boyfriends clothes in the other.

“Here’s a towel. And here are some clothes.” Harry’s eyes traveled down the clothes. “Are those your ex boyfriends clothes?” My cheeks heat up, “Yes…look, do you want clothes or not?” He chuckled, “Fine.”

Harry emerged from the bathroom just as I started to watch Supernatural. His appearance caused my to burst out into budding laughter. Around his legs he had tight boxer briefs that were way too short on his long legs, and his torso adorned a shirt that was too tight. “I look fucking ridiculous.” Tears spilled from my eyes, my stomach already gathering an ache. “You look amazing.” Harry’s green eyes rolls at my comment. “Shut it.”

He took a seat on the couch opposite of the one I was lounging on. “What are we watching?” He asked, slightly annoyed. “Supernatural.” Harry scoffed, “Really?”

“Hey it’s a good show!” He chuckled a little bit, “Yeah okay.”

“Hey I can kick you out if I need too.” My maneuvered to look at Harry and my eyes narrowed as I challenged him. “Okay, okay.” He raised his hands up in defense as he decided to climb onto my couch, my heart smiled, I got to be closer to him. I smiled at the green eyed boy who took my feet in his lap as I pressed play on the remote at his request.

About twenty minutes passed by of me being engrossed in the work of Sam and Dean Winchester when Harry started to become bored. His legs that held my feet started to bounce up and down. “You bored?” I asked, “No, I’m okay.” I took the time to admire Harry’s gorgeous face. He had sporadic freckles under his eyes and along his nose, something I’ve noticed before, just never studied them. His green eyes had yellow located around the edge of his pupil. Surrounding his eyes, long eyelashes fanned across. If there was ever a time to seize the day, now was that time. The body resting before me came closer as my body propelled itself towards him. And before I could think about anything else, my lips crashed to his.

Harry held me to him once I tried to pull back. I didn’t object anymore. Our lips melted together with heat intertwined. Harry’s hands grabbed my body and pulled me on to him. Each of my knees were at the side of his legs. My hands found his hair, slowly running my digits through his dark hair. A low moan leaked out of his lips and, sending a sensation through me. What was I doing? Harry and I were just friends. “Harry…were just friends…” The connection of our lips was lost, Harry’s lips were swollen and pink, they looked irresistible. “Y/n. You and I both know that isn’t true. We’ve been wanting each other for awhile now. Ever since I moved here I’ve wanted you.” The words he said to me affected my heart to swell. I can’t deny the fact that I did like him ever since he moved here from England. “Just…let us have this…” Harry practically whimpered out, his hand flew up to my hair as he brushed a stray strand behind my ear. “You’re all I want, so much it’s hurting.” How could I deny this beautiful boy? My body reacted over my mind once more as our lips reestablished. Our hips slowly collided, breathy moans released from both of us. Harry’s lips pulled from mine as he connected to my neck. My head rolled back as a loud moaned ripped through me. “I have wanted to do this for so long,” Harry moaned out, “Let’s take this to your room.” His large hands gripped my butt as he lifted us up, my lips were attacking his neck with my teeth, leaving red marks in the wake of it.

Harry shut my door behind him; swiftly he pulled his shirt of his lanky body. My eyes takes down his naked torso. He had toned abs, suddenly I felt insecure. The body of Harry was much prettier than mine. He was slender and tan. As I had fat rolls and was pale. “Harry…I don’t know.” He sighed, and my heart broke. I wanted to make love with Harry more than anything. But, that was my first time, and I didn’t know if I was ready to give him myself completely. Wasn’t I supposed to be in love with the person I lose it to?

“Y/N, if you’re worried about us not being in love, don’t. I’m incredibly in love with you, and I know you feel the same way. The way you’re body reacts to me when I touch you tells it all.” His hand lingered to my lip, touching it gently. His thumb rubbed over my bottom lip then slowly trailed to my chest, “Just a simple touch to your lip has already got it your heart racing…” He whispered then placed his hand over my heart. Sure enough, he was proved right. “But that’s not the case. I know you too well. It’s you’re body…you’re afraid I won’t find it beautiful.” My breath hitched with his words. His head lowered down, and kissed my clothed belly.

“Baby girl, that isn’t the case. You’re body….it gets my heart racing. Your hips curve in just the right way, your chest is big in all the right places, and your thighs, oh god, your thighs.” He moaned the last part out, I couldn’t help the slight whimper that I emitted from me when he squeezed my thighs.

