European Honey Bee 

(Apis Mellifera)

Bees are are fastly becoming one of the most talked about insects of our time. They are recognised for their hard work, their ability to build incredibly complex structures housing up to tens of thousands of bees and are the makers of that delicious honey we all enjoy so much. 

Unfortunately, bees as well as many other insects are under threat from a number of factors, one being the heavy use of pesticides. The use of these particular chemicals can not only kill bees but can have a long term effect on bee populations especially if the queens are exposed to them. When this happens,  a queens’ production of laying eggs can slow or in some cases stop altogether. Climate change has been another contributing factor where extreme weather conditions have killed whole colonies of bees or made food production very difficult. Furthermore, colony collapse disorder, varroa-mite infestations and urban development taking up green spaces have added to their struggle.

This particular species of bee was one of the first to be domesticated, resulting in them being one of our major pollinators today.
Bees pollinate a third of our global food supply and are vital to the survival of a huge number of animals and plantlife. Many of us take the existence of honey bees for granted and yet they have have provided us with such a beautiful and unique green world we use and abuse everyday. 

Hopefully, if we keep talking and learning about the importance of bees and all other insects, we will find better ways to protect them and live alongside them. 


ig: sofhoney 🐝

Here’s a doodle in the extra space on my watercolor paper I got carried away with.  🦋 There are process photos in my instagram story today if you’re interested!