Ligers are like the Blade of the big cat world; they possess all of the strengths of both parent animals and have none of their weaknesses. And “big cat” is an understatement: It’s a half-ton, 12-foot-long snarling mass of muscle capable of fitting your entire screaming head in its mouth. Oh, and it moves as fast as your car goes on the highway.

That’s right; it’s reportedly capable of running 60 miles per hour. Can you run that fast? Just imagine being hit by half a ton traveling at that speed, then remember it could bite your face off.

This one is called Hercules.

Hercules happened as a result of a lion and tiger getting their freak on because scientists accidentally let them breed (sure … “accidentally”). In just three short years Hercules already massively outgrew both of his parents, presumably right before eating them.

The 7 Most Terrifyingly Huge Things in the History of Nature

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