insect nails

Bleed the Pigs

Who: ”Vicious” doesn’t even begin to describe the unholy racket this Nashville quartet brings crashing down upon the sanctified. Born in a basement and schooled in the blood-splattered doctrine of short, fast, and loud, Bleed the Pigs welds together metallic hardcore, caustic grind, acrid noise and cutthroat power-violence to create an incredibly aggressive and extreme music alloy. Though each member of this DIY outfit more than pulls their weight - (check out the bassist’s murderous grooves) - vocalist Kayla Phillips is the band’s not-so-secret weapon thanks to both her magnetic stage presence and the harsh, malignant howls and raw political tirades that pour forth from her corroded throat. It’s no surprise that Bleed the Pigs’ first cassette sold out instantly, and their second EP Overcompensations for Misery is already well on its way to disappearing. KIM KELLY

Sounds Like: Insect Warfare, Nails, His Hero is Gone

Where to Start: ”Supremacy” is a bass-heavy neck-snapper that screams by in under two manic minutes.