insects for ts

soi preschool au where they go on a field trip to the zoo and jasper brags about all his animal knowklage he learned from zoobooks and lysander and kp lets daisy hold his hand when they when they walk through the bug exhibit because spiders creep her out and theyre about to head back when they do a roll call and realize unnamed skylord is missing and they find him just sitting in the butterfly garden covered in butterflies

i read that catnip is a natural insect repellent and i’ve been having some issues so i sprinkled some in the cracks at the base of my front door

consequently, for several days in a row, strange stray cats have literally been trying to break down my door, including at all hours of the night

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Borderlands!AU Arcade is resigned to his fate as bug dad.
One of these days he’ll get around to actually naming the poor bby scythid crawler.
One day.

Absolutely wonderful art done by mrgamblinman!
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happy birthday my darling @thorsthunderthigh!!  thank you so much not only for being my dear, dear friend, but also for being my partner in scaring the crap out of ourselves when the lights go off.  here’s a compilation of your favourite horror movies, along with a couple i just really enjoyed watching with you <3

movies in order of appearance for those who are curious: el orfanato (dir. juan antonio bayona), the visit (m. knight shyamalan), the babadook (jennifer kent), sinister (scott derrickson), the blair witch project (eduardo sanchez, daniel myrick), silent hill (christophe gans), the others (alejandro amenabar), mama (guillermo del toro)

Alien Challenge Day 4: Bio-luminescence. 

Crappy crap.

Any way, this species is similar to a deep-sea isopod, the main difference being the rather ostentatious bio-luminescent ribbon that can be unfurled from its belly, though it can sense its surroundings via electric currents much better then with sight. The ribbon is used mainly to attract mates and/or threaten predators and competitors. The face-marks on the primary luminescent spot  are actually gonads like that of the moon jellyfish. Because of this and the rather ghostly figure it casts, they are sometimes referred to as “Sea Phantoms.”