what’s in your bag: teddy lupin

Teddy: Uncle Harry got me a new backpack!

Teddy: Sooo…I’ve got a sketchbook, no, two- or three

Teddy: Once we were at an arts supply store and gran told me she’d buy any colour I could morph my hair into in 30 seconds so…what?? I love colours. She didn’t mind. Said mom was the same. *grins*

Teddy: *smiling mischievously*…also someone left this in my pocket last week with a note that said “it reminded me of you whatever”…and I couldn’t possibly know *coughs* james *coughs* who that would be.

Teddy: *never leaves the house without a first aid kit* …for when Albus falls off his broom…for Vic’s headaches…

Teddy: Also - glasses. For when I feel insecu-cool, I mean cool. Yeah.

Teddy: …and loads of sweets. I swear half of my bag is sweets. I…have a problem.

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james potter

You’re sitting next to me, brown eyes and brown hair, watching the sun go down.
“I think, I loved you”, I say suddenly, also looking at the sun. “I think, I really did and I’m sorry that I never told you.” You’re not saying anything for minutes but it’s okay because we haven’t talked in a long time and the silence is comforting.
“How do you know?”, you asked after a while and looked at me. Then you took my hand.
“I didn’t know it while we still we’re in touch. It was after that. For months I couldn’t think about you without starting to cry. I was so ashamed for letting you go. I missed your voice and your touch, your smiles, your voice when you were crying, I missed the essays you read to me because you felt insecue. And then I started to dream about kissing you and it made the hole in my heart even bigger. Later on I saw you were happy again, happier then you were with me and I was fucking jealous of the person that could make you smile even brighter and laugh even louder. But I couldn’t go back to you. You were happier with her then you were with me. And your happiness was more important than mine. I think that’s when I realised I was in love.”
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #1 // c.j.

I did not care for Catherine in H50. Setting aside my feelings towards Michelle Borth/Catherine’s behaviour off-screen/on-screen, I just don’t understand what she brings to the show let alone to Steve’s life. 

Steve reacts to Danny more than Catherine ANY day. Forget that I’m a McDanno shipper, lets just forget that. Even just as friends/best friends, Danny, who Steve has only known for 5 years, knows Steve like the back of his hand. Knows all his insecuities and trust issues and has NEVER used it against him. Let’s look at Kono and Chin with Steve, even they cared more about him and his well being that Catherine did. And even then she lied about his mother, hid things from him about quitting the navy, and lets not forget left him in the hands of terrorists to find a boy. 

I just don’t understand her coming back to Steve like nothing has changed, like she didn’t just leave him for a year to find a child and pretty much left him for dead. And lets be honest I have a feeling she even found Najeeb because of Doris/Shelbourne. 

I don’t like her.  

peter tries to convince wade that he is beautiful despite the scars the cover his skin. i think that his conflict with his own image is a very important trait on deadpool. not only because heroes are always atractive, is really more about how people feel identified with this insecuity and needs to be more represented