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5,674 miles northeast [josh dun]

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warnings: Language, Insecurities, Fluff

word count:4601

note: ***I came up with this idea of the soulmate and their tattoos and such, so if you want to use this idea for any other writing or use then please ask for permission before doing so. This soulmate AU is where each soulmate has a tattoo on their wrist of a compass, the dial (hand) spins to point in the direction of your soulmate. Underneath the tattoo, it says how many miles away said soulmate is. Also, if I am being honest, I don’t like my writing in this imagine. I might end up taking it down and reposting it later because it kind of sucks.

italics = josh’s pov

    5,674 miles Northeast.  

    Five thousand, six hundred, seventy four miles away from your soulmate.

    The number was so recurring, every time you sat in your house, the numbers reappeared. The same numbers: 5,674. This led to you assuming that his house was 5,674 miles away from your house.

    You pondered the number as you stared blankly at the ink that permanently sat on the skin of your forearm. The image of a detailed compass was imbedded there, just staring back at you. However, it was not the beautifully designed compass that bothered you, it was the numbers and letters written underneath it that urked you.

    He was so far away.

    The one person that you longed for most in life, was almost six thousand miles away from you.

    The only things you knew about him were how far he was and what direction he was in.

    5,674 miles Northeast from your position.

    You didn’t even know his name.

    Wiping away a tear that had fallen, you stood from the tan plush couch cushions you had previously been sitting on, and walked towards the direction of your kitchen. Sighing when you pulled out a mug for a cup of coffee, you looked back down at the tattoo.

    You really needed him there. You needed his warmth and his company; you needed his comfort and his laughter. He was the only one you needed to pick you up when you were sad, and the only person you wanted to be with when you were excited and happy. Somewhere out there, he was waiting for you, probably wishing for the exact same things.

    Filling your mug to the brim with the warm brown coffee, you headed back to your living room where you picked up your bag. Tossing it over your shoulder, you headed out the door to your car, where you began driving to work.

    Josh sat in his house with Tyler by his side.

    They were going over ideas for an upcoming music video, but Josh just could not seem to focus. He was staring absentmindedly at his tattoo, tracing his index finger over the delicate spirals and lines.

    5,674 miles NorthEast.

    He was so far away from the one person he needed in life.

    Of course, Josh was happy. He had Tyler, his best friend; he had his mom and his family. They loved him and supported him with everything they had. He would never take that for granted because he knew the importance of family and friendship. Josh was getting everything he needed from them, just not from you - the one person he truly wanted those things from.

    Josh was shaken out of his thoughts when Tyler nudged his shoulder.

    “Hey, man,” Tyler spoke, his voice quiet as they were the only two people in the room, “What’s going on? You’ve been a bit distant lately.”

Josh shook his head and smiled softly at his best friend, dropping his arm to his lap.

“It’s nothing,” Josh managed, “Just something stupid.”

Tyler once again nudged Josh in the shoulder, smiling goofily, “Josh, nothing you have to say is stupid. You can tell me anything.”

Josh looked up at his greatest friend and genuinely smiled. The two had been friends for so long that they understood when something was wrong with the other, even if they denied it. Josh was so thankful to have Tyler in his life in such cases.

“It’s just that-” Josh cut himself off and raised his tattooed arm to his eyesight again, “I miss her. Is that weird? To miss someone that I’ve never met?”

Tyler chuckled and shook his head, “Nah, man. It happens, I used to miss Jenna before I met her. It’s just something that happens because you know that they are out there and not here.”

Josh nodded his head and went back to tracing the elegant designs on his forearm. He stayed silent for a few moments, pondering what you looked like and what your personality was life. He often wondered about such simple things; like the color of your eyes or how tall you were. These were just small things that made him chuckle and smile fondly at the imprint engraved on himself.

Tyler looked at his friend and laughed softly, “You’ll meet her soon, buddy. Soon.”

Josh nodded before telling his friend that they should get back to work. Tyler nodded, and the two best friends went back to talking about ideas for a music video; this time, Josh contributed more to the conversation and gave ideas. All the while, he was wondering whether or not you would like what they were planning.

When you finally arrived at work, you were already exhausted.

You had driven through traffic because of an accident on the highway, and you had to take a longer route to your job because the same highway had to be shut down. Along the way, you had spilt your coffee onto yourself, the piping hot liquid soaking through your clothes and causing you to let out a few colorful curse words. The action had made you turn your car around and head home so that you could change your clothes to something that was not covered in coffee. Everything was just going wrong today.

Dropping into your seat and closing your eyes, you let out a tired huff.