“If you don’t believe me, feel this.” His hand took mine and placed it on the bulge in the boxers I gave him. Harry climbed on the bed and was faced on top of me. His arms supported him on either side of my head. Harry’s pink and slightly swollen lips came to mine. It wasn’t rushed this time, it was slow, sensual and intimate. “You’re beautiful,” he mumbled against my lips, “let me prove it to you.”

The shirt I had separating our bare chest was removed. My breasts were exposed to the first person other than myself who has seen them. This was my most vulnerable moment. I dearly hoped Harry would not mess this up. “I trust you.” I finally murmured out. Harry sweetly smiled. The smile made my heart swell. Lips kissed in the valley between my breasts. A hand gently kneaded one of them while Harry’s lips slowly made his way to the other. His tongue flicked my nipple, igniting a fire in my stomach. With a sudden gasp from myself, he did it once more, yet harder. He alternated between each breast. If that is how it felt to be pleasured that way, I couldn’t wait for Harry to work further down my body.

As if Harry read my mind, he kissed each of my breast one last time and then inched down my stomach. Leaving raised bumps on my skin and kisses. My breathing was heavy and uncontrolled. I wasn’t lying when I said I trusted Harry. I’ve never felt more ready to give someone myself as I was in that moment.

Harry arrived finally at my lower half. The sweats that adorned my legs and waist were removed. My cheeks reddened as Harry moaned. I forgot to put on underwear. “Do you always go commando?” He lightly chuckled. “Uh, only sometimes.” I mumbled out. “Christ.”

Harry’s curly haired head descended between my thighs. His dark hair tickled my skin. A finger swiped across my core sending a foreign sensation of pleasure through me. My thighs unconsciously tried to squeeze each other together. Harry’s hands took a hold of them, and gripped them tightly. He looked up at me, his eyes were a shade darker and I could almost feel myself dripping.

I entangled my hands in his hair once he touched his tongue to my swollen bundle of nerves. My body jerked as Harry continued to run his tongue vigorously worked on my clit. The moans slipping from my mouth, the tugging of his hair only seemed to fuel Harry more. Harry between my legs, eating me out was such an intense experience. I was sent wondering why I have never done this sooner.

“You taste so good, holy fuck.” He groaned against me, a finger started to inch in and out of me. It was an odd feeling at first, but once I got use to the alienated feeling after a few pumps. The feeling sunk into my bones. I could feel that I was going to untie soon. My first orgasm was soon going to rip through my overwhelmed body and I have never been so ready for it.

I convulsed from Harry’s mouth and fingers. I could feel myself tighten around Harry’s digits, my fingers gripped my sheets, and my toes curled with the pleasure coursing through my entire body.

Harry hauled up from my legs. Moisture surrounded his mouth. My moisture. “Are you on the pill?” I shook my head, “Okay. I have a condom.” I wasn’t sure why he carried a condom around. The feeling that sunk into me sent me into a panic. What if I wasn’t Harry’s first time? What if he was just using me? I wanted to curl up into a ball in that moment. I think Harry sensed my panic, “Relax. This is my first time having sex. I carry it around with me to look cool.” The side of his hand was brushed against my face, “I am just as nervous as you.” He definitely didn’t show it. He did himself of the borrowed boxers, then fetched his wallet. The foil wrapper was torn open then soon the latex was rolled on to Harry’s hard shaft. Harry’s penis was the first one I have seen, but it was beautiful. I silently laughed at my thoughts, “Whatcha laughing at over there? Something funny?”

“No, you’re just beautiful.”

He climbed back onto the bed and kissed my nose, “and so are you.” Harry positioned himself between my legs. “Are you ready?” I nodded, I have never been more ready. “Okay.”

Harry pushed himself inside of me, a vehement moan elicited from his throat. “Holy fuck, this is better than I could imagine.” The unfamiliar feeling a male being inside of me was unpleasant to say the least. As Harry drew his hips back slowly and would push back against me, a pain would set in. It wasn’t very painful, but it was annoying. “Are you okay? Do I need to stop?” My head shook, “No, keep going.”

“With pleasure.”

After a few thrusts, the sensation set in and I started to experience the pleasure everyone thrived about. Before too long, my hips were meeting Harry’s furiously. Sweat began to bead at my forehead and in the valley of my breasts. Our moaning became louder and our breaths became rampant.

