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A Bug’s Life with Adrian Kozakiewicz

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For many people, the idea of a giant bug perched on their nose is the stuff of nightmares. But for Adrian Kozakiewicz (@insecthaus_adi), it’s a dream come true. “I want people to pay attention to the beauty of insects – their colors, shapes, the way they behave. These are amazing animals!” Born in Poland, Adrian moved to Germany when he was 12 and discovered tropical insects in a pet store. Now 20 years old, Adrian travels to the rainforests and jungles of southeast Asia multiple times a year on insect hunting expeditions. He has more than 70 species in his collection, making him one of the largest insect breeders in Europe. “My favorite is a very big and very rare mantis species from Malaysia called Toxodera beieri,” or the Dragon Mantis, says Adrian, who specializes in praying mantises. “She’s the queen of all the mantis species.” As for those nightmares? Adrian understands. “Most of my species are very large and look like aliens,” he says. “It’s natural for people to be afraid of animals they don’t know.”

So, we don’t kill spiders in this household, we either leave them alone or escort them out to the front field where they can be free and happy. A few have made webs in set places (like George in the bathroom, who guards our toilet paper, and Bethany, descendant of Beth, who has a tiny web above my bed). I like my spiders.

Tonight, I’m lying here trying to write a damn story, and there’s this FLY buzzing around my room in the dark, blundering into everything and generally being an obnoxious little shit, every once in a while finding my screen just to be extra intrusive. Then suddenly it stops, and I just hear buzzing in one place. over and over.

I turned my light on and sure as shit, Bethany had it in her web and was working her hardest to silence my foe.

Good job Bethany. Thank you.


Also, behold my new Giant Peppered Roaches (Archimandrita tesselata). (Warning: Dramatic music.) A nymph, a smol digger child of earth.

Their enclosure: