insect head

The name Death’s head Hawkmoth refers to any of the three Asian moth species of the genus Acherontia. The one represented in the picture is called Acherontia Atropos. The other two species (A. Lachesis and A. Styx) are not much different, since the three are fairly similar in size, coloration and life circle.

These moths are easily distinguishable by the beautiful human skull-shaped pattern of markings on the thorax.

tachishi  asked:

Prompt: Noh-Varr vanishes some time on a space mission and Tommy is upset, so Billy get´s him (mostly as a joke) a pat cockroach which he calls after his bf. Then Noh-Varr comes back.

“Billy’s fault…” Tommy shrugged as Noh-Varr inspected the small portable glass enclosure and it’s vented green roof. He appeared to be a staring contest with the tiny brown insect poking it’s head out of the roof. Billy had bought him the cockroach as a joke, named him as a joke…Tommy wound up a little attached to the critter and now was more than a little embarrassed as Noh-Varr stood silently over the slightly overpriced plastic box.

“He says his name is also Noh-Varr…” Noh-Varr muttered and little Noh hissed quietly, vibrating angrily.  

Tommy balked. “Wait, what?! Since when are you Doctor Dolittle?” He’d talked to the insect about personal things - personal things he wasn’t ready for Noh-Varr to hear.

“I share genetic material with these creatures.” Noh-Varr reminded him without breaking eye contact with his cockroach counterpart.

“I already knew that bug boy I just didn’t realise it meant you could commune with the beasts.” Tommy muttered rolling his eyes.

“He does not like me.” Noh-Varr said, his gaze narrowing just a little.

“Are you seriously upset right now?” Tommy asked, his eyebrow twitching up.

Noh-Varr blinked and turned his attention to his boyfriend fidgeting a few steps away. “Yes, he is important to you.”

“Billy got him as a joke.” Tommy whined as he shoved his hands into his jeans pockets.

“He speaks highly of your care.” Noh-Varr smiled, pride evident in his tone.

“It’s not like I’m gonna let it die.” Tommy grumbled, ignoring the way his chest felt a little too warm.

Noh-Varr turned his attention back to the hissing cockroach huddled in the small opening of it’s home. “He calls me an intruder and usurper.” Noh-Varr sounded insulted.

Tommy opened his mouth, then closed it again when he couldn’t wrap his head around the what he’d just heard. He tried again. “Wait, the cockroach is jealous of the bigger cockroach?”

“I am Thomas’s beloved, I have a right to be here.” Noh-Varr stated, ignoring his boyfriend as his insect cousin hissed back at him in what appeared to be a building argement.  

“You are not arguing with your cousin are you?” Both ignored him and Tommy watched the exchange with growing hysterics. “I’m being fought over by bugs…”

“We may live in harmony.” Noh-Varr offered and little Noh went silent for a full minute before making an odd clicking noise that seemed to say ‘I’m listening’.

“When the hell did I become a kid in the divorce?” Tommy demanded but Noh-Varr and his insect friend were too busy with negotiations to acknowledge him.  

Little Noh clicked and chirped and Noh-Varr nodded. “I am too big to ride in his pocket, you may continue in this activity.”

Tommy groaned. “Oh fuck me.”

“That is my activity.” Noh-Varr nodded and the roach chirruped in agreement.

“…Nope, not touching that.” Tommy said throwing his hands up and leaving the room.