Pleasure cascaded through me with each propelling of our clashing hips. “Hold on, let me do something.” And with that, Harry moved his hips in such a way that he hit a certain spot inside of me. I cried out in what I could only explain of irrevocable bliss. “Oh fuck.” Harry accelerated his hips as his tongue met my breasts, I don’t know how much longer I could last with all of this overwhelming me. “Harry…I won’t last long..” Harry mumbled something onto me.

A thumb flicked my clit, and Harry kept hitting that spot that only kept making me moan louder each time. Soon I started to throb around Harry. My vision blacker out and I felt myself release onto Harry with a deafening moan. “Fuck Harry!” My nails raked down his back, an action I soon loved to peruse.

Harry growled out then soon twitched inside of me, spilling himself into the condom. Harry sweaty body collapsed on me, our chests heaving. “Y/N, that was amazing.” He said into my ear. “Oh my god, it was.” My hand was playing with Harry’s curls when he rolled off of me and pulled me onto his chest. “I see why everyone makes a big deal out of it now.” I chuckled out, Harry’s chest bounced up and down with a laugh rattling through him. “Yeah, so do I.”

Before we could continue our cuddling session, my phone buzzed with a text. “On my way home.” It read, from my mom. Panic rose in me, I jumped from Harry’s chest throwing clothes around to get dressed. “My mom is on her way.” Harry jumped up as well and got dressed. I pulled my hair into a bun and checked myself in the mirror. I truly looked like a different girl. There was a certain glow to my skin that I couldn’t place. My eyes looked brighter and my cheeks held red. “How doI look?” I asked Harry, “Freshly fucked.” He grinned with a dimple popping into his cheek. I rolled my eyes at him. We walked into the living room and I continued to play supernatural.

Eventually my mom stumbled through the door. “Hi Harry.” She smiled. “Hey Mrs. Y/L/N. How are you?” “I’m great, thank you for asking. You’re such a sweet boy. Why don’t you come over more often?” She passed him with a quick ruffle to his hair. Harry looked at me, “Maybe I will.” Then added a wink.
Blind Faith
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: SunseticMonster | Word Count: 21k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Don’t think of it as losing your sight. Think of it as gaining an Animagus who never quite learned the meaning of the word ‘boundaries’.

Review: Such a charming and heart warming fic. At first, I wasn’t sure what the author was trying to achieve with the strange way the dialogue was structured, but once I understood I realised it was nothing short of genius. The slight disconnect Draco feels on losing one of his senses is so palpable in the text because of it. 

Despite Dracos emotional sharp edges, the relationship he develops with Harry is so warm and easy, in a way that you can see the contrast in what he wants to feel and what he actually does feel. Also the emotions Draco feels when blind - his paranoia, his annoyance at not being able to discern his surroundings, his utter frustration with the situations and people he’s not able to visualise - feels so realistic.

Content/Warnings: Disability (Blindness - temporary), Creature (animagus), Mentions of Rape

mysticlane  asked:

Prompt: um Harry and Draco going out already, but they had a big misunderstanding(Draco thinking Harry is cheating after seeing him alittle too close[physically] with a girl) and he start avoiding Harry. Draco becomes too deep into his thoughts to actually pay attention in his potion class and he accidentally drank a temporary memory diminishing type of potion instead of a memory enhancement. Now its all yours! 🤗

I hope this is something like what you imagined :)

“Alright, class! Time to test your potions!” Slughorn proclaimed to the class of eighth years.

The professor’s voice was what broke Draco out of his Harry-centric reverie. Draco shook his head resolutely as he doled out a portion of his Memory-Enhancing potion into a cup. “I have to stop getting so distracted,” he thought to himself. “Dwelling on my problems with Harry won’t fix anything.” Draco took a swig of his potion and nearly spit up at the taste of it. Strange. A Memory-Enhancing potion was supposed to taste like blueberries. Still, Draco downed the rest of what was in the cup.

And then suddenly Draco was very confused. Where was he? Potions class, it seemed. But why was he there? The last thing he could remember was falling asleep on the Hogwarts Express with his head on Pansy’s shoulder.

“Draco?” Granger said from the desk next to his. “Are you okay?”

“No,” Draco responded, because he wasn’t okay. He didn’t understand. Why was Granger being nice to him? And why in Merlin’s name couldn’t he remember anything. Draco began to feel dizzy as innumerable questions swirled in his mind.

