insect design

Patreon design suggestion for “bug DnD”! 

Years of handling their red-hot throwing blades have toughened this insect’s carapace like iron! Sadly, they have traded the gentler sensations of touch for this gift, and secretly wish that they could feel their sweetheart’s hand in theirs.

I gotta get faster with doing these and not perfectionist-pick at prompt sketches for 8000 years but I’m super pleased with how this batch is turning out! Suggestions for bug DnD, bug monsters, WORMS, hongry monsters….you’re all too good for me, everyone


Four unique geometric insect pin designs celebrate some beautiful bugs in style! Originally part of my pattern “Insecta Geometrica,” all four insects are now ready to stand out on their own as bright and fashionable hard enamel pins. Wear one, a few, or all four to add colorful accents to an outfit or bag, or add them to your personal pin collection!

The complete collection of Insecta Geometrica pins features a green scarab beetle, a bumblebee, a green cicada, and a comet moth! Each will be approximately 30mm in vibrant gold-plated hard enamel. These will be individually packaged on backing cards featuring the signature purple diamonds of the original pattern accented with spot gloss for a subtle finishing touch.

Pledge for one, pick your favorites, or back all four! All this project needs is you to become real! Check out the campaign for more information on the pins. Please spread the word & thank you so much! 🐛