Barcelona-based fashion designer Alassie of El Costurero Real creates delicate cloaks, capes, and scarves that look like diaphanous moth and butterfly and wings for an instant fairy transformation. Each pair of vibrantly-colored insect wings is made of muslin that’s so light and delicate it looks like chiffon. The edges of the wings are wired to help them keep their shape and make them easy to use while dancing. Build a human-sized cocoon and you’ll be ready to entertain friends at parties or stage impromptu street performances.

Visit the El Costurero Real Etsy shop to check out more of Alassie’s wings as well as all sorts of other fantasy, Victorian, and steampunk garments and accessories.

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Today the Department of Incredibly Wee Wonders is marveling at these exquisite pieces of hand-embroidered jewelry made by Austin, TX-based artist Rachel Pruett, who sells her creations under the name Poppy and Fern. Each delicate pendant features a tiny embroidered image framed by vintage brass components. Pruett’s subjects range from animals and insects to plants and flowers to personal commissions, such as incredibly cute portraits of people’s pets, and whatever else strikes her creative fancy.

“I am inspired by the animals I love and the beautiful things I find around me. The wildflowers were in full bloom this past spring, so that inspired my spring line. Many times my creative process begins with the frames I find. I have a running list of designs I want to embroider, but I want the frame to complement the design so I wait until I have a perfect match. It is so satisfying when I find the perfect frame for a design – finding new frames keeps me creatively challenged. I find that I stitch better than I sketch, so most of the time I dive right in to stitching. Once I have an idea, I free-hand embroider the piece. No two pieces are exactly the same. Each is unique, just like the person wearing it or the wall that it hangs from.”

Click here to learn more about Pruett’s process and creative inspirations.

Visit the Poppy and Fern Etsy shop to check out more of Rachel Pruett’s beautiful handmade jewelry. For even more photos follow the Poppy and Fern Facebook page or Instagram feed.

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Insect Fashion

I haven’t been able to find out who was responsible for creating the giant insects for Uniqlo‘s fashion advertisements announcing their new Uniqlo Undercover line by Jun Takahashi, but I am in love with them. Well, the insects, that is. Though the humans are nicely attired, they’re not nearly as insect-inspired. I’d trade any of those fine threads for a chance to jam with Bass-Playing Bee!



New Bug Bandanas for Summer 2016!

You asked for it - I took a poll - it’s going to production! The Beetledana is getting a new, beautiful print on turquoise! I’m also restocking the original orange for those of you who haven’t had a chance to get one yet. But that’s not all!

PAISLEY BUGDANAS ARE BACK! This new version of the original design will now be available on three colors: classic red, royal blue, and kelly green! Rock the bug life hidden in plain sight with your favorite! They’re gonna look awesome!

Preorder your turquoise beetledana here, or grab the original orange here!

Preorder your paisley bugdanas here!

Or check out the entire selection of bandanas now in their own section of my shop! And don’t miss out on other sweet bug swag including charms, buttons, art prints, and more only at!

Stay buggy!


Arachnobphobes and Entomophobes alike will want to give this post a miss. Thanks to a wonderfully weird Japanese fashion trend, we just learned an awesome new Japanese phrase that’s sure to come in handy around these parts from time to time:

Kimo-kawa“, or kimo-kawaii, is a particularly interesting little Japanese oxymoronic phrase which means “gross-cute“.

Kimo-kawa is the perfect way to describe these creepy-crawly earrings Made by Double M and so via Japanese retailer Village Vanguard. They’re large and impressively lifelike spiders and stag beetles that are worn comfortably in a standard pierced ear. That it, until thoroughly freaked out, but well-meaning, passerby tries to swat it off your ear.

If you like the idea of wearing creatures on your ears, but not the insect or arachnid sort, Double M also makes earrings shaped like cute, colorful lizards:

These earrings (and many more) are available the Village Vanguard website for the cost of 1898 yen ($15 US) per spider, beetle, lizard, or even tiny drinking humans. Visit the Double M Facebook page for additional photos.

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Hey everyone! I’m at Anthro New England this weekend! I happen to be seated right across from this fabulous felting duo known as @smallflock responsible for these amazing and adorable moth hairpins! The lunas are the largest, about 4-5 inches long, with many beautifully made smaller species which are all recognizable and expertly crafted. They make many other lovely things as well of all sizes and even do commission work! Please check out their wonderful art. I’m planning to get a rosy maple myself before the con is out. 😄

DIY Gucci Bow Tie Tutorial.

This knockoff Gucci Bow Tie was inspired by Gucci’s Spring 2016 show that was filled with insect embroidery. The DIY only takes about 30 minutes to make, and consists of bead embroidered, bee patch ribbons topped with a rose brooch.

Cosplay potential?

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  • All Other Photos: DIY from Homemade Banana

For DIY Knockoffs of all kind go HERE.

You can find the DIY Gucci Bow Tie Tutorial from Homemade Banana here.


Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator Antonio Rodrigues Jr created these wonderful hand-painted illustrations for a series entitled The Great Lookbook of Urban Bugs. Each delicate insect has been outfitted in an ensemble featuring the signature style and colors of various fashion brands, from Levi Strauss to United Colors of Benetton. There’s even a fly dressed in lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

Click here for additional images.

Visit Antonio’s Behance page to check out more of his artwork.

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Colorful Fashion Trends Replicating the Insects

Insects are all over our planet and their “clothing” is mostly defined by the needs of survival. Indeed this need makes them get dressed in a large variety of colors and patterns and their structural form becomes an inspiration for the modern couture.

The idea may seem rather creepy but when you think of it so many of the tailored fashion resemble to a smaller or larger extent a certain spectacular bug. Some fashion designs may look familiar to us in spite of not have seen them anywhere.

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