From beside you, your friend chuckled at your behavior.

“Wow,” She laughed, “What’s got you all worked up?”

You sighed and opened your eyes, turning to face her smiling face. You let a smile of your own grace your face as you looked at your long time friend. You had met on your first day of work, immediately becoming friends.

“Just getting to work today was awful and I don’t have enough energy to even get started right now,” You groaned and threw your head back against your chair, “I had to take another route to work because the highway was closed and then I spilled coffee on myself and had to go home to change. Then I couldn’t find another outfit because everything was dirty and I keep looking at this stupid tattoo that keeps telling me that I’ll never meet my soulmate because he’s insanely far away.” You continued to ramble about the worst day of your life before your friend cut you off.

“Hey, babe,” She comforted, “You’ll meet him one day, you just have to be patient.”

Tears began to well in your eyes as you thought about it. Yeah, you’d eventually meet him, but what if he did not like what he finally saw. What if he didn’t like your weight or your looks? After all, you were not that skinny and in your opinion you were not that pretty. What if he doesn’t like your personality? What if he hates the things you like?

Endless ‘what if’ questions ran through your head and you looked down at your hands, playing with your fingers and letting tears fall onto the black ink engraved on your arm.

You friend frowned sadly as she watched you, and then she stood and approached your saddened frame. She nudged you as a sign to scoot over and you complied, giving her a spot to sit next to you. She grabbed your shoulders and guided you into her body, letting you cry into her shoulder.

Gently shushing you, she pulled you back so she could question why you were so sad, “What’s wrong?”

You shook your head and wiped tears off of your face, trying to cover the red blotchy eyes that had come with the tears.

“I’m just worried,” You whimpered, “I’m scared that he won’t love me”

Your friends face fell and she tilted her head with a look of sympathy and understanding, “Oh honey.”

You looked back at her, not wanting her pity, but continued nonetheless, “I just feel like when he meets me, he won’t like what he sees. Like, he won’t like that I’m not as skinny as other girls, and that I don’t wear makeup like them. I’m not pretty or smart and I just feel like he won’t like it.”

Your friend pulled you back into her arms and rubbed her arms along your back, murmuring comforting words to you before she pulled you back once again.

“Those things don’t matter; whether you are smart, skinny, tall, short, or whatever. He’s going to love you no matter what; no matter the circumstance, no matter what you look or act like, no matter what things you’ve been through. That’s why he’s your soulmate. This man was made specifically for you; he was made to love you and only you. He is going to love you until the end of time, no matter what happens. Even if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it doesn’t matter because he will,” She rambles.

By the time she finishes her speech, you are in tears again; the words moving you so much that you sob into her shoulder once more.

Your friend just chuckles, knowing that you realized her words were true. She rubs circles into your back and tells you to get back to work with a reassuring smile. You comply and push her out of your chair, laughing when she stumbles to the floor. She gets back up, laughing, and shoved you back. Both of you let out squeals before returning to your work.

Hours later, at your lunch break, your friend sits by your side once again.

All of the sudden, her head shoots up and she looks at you with glee in her eyes, “Oh my gosh! I almost forgot to tell you!”

You laugh at her squeals before asking what she was talking about.

She looked at you with a glint in her eye before opening her mouth to explain, “Well, you know how your favorite band Twenty One Pilots is coming into town for a concert in two days?”

You nod and then sigh, “Yeah, but I’m too poor to afford any tickets.”

Said friend began to smirk at your reply which caused you to look at her as if he was insane, “What’s wrong with your face?” You laugh.

She laughed before beginning to speak, “Well, I just so happened to get a bonus at work last week and may have bought two tickets to see said band.”

Your jaw drops.

“No way,” You speak, shock and amazement evident in your voice.

Your friend giggles, “Yes way!”

You laugh excitedly before leaping out of your seat and running towards her. She laughs along with you as you grasp her into a tight hug, feeling ecstatic for once in your life.

“I love you, I love you, I love you!” You ramble to your best friend as you dance around the room, the both of you laughing and crying because you finally get to see your favorite band live in a few days.

A few hours later, you arrive home and collapse onto your bed with a huge, giddy smile on your face. You reach a hand up, once again beginning to trace the tattoo on your arm.

Then you notice something.

Furrowing your eyebrows, you look at your tattoo and notice that the number had dropped.

4,245 miles.

And the number was dropping quickly.

Twenty minutes: 3,981.

An hour: 2,432.

Wherever he was, he must have been on a plane.

You gasp in happiness. He was heading in your direction.

He was heading to you.

