insecure aro

little reassurance post for my aros:

- you’re not lying to yourself

- it’s okay to be aro

- it’s okay if your attraction fluctuates, and you like people sometimes

- it’s okay to be confused

- being aro doesn’t mean you can’t have happy and loving relationships if you want to!

- sometimes orientations change, but that change doesn’t invalidate your labels right now

- you’re not lying to yourself

anonymous asked:

Thank you so so much for defending aros. It's just so awful to see people talking about us like we're freaks. I'm as normal as anyone else... I like tv shows and kittens and hot chocolate but I don't want sex or a SO I'm as much a person as you are.

You know, my mum had LITERALLY never heard of aromantic until I told her five minutes ago and I said her out that hate anon and she was like “but if they don’t WANT it why would they be sad they don’t have it?”

Like, I’m not into seafood. Lots of people are, good for them. But if I don’t want it and I don’t like it you don’t need to feel sorry for me, I’m happy not having it

People just need to mind their own and stop being so insecure. Some people are aro, it’s cool.