“Draco,” Granger said, her voice filled with concern.

Draco stepped away from her, saying, “I don’t need your help,” and promptly fainted.

When Draco awoke, he was in the hospital wing, and Madam Pomfrey was hovering above him.

“Good, you’re awake,” Pomfrey said. She helped Draco sit up and adjusted his pillows before handing the blond a glass of pale blue liquid.

“What’s happened to me?” Draco asked, taking the glass but only after eyeing it suspiciously.

“You made a mistake when preparing your Memory-Enhancing potion, and from my assessment, it seems that the potion had quite the opposite effect.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You’ve lost your memory, dear. Of the past four months at least.” Pomfrey smiled sympathetically at Draco as she let this sink in. “Good news is that this has happened before. I have potion, there,” she indicated the pale blue solution, “that will restore your memories. In eight hours, everything will come back to you.”

Draco nodded. He sniffed the drink tentatively before swallowing it all in one gulp. It tasted like blueberries.

“Very good,” Pomfrey said. She took the glass. “Now get some rest and allow the potion to do its work.”

Pomfrey stalked away, her robes swishing, and Draco regarded the empty hospital wing thoughtfully. The room was dark and quiet, so Draco assumed it was now nighttime, or at least evening. The last time he remembered being alone in this part of the castle was after Harry tried to kill him in sixth year. Draco shuddered at the memory. A part of him always wanted to believe that Harry truly didn’t know what he was doing when he cast that spell, but he never had the chance to talk to Harry about it after the war. Or maybe he had. Maybe he just couldn’t remember it. Maybe he had talked to Harry about it, and that led to him talking to Harry about other things, and he and Harry had become friends. Or even more than friends. Draco allowed himself to fantasize about this for a moment, and then pushed those treacherous thoughts away. Draco dating Harry Potter, the wonder boy? That could never happen.

Draco’s daydreams about Harry were suddenly interrupted by Harry himself barging into the hospital wing.

“Draco,” Harry said. He rushed towards the blond’s bedside and grasped his hand. “I’m so glad you’re okay, baby. Hermione made it sound like something awful.” Harry lifted Draco’s hand to his face and kissed it tenderly.

Draco’s jaw dropped. What. The. Bloody. Hell. He could not believe Harry just called him baby, and he found it even more unbelievable that Harry just kissed him, or his hand anyway. And oh God, Harry’s lips were soft. Draco wanted to feel Harry’s lips all over his body.

“P- Potter?” Draco said, his tone revealing his disbelief.

“What?” Harry looked up to Draco’s face and, seeing the expression of shock there, he immediately dropped Draco’s hand. “Oh. I see how it is,” Harry said defensively. “You’re still mad at me then. I told you, Draco, it’s nothing like you think-”

“Mad at you? What are you- what are you talking about? What’s going on?”

“What’s going on is that I love you and you’re too insecure to believe me!” Harry stood up from his crouched position and turned his back to Draco.

“Potter, didn’t you talk to Pomfrey?” Draco asked, although he was still trying to recover from the emotional toll of hearing Harry Potter saying that he loved him. “I fainted in Potions because I accidently made a Memory Loss potion instead of a Memory-Enhancing one.”

When Harry turned around to face Draco again, his arms were crossed and his eyes were skeptical. “You, messing up in Potions? Not likely.”

Draco couldn’t help it, he preened. “That’s true. I obviously cannot say why I messed up, since I cannot remember it, but I must have been distracted by something quite dire.”

“Something like the current state of our relationship?” Harry said bitterly, glaring at the floor.

“What relationship? Potter, I can’t remember anything since the first day of school.”

Harry narrowed his eyes. “What year?”

“This year, you moron. Eighth year. Pomfrey said I must have lost about four months. That makes this, what, January?”

“Nearly February,” Harry answered grudgingly. He pulled up a chair next to Draco’s bed and sat down.

Draco watched him with curiosity. “What was all of that before?” he asked. “With the hand holding and the ‘I love you’?”

Harry flushed and he shifted in his chair awkwardly. “That was…” Harry couldn’t seem to think of any way to answer. “Are you ever going to remember the past few months?”

“In eight hours,” Draco reported matter-of-factly.

Harry sighed. “Then there’s really no point of me filling you in, is there?”