You collapsed into your bed with the same smile on your face, but this time it was ten times wider.

Josh Dun was ecstatic.

He might have the chance to meet his soulmate.

He was heading on tour, flying to their next stop when he noticed the numbers on his arm were changing. They were dropping quickly, meaning that he was getting closer to you.

His heart thumped in his chest, and he turned to shake Tyler. Josh was so happy that he almost woke bystanders on the plane when he spoke to his best friend.

Tyler shot up when Josh nudged him before sending him a questioning look to him when he noticed nothing was wrong.

“Look!” Josh nearly shouted, “The numbers! They’re going down!”He turned his forearm to the side so that Tyler could read the numbers on the side: 2,432 miles.

Tyler smiled and patted his friend on the shoulder, “Congrats, buddy.”

Josh smiled giddily and looked at the screen in front of him. The plane had installed television screens to the back of each seat so that people could watch movies and monitor their flight path. He leaned forward to click the screens ‘Your Flight’ button. He watched with nerves in his stomach as it loaded the flight pattern.

When it finally loaded, he looked closely at the little plane illustration that would tell him how far their destination was from where they were currently.

His heart thudded wildly and his stomach was lurching as he searched the screen for the number that would tell him how close he was going to be to his soulmate.

When his eyes caught sight of the number, he almost passed out; his heart leaping out of his chest. The corners of his mouth turned up so high that you would have thought Josh was on drugs.

Tyler looked at his friend with surprise on his face and moved so that he could see the screen that Josh had moved away from.

Tyler smiled in happiness when he read the number.


Two days later, you were sitting on your couch next to your friend.

Both of you were hanging out before you had to get ready for the concert that night. While sitting on the couch, you were both marveling at the tattoo on your arm. 32 miles. He was in the same town that you were in right now.  

You had been tempted to go out and find him, but your friend had convinced you to wait until after the concert because she was afraid that once you found him, you wouldn’t be able to leave him.

In an hour, the both of you were about to leave for the concert; you had taken a shower and changed into a pair of black jeans, a twenty one pilots shirt, and you old, worn converse.

When your friend had approved your outfit after making you spin a few times, you were ready to leave. Both of you entered her black Jeep Wrangler, you sitting in the passenger seat and your friend in the driver’s seat.

While driving to the stadium, you noticed that the numbers continued to drop, so you turned to face your friend, “Hey, so how far is the auditorium we are going to?” You questioned her with a spark behind your eyes.

She looked at you with confusion swirling in her own eyes before answering your question, “I don’t know, maybe thirty miles?”

You grinned madly at the words, “Really?”

She once again looked confused before realizing what you were thinking, “Oh my gosh, no way!”

You laughed at her and nodded your head, “He’s going to be there.”

Your soulmate was going to be at the concert.

He was going to be within your reach.

The numbers on your wrist were going to dwindle down to zero.

You laughed as tears filled your eyes, and you thought about what he might look like. Was he tall? Short? Was he blonde or brunette? What was his personality like? Was he kind and sweet or was he stubborn and strong? You desperately hoped it was a mix between the two.

Finally reaching the stadium, you looked down at your wrist to see the numbers imprinted there - no, number.


One mile.

You were one mile from your soulmate and he was one mile from you.

A brilliant smile graced your face and you violently tapped your friend’s shoulder. She spun around quickly, ready to yell at the person who would not leave her alone, but stopped when she noticed it was you. Instead of screaming, she just pushed you back and questioned what was wrong.

You excitedly showed her your arm and the both of you squealed in utter joy.

“I’m going to meet him!” You cried, “I’m actually going to meet him!”

Your friend, who had already found her soulmate, was congratulating you, hugging you to her and giggling about how she would not see you as much because you would be with him. Of course, she did not mind because she knew what it was like to have a soulmate in her life.

Hours later, after the concert had started, you were in general admission, having the time of your life. Jumping around to Polarize and Heavydirtysoul, made you completely forget about the ink engraved on your skin. Instead, you jumped around and sang your heart out as your favorite band played right before your eyes.

When the last song finally finished, Tyler yelled out into his mic words about how fun the concert had been and how he wished they could have stayed longer. You and your friend sighed as the two left the stage, leaving you and the rest of the audience to filter out.

When you reached the car, you still had not remembered the tattoo; only when you finally reached your house, did you look down to your wrist and then scream in frustration. You had not realized that you had forgotten about it, and now you would not get that same chance again.

Sighing and letting tears soak your shirt, you layed back onto your bed and punched the pillow. It was not the best way to filter your anger, but at the moment, you could not think of a better way.

