Encounter: Sand Trap (P#0008)

You are exploring the endlessly undulating landscape of the desert when you hear an agonized cry for help over the nearest dune. You quickly scramble up it and are confronted by the sight of a small, flat lake of exceptionally fine sand, overlooked on each side by tall dunes. Trapped in the middle of it is a young woman with black hair, up to her armpits in the sand. “Oh, thank the Gods!” she cries, spotting you. “I’m sinking, please help me!” The word ‘quicksand’ flashes through your mind like fire and you take a nervous step back, attempting to quickly evaluate the situation. You think you could just about reach her with your hand if you were careful. If you’re going to save her, it has to be now; even in the short time you’ve been here she has sunk down to her collarbone. She stares at you with plaintive despair.

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