Lately, I’ve been trying to doodle something nice once a day. Might’ve done more than a doodle tonight. 😅 Still trying to figure out what my “”“style”“” is, but it’s gonna take a lot of practice until I’m comfortable enough to confidently freehand. In the meantime, SAVE THE BEES PLEASE! They’re cute and fuzzy and Mother Nature loves them. 

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I wasn’t feeling so hot yesterday, so day 3 is late ;;;

Swarm’s ultimate has 2 versions, though while i was drawing this i thought that Slow Cooker could be a really good mutation in the helix wheel! Here’s the deets:

Swarm’s ultimate involves leaving their humanoid form and living up to their name, becoming a frantic condition damage dealing swarm of bees. The queen of the colony leads ultimate actions, and as you may have suspected, the queen is swarms face!

Buzzkill is an area of effect (over time) ability, in which the queen marks a circular target area and the rest of the swarm creates a cloud of bees in that space. the ultimate causes damage over the duration of the ult (6 or 7 seconds? idk) and can be modified to blind and/or slow. The swarm can also move very slowly in any direction while it is active.

Slow Cooker is a single-target ability that works a little like whiskey’s sticky bomb. The queen marks a single target, and the rest of the colony attaches themselves to that target in a mass of bees. You ever heard of Bee Balls? (this link contains pictures of swarming insects!) Thats… basically what it is. Pressing together to completely envelop the target, the swarm generates a heat that deals immense damage over time, but lasts for a shorter period then Buzzkill. 


Gold Fireflies Dance Through Japanese Enchanted Forest in the Summer of 2016

An array of photographers captured these stunning images of gold fireflies during Japan’s rainy season in June and July. A dazzling long-exposure effort, the fireflies resemble a chimerical glittery effect only seen by fairies in enchanted forests.

(h/t: spoon&tomago)
How one man repopulated a rare butterfly species in his backyard
We can all contribute to conservation efforts — sometimes even from our own backyards.
By Zachary Crockett


Tim Wong (Instagram: timtasti1c) <– go follow him, he has lots of beautiful photos including butterfly photos~!


Just about everyone likes to feel pretty sometimes, even this South American caiman and its impressively sassy side-eye. Photographer Mark Cowan, traveling the Amazon studying reptile and amphibian diversity, spotted this pretty caiman on the riverbank whose head was covered in lovely butterflies.

“The phenomenon itself isn’t particularly unusual, salt is critical to the survival of many creatures like butterflies and bees who sometimes drink tears from reptiles in regions where the mineral is scarce (we’ve seen the same thing happen with turtles). What made this sight so unusual was seeing the butterflies organize themselves into three different species groups atop the caiman’s head.”

This awesome photo received special commendation in the 2016 Royal Society Photography Competition. Click here to view all the finalists.

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Bees are awesome! British tea brand Taylors of Harrogate knows this too, because they have bees to thank for helping them create their fruit and herbal teas. So they built “The Grand Beedapest Hotel” and created this delightful video in the style of The Grand Budapest Hotel to help raise awareness of how important bees are and how much they deserve our help. 

“Bees are so important in helping to provide great flavour, but less attention has been paid to show how urban areas can be made more pollinator-friendly. The aim of the bee hotel is to not only educate and entertain, but to also inspire action,” said Kate Halloran of Taylors of Harrogate. 

Visit The Grand Beedapest Hotel website to further explore this awesome hotel.

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