When you finally wore yourself out, you collapsed onto your bed and closed your eyes.

That night, you dreamt of him. You dreamt of him holding you in his strong arms and whispering how much he loved you.

It was the best nights sleep you had gotten in awhile.

It was minutes before the concert was to begin, and Josh was nervous. He always got a few pre-show jitters, and they were just starting to hit.

He bounced his leg up and down as he sat on a couch backstage. Tyler sat next to him, enveloped in his phone; he was probably texting Jenna.

Josh, who was feeling more nervous then he usually did, reached down and began rubbing the tattoo on his forearm. It was a habit he had picked up when he was nervous. Rubbing the tattoo made his think that you were there with him, helping him with his nerves.

Tyler looked up from his phone at his friend, watching how her played with the ink on his arm, as he often did. The singer laughed and nudged his friend, “You’ll be fine, Josh. These people love you.”
    Josh looked up at Tyler, not stopping his motions, and then he replied, “Yeah, I know, but I don’t know why I’m feeling so nervous all of the sudden. Usually I get a few nerves before shows, but they usually are not this bad.”

Tyler sighed and looked to his friend, trying to decide what he should do to help.

That’s when he noticed it.

The bold faced number sitting on Josh’s arm.

The number one.

Tyler immediately grabbed Josh’s wrists to take a closer look at that ink, trying to see if he had seen it wrong. Josh shrugged away, surprised at the sudden movement. Tyler had grabbed Josh’s arm and trapped it between his hands, looming over it like a lion did to his prey.

Josh laughed, “What the fuck is going on?”
    Tyler looked shocked as he looked up at his best friend, raising Josh’s wrist to his face, “I think I know why you’re so nervous.”
    Josh took one look at his wrist with a sigh, not wanting to see the numbers again.

But then he faltered.

The number was so small yet meant so much.

She was one mile, maybe even less, away from him. He could finally wrap his arms around her and tell her how much he needed and missed her. Josh leaped to his feet and looked closer at his arm.

“Holy shit!” He yelled out, “Holy fucking shit!”
    Tyler stood up next, embracing Josh like a brother would.
    “Congrats, man! You finally get to meet her!” Tyler spoke, “She’s probably at the concert.”
    Josh did not say anything, simply stared at his forearm in wonder. So many thoughts were running through his head about how this moment would go. Josh knew that when he saw you he would know that you were his soulmate. For some odd reason, Josh just knew that he would know.

A security guard stepped forward, putting his body in front of the pair. He told them that the show was starting and they had to get on stage.

Josh sighed and turned to Tyler, who had told him they would look for her after.

The red-haired man smiled and agreed, wanting nothing more than to see you for himself.

During the concert, Josh managed to forget about you for a few moments, and instead focused on drumming. It was his passion; his greatest skill. Josh loved drumming so much, and he was so lucky that he got to play them beside his friend.

After the concert had ended, Josh immediately ran backstage to change. He threw on a shirt and changed his sweaty shorts into jeans before he took off towards his car. Tyler followed closely behind, shouting at Josh to get in the passenger seat to tell him where to go.

His wrist read, TWO MILES SOUTHEAST.

Tyler started the car without a second thought and began driving the exact direction the compass had told him.

Seconds later, Josh had arrived at the spot. However, the numbers kept changing. It increased to a number one, then two. It occurred to him that she must have been in a car.

Josh hollered at Tyler to keep driving, so Tyler did.

They followed his wrist compass, as crazy as it sounded, until they reached a quieter neighborhood. The number hit zero when Tyler pulled up next to a gas station.

Josh stared at his wrist in wonder.

It said zero.

His soulmate must have been right in front of him.

Unbuckling his seatbelt and throwing open the car door, he ran towards the only other car in the parking lot of the gas station.

Seconds before he reached it, the passenger side door opened, and the most beautiful girl Josh had ever seen stepped out. She looked down at her wrist frantically, before she looked up and moved around, looking as if she were searching for something. It then hit Josh; that was his soulmate.

The girl with the beautifully, silken hair and glowing eyes. She moved with such grace and beauty that Josh wanted to melt. He stood frozen as he watched her, until she looked up at him.

She froze.

Then she looked down at her tattoo once, as did Josh, and then they were running towards each other. It was as if they both just knew.

