Regular loaves of bread are so boring compared to these awesomely unsettling loaves perfectly shaped to resemble giant stag beetles. According to the folks at RocketNews24, the bread is labeled as “kuwagata, which means ‘stag beetle’ in Japanese” and it only costs 280 yen (US$2.74) per giant bread beetle. That sounds like a bargain to us.

These insectoid loaves were photographed by Japanese Twitter user tono_donoyukko who said, “I wanted to introduce this shocking bread I found yesterday.” We’re so glad she did. Now we can’t stop thinking about all the situations in which we’d enjoy eating freaky beetle bread.

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Whole bunch of older District 9 sketches of the aliens in cartoon style doing  weird things. The 3 little guys on the last page is based on that awesome puppet prototype they made for the movie. Hope you like it!:)


Romanian freelance illustrator and designer Paula Duță spent 2 years working on this awesome Insect Alphabet. Each beautifully detailed letter is made of a different insect or arachnid, carefully rendered on paper using colored pencils. We love how the insects are often depicted on the sorts of plants where they’d be found in nature or exhibiting behaviors unique to their species, like Dung Beetle whose dung ball form the tittle on the letter i.

Click here to get a closer look at each of these insectoid letters.

To check out more of her work visits Paula Duță’s Behance page and follow her right here on Tumblr at pauladuta.

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Hey there!! I’m still raising money to get myself a new laptop, so along with taking regular art commissions, I’ll be offering Couple/Group/Character Heart drawings! Perfect for your FAVE OC’s, BFF’s, OTP’s, RIVALS etc.!  

Starting rate is $40 for TWO characters per heart, full color, shaded, pretty background, THE WORKS~!

Price subject to however many extra characters requested/how complex. Contact me at or right here on tumblr with any questions!

*Ref pictures preferred. Payment through paypal only please!

Reblogs super appreciated, help a lizard get ready for college///~!