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I drove four hours to see a caterpillar. 

I had heard that Mother Neff State Park (which is halfway between Temple and Waco, TX) had cecropia moth caterpillars. These are the caterpillars of the largest native moth in North America (wingspans greater than 6 inches have been documented). And you know what you need to get a giant moth? A giant caterpillar. 

I only found one (hiding in the plum tree right outside the visitor’s center!), and a couple cocoons (bottom two photos), so it seems that I came just in time. Any later and this one would have been in a cocoon too. The fun part: the unripe plums in the tree were the same exact color and texture as the caterpillar (he felt like velvet!), so despite being enormous, they are very well camouflaged.

He was very shy. He kept pulling his little face into his rolls to hide. Everything about it was perfect. A highlight of my week, for sure. Even if I didn’t get home until 3 am!

June 10/11, 2017

“Crickets and insects, were my mother's specialty.
Dr Clair spent most of her adult life
studying tiny creatures with the magnifying glass,
then classifying them into species and subspecies.”

Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Clair in ‘The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet’ | 2013

Headcanon #1: Lusii

The higher on the hemospectrum you are, the less mammalian lusii there are. Equius was actually rare case with his, and Gamzee had a seadwelling lusus. Karkat, considering his mutation, didn’t really count.

Aradia most likely had a ram for a lusus, Tavros had a bull(winged, yes, but a bull), Sollux had a biclops, Nepeta had Pounce- a cat, but then once it hits Kanaya it goes from mammals to other types. Kanaya had a mother grub (insect), Terezi had a dragon (reptilian), Vriska had a spider (arachnid), Equius was a rare case with his centaur, Gamzee’s was a seadwelling goat, and then Eridan and Feferi had aquatic lusii too.

anonymous asked:

...What problems do you have with their plan to revive the troll race?

I’ve written about it before at length, but I have a killer headache right now and don’t really feel like hunting down the relevant bits. So I’m just going to raise the most important issue:


Buckets, the ones depicted in the comic as used to “collect genetic material” are industrial-made, metal buckets. Now, if you think back on how a civilization rises and stuff… how the fuck were pre-historic pre-tool-making cave-dwelling neandertrolls supposed to collect their spooge to take to the Mother Grub?

This obviously means that, before the current “provide two buckets of spooge to the spooge robot or ELSE” system, there had to be a different method of collection/reproduction in place. (The only way it could be otherwise would be if trollkind literally never had a pre-historic period, and were from the get-go made to reproduce in this artificial way with artificial tools. Which is a possibility I’m willing to consider, but does raise some very pointed questions about how Beforus came to be.)

Not only that, but the very fact that you’re culled if you fail to provide genetic material the very moment it’s demanded makes this a very clear case of dystopian factory line forced reproduction. They’re breeding soldiers by the droves for sake of the Empire’s expansion, but it’s not actually the natural state of things.

Literally no one in the comic has stopped to think about this, or its ramifications. No troll has even so much as brought up the possibility of nixing drones out of the equation in-text, or questioned their presence and/or their need.

And considering how the Condesce considered human sex a literal abomination and made it a capital crime to fuck, I’d go so far as to say that a bajillion porn fics out there are dead fucking wrong, and the Empire doesn’t endorse so much as touching wiggly bits during the mandatory spooge-trading part of matespritship and kismesissitude consummation. But this last part is just my personal reading of canon.

One way or the other, there’s a lot about troll reproduction that we only have the word of a dystopian government– influenced from the shadows by a mentally-stunted sex-repulsed possibly-masochistic alien mishmash from a race that reproduces by turning into giant snakes and has gone on record as HATING TROLLS AND WANTING THEM TO SUFFER– for. I don’t trust it in the least.

As long as we don’t know how trolls are supposed to do it without the machinery of the Empire, I don’t consider them the least bit ready to revive the troll race.