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  1. Facebook Story-Frank Ocean
  2. Insecure-Jazmine Sulivan
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  4. Best Friends-PartyNextDoor
  5. Blind Man-Xavier Omar
  6. Sky Walker-Miguel
  7. Own Up To Your Shit-PartyNextDoor
  8. Provider-Frank Ocean
  9. Belong To You-Sabrina Claudio
  10. Down Low-The Weeknd
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People are shaming Yvonne Orji for being a 33-year-old virgin
When Yvonne Orji shared that at the age of 33 she is a virgin and plans on remaining so until marriage, social media quickly erupted with opinions.

Originally posted by tattooednurse01

seriously people, WTF? I like how the one tweet suggest that asexuality is the ONLY acceptable reason to remain a virgin. She’s not saying everyone should do it, it is her personal choice WITH HER OWN BODY!

Originally posted by kmichelletho