insect circus

✨ INKTOBER 2017 - “CIRCUS” - Day 18 - Arglaé ✨

AGENT n°35752235
41 ans
Spider Lady
Costume maker

Arglaé used to live in a little shop lost in London’s streets. She made clothes for a living. Her 3 pairs of arms helping a lot. She used to hide them in a long kimono, which she is still doing but at CIRCUS, nobody is terrified of her arms.She was recruited not so long ago, she designed and made the new costumes for CIRCUS’s artists! She is very lovely and nice she cares a lot for the two demon twins Jenny and Vicky ~

I think spiders would be dazzling in a circus.

They could be the acrobats, soaring around the ceiling, weaving silky patterns as they tumble and flip. They wouldn’t need costumes– nature has given them sharp colors, delicate bands, strange tattoos.

The ants could be the strong men, carrying popsicle sticks and leaves around the big top. Lady bugs to stand in for elephants. Roly polys to stand in for clowns. 

But the spiders would be the stars.