“Yes, there is! The point is that I want to know, not in eight hours, but now. I want to know now,” Draco insisted.

Harry sighed again, but he smiled a little. “You can be so obstinate at times, you know that?”

Draco smiled contentedly. “I know.”

Harry grinned full out now. “Fine. Ask me anything.”

“Are we dating?”

“Yes. Er, no. I don’t know? I hope we still are. We’ve been fighting lately.”

“Why would we fight? Is it about the war?”

“No. We’ve forgiven each other for everything that happened in the war. We’re fighting about something trivial. Something stupid. You started it.”

Draco snorted. “I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s true. You’re jealous. Of Ginny. Which is ridiculous.”

“How is that ridiculous? She’s your ex-girlfriend.”

“It’s ridiculous because I am completely, veritably, incontestably in love with you.”

Draco nearly flinched at the intensity of Harry’s proclamation. “Am I in love with you?” he asked quietly, shyly.

Harry ran a hand through his hair, seemingly oblivious to how attractive the action was. “I thought so. But if you really loved me, wouldn’t you trust me?”

“I don’t know,” Draco said honestly. “Maybe I’m just scared. Scared to lose you.”

Harry’s gaze locked on Draco’s and for a moment Draco thought he could the past four months in Harry’s eyes.

“You don’t have to be scared of that. I’m never going to leave you,” Harry said, the words almost a whisper. Harry stood to go, but Draco wrapped his hand around Harry’s arm.

“Stay. For the night, I mean. And when we wake up, I’ll remember everything.”

Harry looked at Draco with affection in his expression, but he was still reluctant.

“Please stay, Harry. You said you’d never leave me.”

That was what destroyed the last of Harry’s restraint. In an instant, he was kissing Draco passionately, willing all his memories to be transferred to the blond through his lips. When the two broke apart, neither of them spoke. Draco simply scooted over to make room for Harry and Harry lay down next to Draco after setting his glasses on the bedside table. The couple ended up laying on their sides, facing each other, breaths mingling, eyes fixed upon the other’s face.

“When we wake up, and you have your memories back, will you go back to being mad at me?” Harry said softly. He traced the contours of Draco’s face with a finger, his touch feather-light.

“No. I promise I won’t.”

Harry smiled at this and pulled Draco into his arms. Draco felt his heart beat a million times a minute, like the first time he rode a broom. He couldn’t wait until morning, when he would remember all the times Harry had held him like this before, all the times Harry had kissed him before, all the times Harry told Draco he loved him before.  

“Good night, Draco,” Harry whispered. He burrowed his head into the crook of Draco’s neck.

“Good night, Harry. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Green Eyed Monster ||Ron Weasley

Originally posted by peter-twerk

Pairing: Ron Weasley x reader

Word Count: 2169

Summary: You and Ron have have been dating since the beginning of fifth year, but now that your sixth year has started and you’re not in all the same classes, you’ve been hanging out with Neville more and more without even realising it. Ron becomes a bit stand offish.

Warnings: major fluff as requested, stubbornness, jealousy, insecurities 

Request: Can you Write a Ron imagine where he’s very insecure and being clingy because he’s jealous(of a character you’re choice) and he’s being stubborn about saying the truth and just kill meh with fluff please:) sorry it’s longgg

Note: I decided to make the person Ron is jealous of Neville because Neville is such a sweetheart and the two obvious people Harry and Draco wouldn’t be as adorable, but just make Ron seem petty which he’s sometimes portrayed and I really hate that. So I picked Neville. Also Ron isn’t really all that clingy in this. I hope you like it. 

You are a Gryffindor because it isn’t otherwise stated. 


Your whole Hogwarts career you’ve been part of what had been dubbed quite lamely the golden quartet. In your first year, you instantly bonded with Hermione. The two of you were attached at the hip for the most part. When she heard Ron and Harry insult her, she ran away from you. The troll incident caused you to go to the two blubbering idiots for help. The rest of the story was history.

Last year, under the reign of Dolores Umbridge, you realized that you really liked Ron as more than a friend. Through great timing and the help of a meddling Hermione, you found out that he liked you too. Shortly after, You and Ron became a thing.

Now that you were a sixth year though, everything had changed. You weren’t in a lot of the same classes as you red headed boyfriend. You honestly didn’t mind it because you really enjoyed your classes and it wasn’t like you were alone. You shared nearly your whole schedule with Neville Longbottom.

