insect crafts


A sort of shadow box in a way. Real pressed and dried plants and flowers. Including a single dried butterfly. The background is an excerpt of a poem typed from my typewriter.

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Papercraft Inspiration: Honey Bees in a Hive Tin by Kate Kato 

Find this mixed media sculpture and others by Kate Kato in her Kasasagi’s Etsy Store here. *She’s on an Etsy vacation for a week or so, but will be back.

I am a huge fan of tin or Altoids Tin crafts. For 13 of my favorite Altoids Tin DIYs go here; for all Altoids Tin DIYs go here.

Note: When I post anything from Etsy, I am not getting compensated in any way (money or free products). 


Hey everyone! I’m at Anthro New England this weekend! I happen to be seated right across from this fabulous felting duo known as @smallflock responsible for these amazing and adorable moth hairpins! The lunas are the largest, about 4-5 inches long, with many beautifully made smaller species which are all recognizable and expertly crafted. They make many other lovely things as well of all sizes and even do commission work! Please check out their wonderful art. I’m planning to get a rosy maple myself before the con is out. 😄