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Does AUS actually have a ton of massive insects and spiders or is that just a rumor that we all hear haha I'd love to go to Australia one day but ya know spiders falling from the sky and giant moths just aren't my thing hahah

I literally don’t know where these crazy rumours start haha
If you’re coming to any cities, you don’t have to worry about a thing

Just be really cautious of drop bears

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"You know, until recently, I thought spiders were insects sent from Hell that must be murdered on sight. Now that I'm dating one though, I think that spiders are actually really, really cute." For the prompt list 😊

I wonder who this could be for 🤔☺

Happy Mother’s Day! Have a Webber with Mommy-Longlegs. 

Bonus crappy, last minute sketch:


If you have a phobia of spiders then you should probably stop reading this post. The photos above may look like frost on a cold winter’s morning, but as a matter of fact, it’s “spider frost.” These photos were taken in rural Victoria, Australia, and the phenomenon is the result of mass migration by baby spiders. These spiders use a technique called “ballooning” in which they are carried elsewhere by the wind and can travel for miles by this method.


120 million year old fossil Brazilian spider. Check out the detail on this preservation. 

A spider that lived at the time of the dinosaurs. This ~120 million year-old fossil spider in limestone has been replaced by the mineral goethite (iron oxide-hydroxide). Spiders go back more than 250 million years and their diversity does not appear to have been affected by the great extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs and other critters. Today, spiders are the most abundant predators on land. Perhaps during the time of dinosaurs as well? (Scale bar in lower right is 1 mm; photo and info from Selden and Penney (2017); sample is from Brazil)