You had been friends with Neville off and on for the years because of an unspoken rivalry between you to over herbology. The two of you were always trying to subtly one up each other. You honestly really enjoyed the competition because it helped both you improved your skills.

This year was the first year though that you Neville called a truce and worked together in your classes.. The two of you studied together every chance you got as this year was by far harder than any before. It was nice and the two of you fell into a routine about it.

You sat in the great hall for lunch in between Ron and Neville. Ron was talking with Harry and Ginny about their quidditch practice while you and Neville were answering Luna’s questions about the planets you were working on in this unit of herbology. Time ticked down and both Luna and Ginny dismissed themselves to get to their classes. Harry started talking to Hermione who had previously had her nose stuffed in a book. You and Neville were still excitedly talking about this upcoming plant that you were going to be learning about. Ron was left to eat.

You felt Ron’s hand come to rest right above your knee. It was barely noticeable, but you knew that it was there. As you laughed at a terrible pun made by Neville you felt the pressure on your leg increase.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Ron eating like nothing was up. You chose to ignore his hand and continue the conversation. The more you talked to Neville the higher Ron’s hand moved up your leg.  You felt your face flush It got to a point that made you feel uncomfortable and abruptly stood up. The sound of the bench moving back slightly caused people in close proximity to you look up startled. Ron’s hand had dropped to his side. He looked at you with wide eyes.

“Neville, we should get going; It’s a long walk to the class room,” you said as you scrambled to pick up all your stuff.

You had pulled several books out of your bag during your discussion and now you were doing your best to put them away quickly. Both Harry and Hermione watched you in confusion as you were normally extremely organized. Your bag always was perfectly in order and you never lost track of time. You planned for everything. They had never before see you so frazzled before.

Neville was also shocked at your behavior. He knew that if they left now they would be nearly ten minutes early. He wasn’t against being early, but he also wasn’t done with his lunch. He expected to have more time. Neville showed the cheese sandwich he was holding into his mouth and stood up.

You turned and made your way out of the great hall without another word. Neville placed his stuff in his bag and picked up another sandwich before running after you.

Aside from one class you had with Hermione, you didn’t see any of your other friends until dinner that night. Without saying a word to anyone you slipped in the seat across from Ron and next to Hermione. It was usual for the two of you to sit so far apart, but you were concerned that you would have a repeated of what happened at lunch.

For the life of you, you couldn’t understand why Ron had done that. It just wasn’t like him to be so touchy in public. Early on in your relationship you had discussed your comfort zones and touching, aside from simple hand holding, in front of your friends was a huge no. that was really out of bounds to you.

Neville looked confused as he saw the out of place seating arrangement. Two years ago, it would have been normal, but you had sat next Ron all fifth year. It just looked out of place. Without saying anything. Neville dropped into the seat on the other side of you.

Halfway through dinner, you were talking with Hermione about the homework you had for your class. It wasn’t too much, but still wanted to bounce your ideas off of someone before you committed anything to paper.

“There’s a Hogsmeade trip this weekend,” Neville said. His eyes glistened with joy and there was a slight shake to his hand. Noticing it, you carefully laid your hand over his. It had become a habit of yours over the past month. It was a way of alerting him that you were listening to something he cared about. There was definitely nothing any bit romantic about it. Anyone could see that, but Ron still cleared his throat.

You looked to your boyfriend furrowing your eyebrows at him. HE made a simple gesture to your hand over Neville’s, but he didn’t say anything. You turned your attention back to Neville and urged him to continue.

“I was thinking that we could maybe go to Dogweed and Deathcap. I heard that they got a shipment of moly this week. I’d really like to get some before they sell out of them again.”

“That’s s good idea, Neville,” said Luna.

Luna had appeared behind you and seemed to want to sit between you and Neville. You happily slid over to make room for the airy girl. You knew that Neville had a crush on Luna. Because of this you would often do things to put him in a position to talk to her. You smiled at the two as Luna went on about the may uses of moly.

When you looked back to Ron you saw that his jaw was clenched tightly and he was grinding his teeth. Harry was talking to him about some theory he had said a million times about Draco. Everyone was tired of it, but Harry rambled on.

“Ron are you okay?” you asked reaching across the table to lay your hand over one of his clenched fists. He pulled it out of your reach and stood up. No one was really paying any mind to you two as he turned and stocked away. You sat there confused about why he was acting that way.

