insect hospital

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Original text:

“Oh, of course, forgive my rudeness. I’m Doctor H.M. Phage, T.E, chief physician, radiologist, surgeon, pathologist, pathogen, immunologist, urologist, gynaecologist, reverse gynaecologist, taxidermist, dentist, forensic entomologist…”

…43 translations later, Yandex gives us:

“My God, forgive me my rudeness, I’m a doctor, emergency medicine, regions, as a leader, a radiologist and an insurance specialist in the urinary tract, diseases, woman, woman, woman, Teacher, dentistry, Law, medicine, and insects.”


The AMAZING new video from Hine! It’s Insect Hospital+!

In case you didn't know what a nerd I am

So I was an English major and as such I get really really unreasonably pissed off by people using words incorrectly. The one ALL the dumbasses seem to want to do these days and so the one I have to be IN A CONSTANT STATE OF RAGE over is “literally.”

I am sure Flans does actually understand what “literally” means because HE IS NOT A DUMBASS and probably put that bit in “Insect Hospital” to make fun of the people who do use it incorrectly. But of course the fucking correct meaning of “literally” is “this is a phrase that usually has a figurative meaning but I am in this case using it to mean the actual thing actually happening.” So I like to pretend that walking down to the insect hospital to set the insects free IS an actual figure of speech people use metaphorically. WE SHOULD MAKE SOMETHING UP FOR THIS TO MEAN.