Josh took off, his feet carrying him faster than he ever had before. He was panting, tears already beginning to fall from his eyes as he watched you take off towards him. Josh opened up his arms just as you reached him, letting your body crash into him. He lifted your body off the ground and your legs wrapped around his waist. Josh let out a small cry of happiness and he buried one of his hands in your hair. The other one supported your butt, so that you did not fall. One of your hands ran frantically through his hair, and the other squeezed his shoulder. Josh then felt tears leak onto his shoulder, and he pulled your face away so that he could look at you better.

His breath was taken away.

You were so beautiful.

Josh let out a happy sob and pressed his forehead to yours. Still letting out small cries of your own, you pulled his wrist up to your face so that you could compare tattoos.

They were exactly the same.

You cried out in joy and buried your face back in his neck. Josh chuckled and buried his own face into your hair. He let tears fall from his eyes as he clutched you tightly to his body before he spoke, “You have no idea how long I have been waiting for you.”

When you replied in a voice that sounded cherubic, Josh melted, “I guess I could say the same.”

Josh laughed and he set you back onto your feet so that he could connect his lips to yours.

It may have seemed unrealistic to anyone watching them; two strangers meeting and kissing for the first time. However, it was not weird to the two people kissing. They had finally found that one person that suited them, and they were ecstatic.

Josh clutched you close to him as he let his lips freely claim yours. He tilted his head to the side so that he could have a better angle when he kissed you, and you complied, tilting yours in the opposite direction. Your lips were soft and tasted sweet, like strawberries and chocolate. Josh sighs happily, and let his tongue slip into your mouth. You moved one of your hands up to bury itself in his hair and he let out a small moan.

When Josh finally managed to pull himself away, he introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Joshua Dun.”

You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, introducing yourself, finishing the statement with, ‘I can’t believe my soulmate is Joshua fucking Dun.”

Josh had giggled at the remark before getting a bit more serious, “So, 5,674 miles.”

You sighed and let out a ‘yeah.’

A lightbulb went off his Josh’s head and he spoke to you with absolute joy in his voice, “How about we reduce that number to zero? Go on tour with me.”

  You looked up at him with a confused yet excited look in your eyes, not believing that you’re soulmate was Josh Dun, and he just invited you on tour with him.

Letting a few more tears slip from your eyes, you connected your lips once more before you pulled away and spoke, “Yes.”

oranges and art students

by  unserene ( 10/10 | E | 30,506 )

Jungkook gets his first apartment away from Busan, away from his parents, away from the stress of his earlier life.
He soon finds out that his next door neighbor is pretty much out of his fucking mind.

admin m: holy fucking shit, this is so good. probably one of my favorite taekook fanfics.

Oral Insecurities (smut)

dinomite-notreally : If you’re still taking request, do you think you could do one where Dan is trying to be intimate after a small dispute but reader stops when Dan tries to attempt oral (on reader). Reader is apprehensive because they’ve never had it done to them before, discussion opens up a can of worms(i.e insecurities((not shaving,smell,taste, ect)), not sure what to do), make-up/“i wanna show you how amazing you are” smut ensues. Plz. Just a very long idea, sorry. Your writing is amazing! Thank you so much!

I am absolutely TERRIBLE at smut but I will give it a go. Thank-you so very much for reading my stuff :) xxoo



“Your so beautiful” he moans into your ear as his hips grind down into yours, lips attaching to your neck powerfully.

You both had just been in an argument, about what? you can’t remember because the instant Dan’s loud voice made fear visible on your features he had to quickly make it up to you, taking hold of your face and kissing you feverishly.

“I’m so sorry, please never be scared of me.. I will never, ever hurt you” he had told you.

This all lead to now, you in your bra and panties and Dan in his tight boxers as his crutch pressed to yours while he whispered sweet nothings into your ear.

His kisses travelled down your body, paying extra attention to the cleavage of your breasts, he nipped and tucked, making sure to leave his mark all over your body.

He kissed down your body, then moving so his head was between your legs as he kissed up your thighs, as he got higher you got more nervous.  
Just before he reached your panties, you pulled him up, shutting your legs.

“Whats wrong, y/n?”

“nothing, it’s just.. I’m not… I’ve never..-“ you stuttered before being interrupted

“You’ve never had oral before?”

“yeah..” you whispered, a blush rising to your already heated cheeks

“hey, its okay” Dan lifts your face so that your looking at him, he kisses your lips softly before continuing to talk.

“I can go slow and-“

“i don’t know” you interrupted this time

“is there a reason you don’t want to?”

“It’s just… I’m little insecure about that stuff” you shyly admit

“What… why?”

