insect design

I realized Ive never used anything similar to this color pallet before so I decided to try my luck with a sort of crystal wing moth alien :P

If I decide to keep him his name will be Siobhan and he’ll also only be a few inches tall c:


*emerges from the swamps of sorrow*

MY FINALS ARE APPROACHING REAL FAST AND IM NOT 100% SATISFIED WITH THOSE. Buuut ehh i’ll leave the new babies here anyways, maybe i’ll return to them someday. I’ll be tagging those mosquitoes as “erika” and “wtnv” because i think some of the NV fans might enjoy ‘em.


hw sketches and concepts for my buggy characters Vincent and Maggie!

Vincent is a newly-adult-ed dragonfly who wants to go fast… Maggie eats shit and regularly participates in dangerous adventures for fun. has memory and wing issues from slamming her head into stuff even with her helmet. they’re best buds (FAST AND DANGER (RESPECTIVELY))

they’re visiting a bug city in an abandoned shack full of boxes and jars turned storefronts, residences and other places! they’re likely visiting a specific restaurant (run by Arnold) that exchanges bodies for supplies, and then prepares the bodies for supply-paying predators who cant or don’t want to hunt their food. at least for a fancy night-out.

Vincent isn’t comfortable eating anything with a face, and Maggie’s standards and findings aren’t very Fresh, so this is one of the better options for him. 

u can find more reeeeaaaallllly old pics of them and other bugs here