insect vision


Consider the following:

- Fernanda was introduced the issue directly after Viv suggested she might be into girls

- They get along really well instantly

- Fernanda cooks Viv food she enjoys

- Viv gave Fernanda her phone number

- There is no sense of personal space in this team up at all

- They have a bunch of parallels (dead mother and brother, continuing a proud legacy etc) that means they’d understand each other

- Fernanda hugged her, and Viv hasn’t even hugged her official teammates yet

- This team up allowed Viv to work through some of her issues and her relationship with her father, which means she improved more in this one issue than the previous eight with the Champions - clearly this needs to continue

- Having Fernanda on the team means Viv would have to stop wearing those terrible red outfits because the colours would be confusing

- I’m just saying - a teammate who a Vision dates? Red Locust and Scarlet Witch parallel?

Running Out of Oxygen, Ch 1


It was fitting, fighting on top of the Arc de Triomphe. In fact, it was so undeniably ‘Paris’ that it made Chat Noir sick to his stomach. He stepped back, blocking another hit from Hawkmoth’s cane.

Ladybug had not yet arrived, which was almost as unfortunate as fighting the old man. He did not move as quickly as Chat Noir, but there were a thousand butterflies around the boy. The insects clouded his vision and slowed his movements.

“Scared of butterflies, are you, boy?”

He flipped backwards, over the edge of the building, and his claws caught on the side of the frieze, his other hand gripped his baton, and he was desperately trying to call Ladybug, or at least, have a thousand or so onlookers post online, where she would see it.

Under him, he could hear the cries of Parisians, and forced himself to catch his breath. It would be cruel, to die in front of them. They were expecting heroes, and that’s what they were going to get.

The young man felt the swarm of butterflies under him, pushing him back up to the roof, but he held on.

“Chat?” Ladybug’s voice crackled through his receiver, and he wanted to scream in joy.


He hung up, and used his baton to push himself back up the the side of the building.

Please arrive soon.

Read the rest on AO3 here!

I know what that Galra was doing in the Weblum!!!

This mystery Galra person has Lotor’s colors. 

Originally posted by blazerought

So they are probably working for Lotor and were send by him to get some scaultrite.

And what is scaultrite used for?

“Scaultrite is an important substance, with thousands of commercial and industrial uses, including fabrication foam, insect night vision goggles, teludav Uh-  anti-fungal klanmiurl lotion and other such lubricants.”

I dunno if Lotor needs insect vision goggles or teludav lenses…


He might need “fabrication foam” for his famous SHOULDER PADS

(or he’s got a fungal infection.. or needs lubricants for some reason…..)


Another wild Humbertiella sp. find!
This time, a female subadult chowing down on a small katydid nymph. I guess this is their season!

My husband parked the car a few meters from this tree, and I lept out of the car the moment I spotted her among the marching ants.
 She let me snap these lovely photos with my unwieldy phone, until I got a little too close, and she darted out of sight before I could even see where she was going.