“well, I’m worried you might get turned off or grossed out or-“

“Y/n, calm down baby. Why would I get turned off? That’s ridiculous. Your so beautiful”

“But Dan, what if I don’t… taste the way you want. Or smell how you’d expect. And well.. Im, not shaven and-“

Dan silences you with a kiss, his tongue connecting with yours before he speaks once more

“I wanna show you how amazing you are”

And before you know it, his large hands are between your legs, pushing them apart as his head dips down. He kisses over your clothed core, making you gasp.
His long fingers hook into the sides of your panties before sliding them down your legs.
A deep moan leaves his lips as he takes in the sight.

“d-dAn” you moan out as he takes a long lick up your wet slit, now moaning in approval as he tastes you.

“delicious” he whispers to himself.

His tongue runs over your clit, loving the sounds of pleasure that escape your lips while
your hands tangle into his dark brown hair.
He slides one finger into you while his whole head moves as his tongue rubs your clit in all sorts of patterns.

The pleasure is unlike anything you’ve felt before, your climax approaches so you warn Dan. He removes his fingers, causing you to whimper from the loss, that is until they are replaced by his talented tongue as he pumps it in and out of you.

“fffuck Dan!” you cry out as your orgasm hit you.

Dan allows you to ride out your high as he tastes as much of you as possible.
He hover over you once again, kissing your lips

“how was that?” he asks, a proud smirk on his gorgeous face while his chin is still slick from your juices

“Amazing” you reply breathlessly

“Oh sweetheart, we’ve hardly even started"

antidote [kurt wagner]

Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

warnings: Insecurity

mutation: Resembles Poison Ivy; poison lips, ability to control plants

request: @Animegirllover4ever ↠ the reader has the same skin texture, abilities, and clothing as Poison Ivy but does not know that if they kiss someone they won’t be poisoned. Kurt develops a crush on the reader and one day they kiss and the reader is surprised that she did not poison him.

word count: 2095

    Your alias haunted you.

    Poison Ivy.

    Even the name was haunting.

    Poison Ivy: a sumas, containing a substance called urushiol, which is poisonous to human skin.

    You: a mutant, containing a substance called urushiol, which is poisonous to human skin.

    This meant that you could not touch people without struggling to contain your power. Each touch meant that you had to internally make sure that the poison surging through your veins did not erupt and burn the person’s skin. It was like trying to push down an urge that you had kept buried for so long. This led to you being afraid of physical contact, so you tried to keep your distance from people. You covered your skin with layers of clothing so that if you accidently brushed someone, you would not hurt them. Only your face was left uncovered, a sign that you still somewhat trusted yourself to not hurt anyone.

    Then you met Kurt.

    Kurt Wagner was a blue-skinned, tail-adorned, adorable, transporting mutant who made you feel normal again.

    Kurt did not treat you like the other students did; he did not avoid you as if you were the plague, nor did he speak to you as if you were a ticking time bomb about to go off. He did not try to avoid your skin as if it were to hurt him, instead he held your hand through the thin gloves that you wore. He did not yell insults at you when you walked by, instead he curled his tail around your covered waist, not at all fearful that you may burn him.

    And Kurt felt the same way.

    Because his mutation was so ‘easy to spot,’ he was often hurt and screamed at in public. His blue skin and long tail led to humans sending him disgusted looks or throwing stones at him behind his back.

    When he met you, however, you treated him like a normal person.

    You did not look at him as if he were a freak of nature, nor did you turn to walk the other way when he approached you. You did not shy away from his tail when he moved it near you, instead, you let him wrap it around your waist or your arms (as long as they were covered). You did not sneer at him or make fun of his blue skin, instead, you spoke to him about how you felt the same way about your own skin.

    The two of you worked perfectly together, especially when something traumatic happens at the mansion.

    It had been a quiet evening at the mansion.

    Too quiet.

    Based on the fact that the mansion was home to almost seventy teenage mutants, you would think that there would be at least a little bit of ruckus going on.

    But there wasn’t.

    This led you to believe that most of the mutants had left on a mission, so you retired to your room, hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep. The past few weeks had been hard, seeing as you were unable to sleep because of a recurring nightmare.

    After changing out of your clothing and putting on a long shirt and a pair of leggings, you crawled into your bed and covered your body with the white comforter at the foot of your bed. Since you did not expect anyone to ever come into your room, you never slept with the extra layer so clothing that you wore around school.

    Tonight was different.

    A few young teenage mutants had decided that it would be fun to see if the rumors were really true. As more students came to the school, they were told never to touch you or they would be burned and severely hurt. However, since none of these new students had ever seen you do such a thing, they decided to ignore the warnings and see what you could do for themselves.