For the next week and a half, Ron continued to behave weirdly. He would always wrap his arm around you in the common room or hold your hand when you were walking down the hall. He would get so mad and quiet whenever Neville was around you, but he would always pull you closer to him. You were worried that Ron was mad at Neville for some reason, but you couldn’t really piece together anything that made sense.

“Harry, is something wrong with Ron?” You asked one night in the common room. Ron had seen you talking with Neville about some homework and stormed upstairs to the boy’s sixth year’s dormitory without a word.

“I don’t think so,” Harry said looking at you. “Well, come to think of it, I have noticed he’s been a bit quieter lately.”

“Do you know why?” you said. You were pushing Harry to really think about it. Harry was a smart guy, but sometimes he was the most oblivious person you had ever met. You often wee the one to help Harry see the bigger picture of things because you weren’t sure if he could get there on his own.

“I have no idea,” Harry said. “I think I will go ask him.”

With that, Harry turned on his heels and made his way to the stairs. “

“Ask him to come down and talk to me,” You called to him before he was too far away. Harry just gave you a thumbs-up as he climbed the stairs to talk to Ron.

You flopped back down on to the couch and returned to your homework as you waited. Minutes ticked by and people came in and out, but none of them were Ron. You were growing impatient, but you weren’t ready just yet to go up after Harry.

As you were on your seat you felt the couch dip beside you. You turned to see Ron’s solemn face looking down at the ground. The two of you sat there not saying a word for at least five minutes.

“Ron what’s wrong?” you said Breaking the silence. You reachec to set you hand on his shoulder., but he shook you off. It was so strange of him to act this way.

“I think we might need to break up,” Ron said. It was so quiet that you could barely hear him. Maybe you hadn’t heard him right. You didn’t want to have heard him right.

“What?” you asked from him to repeat himself.

“I think we need to break up,” he said louder this time. Shaking your head, you looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.

“What do you mean? Why?” you croaked out. A lump had formed in your throat making it hard for you to speak.

“I just think it will be best for you,” He answered. When he looked at you there were tears budding at the corner of your eyes. You shook your head more drastically this time.

“No,” your voice was barely above a whisper.

“Y/N, we are changing,” He started. “You are absolutely amazing, but you are changing and growing. I can’t stand in your way. I know that Neville likes you. It’s so obvious that it hurts to watch you two. I think you like him back, and I just can’t watch it.”

A single tear fell down your cheek, but the rest stopped coming. You started laughing quietly. Ron thought that there was something going on with Neville?

“Ron,” you said softly laying your hand on his leg.

He looked up at you. You saw that there were tears in his eyes the size of oceans. A frown was etched into his sweet face. You were sure that he was going to move out of your grasp again.

“Ron, nothing is going on between me and Neville,” You said. “Neville is just a friend and a great herbology study buddy. Besides he likes Luna and even if he didn’t still I love you.”

Ron seemed to search your face for something. You knew that he was looking for any signs that indicated you were telling a lie.

“You love me?” He said. It was so quiet that you might have missed it if you hadn’t been alone. For the first time all night, you two were the only ones in the common room.

“Of course, I do,” you giggled. “How could I not. You are smart and brave and kind. You are so loyal to those you care about and that’s what I love about you. Plus, you are an amazing kisser.”

Ron smiled at that. He laughed along with you. Gently, he brought a hand up to your face.

“You think I’m a good kisser?” he seemed to like this question as there was even a smile in his tone. He pulled you closer to him by wrapping his other arm around your waist. His lips hovered over yours. You felt his warm breath fan out along the bottom of your face making your stomach fill with butterflies. You brought your legs on to his lap to get even closer to him.

“The best,” you said. Your chests were pressed together filling you with warmth from head to toe. You closed your eves as you felt his lips press against yours. It was a perfect moment. Your tears mixed together. You could taste them as he pulled you closer to him.

“I love you,” Ron said after you pulled away. Even though you were out of breath, you laughed just a bit.

“I love you to, Ron,” You said. You kissed him again.

Whatever insecurities and jealousy Ron had poured out of him. You two were in a world all your own.


“I’ve obviously never been in this situation before but maybe it’s something to think about? I know you like to keep this stuff to yourself but maybe the fact that you’ve never done this before-”

“Exactly, I’ve never done this before. I’ve never felt the need to publicly comment on any of my hook-ups and I won’t start now.”

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