    A group of four teens who never adhered or even listened to the rules walked silently down the hall, trying to keep their voices as silent as possible. They were walking on their toes, attempting to keep the noise of their feet to a minimum. A boy at around the age of sixteen was in the lead, acting as the leader of the four teens. He had a massive grin on his face, believing that what he and his friends were doing was ‘cool’ and ‘riveting.’ Afterall, they were just a group of teens that wanted to break the rules.

     When the four teens reached the end of the hallway, they stopped outside your door. Quietly, to not wake Kurt who was stationed in the room next to yours, the lead boy twisted the handle of the door. He turned the knob just enough that he was able to push his way into the room where you were sleeping peacefully.

    He turned back to his friends with a goofy smile on his face before walking silently into the room. His three friends followed behind him, eager to watch what was about to happen.

    When he reached your bedside, he turned around and raised a finger to his lips, a motion to show his friends that he wanted them to be quiet. The four were silenced as they watched with wide eyes as the boy reached his hand out.

    You were sleeping peacefully, your hair strewn about your pillow, a calm expression planted on your face.

    But that was about to change.

    Taking the final step forward, the boy laid a pale hand atop of your exposed arm.

    And with that final touch, he started to scream.

    Pain raced up his arm, staring at his palm and surging through his veins. The boy let out a horrified screech that woke almost everyone in the mansion, including you.

    You sat upright in an instant, moving your body to the opposite side of the room so that you would not hurt anyone. Raising your eyes, you watched as the boy who touched you collapsed into a ball and yelled out in pain.
    Your heart thudded as tears welled in your eyes; this had been your fault. If you had only been smart enough to lock your door, this would not have happened.

    From down the hall, Alex and Scott were bursting into the room, their eyes wide and frantic.

    “What happened?” Scott’s deep voice shouting out. His eyes, under the red glasses, scanned the room until they met your crumpled figure in the corner. He immediately put the pieces together nad motioned for Alex to help up the boy who had touched you. Alex complied, but not before sending you a concerned glance. You only shook your head and curled into a tighter ball.

    Reaching out with one hand, you grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around every exposed part of your body. Then, you raised your other hand and let your power take over. Vines of ivy sprouted from the floor and reached around you. They curled and twisted magnificently until they created a ball of vine. In the center, was you. Salty, wet tears leaked from your eyes as you sobbed. Thoughts of the boy dying or being severely injured, filled your mind and you were left in a horrid state of guilt.

    From the room next to yours, Kurt was awoken by the scream. He immediately jumped to his feet and teleported to the hallway, just as Scott and Alex walked out of your room with a limp boy in their arms.

    Knowing the cause of the accident, Kurt bamfed into your room and watched in awe as you wrapped yourself in vines. He shooed the other teens out of your room before closing the door. He then turned to face the ball of vines in the corner of the room before he spoke, calling out your name.

    Your only response was a sniffle, and that was Kurt’s cue. He bamfed into the vines and was met with the sight of you, curled into a ball with a sheet wrapped around your skin. Tears were dripping from your eyes and you were sniffling to try to keep them at bay.

    Kurt dropped to his knees before you, letting his three-fingered hand outstretch. You backed away from him, ignoring the hurt look on his face.

    “Don’t touch me,” you whimpered, “I can’t risk hurting anyone else.”

    Kurt shook his head softly, “You won’t hurt me.” His accent was thick and deep, the tone soft and comforting.

    You buried your face even deeper into your arms, attempting to hide from the world.

    Kurt moved closer, the motion causing you to shrink back farther into the vines. He ignored your fear and continued to move until he was close enough to touch you. Kurt laid a hand on your covered shoulder, frowning when your body tensed under his touch.

    “I’m a monster!” You cried.

    Kurt shook his head and finally enveloped your body into his arms. He ignored the way you struggled, intent on comforting you.

    “You are not a monster,” Kurt spoke softly, “You could never be.”
    You frowned and let another tear fall onto your face, “If I was not a monster than I would not have hurt that boy without even doing anything.”

    Kurt shook his head once more, “The only reason that boy is hurt, is because he was dumb enough not to listen to the Professor. If he had not broken the rules, he would not have hurt himself. This is not your fault; do not blame yourself for his foolish mistake.”

Silent tears still dripped from your face, but you turned your face to look at Kurt with a relieved look on your face. When Kurt’s eyes met yours, they were sympathetic and soft. You knew Kurt was telling the truth; Kurt would never lie to you.

    “What would I do without you, Kurt?” You whispered.

    He did not respond, only letting his eyes fall to your lips. Sensing his thoughts, you made a move to back away, but Kurt was too fast.

    “No, Kurt don-”

    You’re cut off by Kurt’s lips descending onto yours. His soft lips meld onto yours, sending you into a state of euphoria. You let all sane thoughts escape your mind as you kiss Kurt. You push your lips against his and let your hands clutch the blanket beneath your hands.

    Quickly pulling away, you let Kurt breath as the poison kicks in. He lets out a small squeak of pain, so you quickly press your lips against his once more.

    You move your lips against his and move your hands so that you can clutch his dark hair. He moans as you rake your fingers down his scalp. He lets his hands grasp your waist and he pulls you closer. His soft lips press harder against yours and you drop your hands to his shoulders to pull his body to yours.

    When Kurt finally pulls away, he gives you a quizzical look, “The poison? It doesn’t hurt when you touch me anymore.”

    “The first kiss is poison; the second is the antidote,” You whisper.

    Kurt smiles and reconnects his lips to yours.

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Zesty Snapchats!

He’d totally send another one like this to Rose saying ‘My bf is cuter than yours’

Rose grabs Alisha and sends one back saying ‘oH YEAH? LOOK AT THIS CUTIE’

It turns into an entire snap war-

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Everyone seems to be talking about how Adrien/Chat liking Marinette as Ladybug would cause conflict in their relationship (i.e. insecurity on Mari’s side; “you only like me as Ladybug”). But no one seems to be talking about the reverse? I don’t know if it’s just because people think she can do no wrong, but she only likes Adrien as Adrien. Chat Noir is a part of him now and, if anything, he was there for her longer than Adrien was.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them both and the idea of the love square is really original, but people should realize that Adrien/Chat would have those insecurities as well. And sure, it wouldn’t be as significant as Mari/Lady’s because she actually likes his “real self,” but still.


Today, we’re going to talk about the dangerous thoughts and ideas that are instilled in us when we’re young and vulnerable. We’re going to take the thoughts pushed by society and culture used to make us feel insecure, and we'e going to approach it from a new perspective.

These are 5 Ideas We Need To Relearn.

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To the people who don’t like their laugh: I do.

I love the way your breath will hitch and falter after each intake of air,

How your cheeks will turn rosy, shoulders bouncing in mirth,

How your nose and eyes crinkle up, teeth poking out against your bottom lip.

I love the snorts that come out every now and again and the wheezing intakes of air when you are done,

Your hands cover your mouth trying to hide the smile makes its way to your face,

Your stomach hurts, tears rolling down your face, a bubbly feeling in your chest.

So, please, don’t stop. Don’t stop laughing because you don’t think it sounds good, because it is ugly. It isn’t. Your laughter is beautiful and expresses just how happy you feel. I love your laughter and so will everyone else, so smile and let it out. Your happiness doesn’t need to be hidden.


Hey, everyone. I was on Twitter recently and I came across a hashtag about an English YouTuber named Marina Joyce. Since December, there has been a huge change in Marina’s personality and her body language. Everything about her screams someone who is in serious danger. Marina is probably being abused and has possibly been kidnapped/is being held hostage somewhere near to/in London. It is also believed that Marina, who is nineteen, is using or is being forced to use drugs such as LSD and Speed.

If you watch any of the videos under the tag #savemarinajoyce, then you will see that evidence of these claims range from obvious bruising on her body, a severe change in personality, constantly repeating herself, rapidly dilating pupils (a sign of drug use), her body language showing insecurity and fear (i.e. throwing her hands over her face and her eyes looking to something - or, more likely, someone - behind the camera and looking absolutely terrified and dead inside as she films her videos; with signs of someone she is completely afraid of directing her from behind the camera. Also, (in March/April) when we had phoned the police in her area asking them to check her last known location, we were informed that she had not been home in about 3 months - which was around the time that strange things began happening.

Yes, this entire thing could just be a ploy for views. And maybe she really is okay. But we CANNOT stop talking about this issue until, firstly, we know for sure that Marina is 100% okay and safe, and that, secondly, more light is brought onto and help is given to women and men who are being abused.

PLEASE get the hashtags in the bottom trending on Tumblr and don’t stop reblogging this until awareness is brought and conformation about her safety is made. 💖 to find out more information, click the hashtags or search them on the Internet/Twitter/Instagram.

SIDENOTE: if you live in London, do not go to her meet and greet at Bethnal Green because it is so fucking dangerous. Also, if you know Marina/are aware of her whereabouts, CONTACT THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY.

#savemarinajoyce #marinascats #savemarina