insect au

I’m a little late with this and I got veeeerryyyy carried away. It was really fun but I am so burnt out, I’m glad he’s finally done lol

Here’s a punk glowy neon starry nebula insect boy for all your crazy living glowstick needs~

@nix-nox @askwolftan and i made an au,, namjoon is a spider boy w six arms and a lot of confusion

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Would you consider drawing a human Bog and Marianne from Strange Magic?

Hehe for you beautiful anon? Anything! <3 Here’s my take on the Insect Baes all tall and human like, forest punk bbys 4lyf! Ommmmg BK was so hard to humanize -I apologizeeee ^^; 

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Canon AU

Arthur never died and Merlin had all the time in the world to show him that magic isn’t necessarily evil.

“As punishment for lying to me, you have to muck out the stables for two weeks though, Merlin.”


“You can use your magic now.”


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petition to let kanekipede stay and munch on the foods. pats his head. gives him a potato chip. stay as long as u want little buddy i love u

OMG SAME…this is the realest post!!
when I was doodling that, i was thinking, man, if pests looked like kaneki-centipede, i’d love them a lot more. :”D now i’m just gonna be thinking abt him sleeping under a potato chip…wah


Au clair de la lune by Donlope villalobos

Borderlands!AU Arcade is resigned to his fate as bug dad.
One of these days he’ll get around to actually naming the poor bby scythid crawler.
One day.

Absolutely wonderful art done by mrgamblinman!
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ladrien, superman/lois lane au!

Ladybug’s insect wings buzzed as she slowly descended to the ground, hoping Adrien was comfortable in the princess carry she had him in.

“Why, exactly, did you think eavesdropping on a Mafia meeting, getting caught,  and jumping off the roof to escape them was a good idea?” she asked, her feet touching pavement.

“Because I knew my hero would be there to catch me,” Adrien replied, his mild tone doing nothing to cover up the mischievous twinkle in his eyes (one that always made Ladybug wish that she was brave enough to find it without the mask).

send a platonic/romantic ship with an au prompt to get a 3 sentence fic :D

Calcium Genos (or Calne CA Genos) screenshot edit.


okay so how do you guys feel about….. Hamtaro crossovers
With tiny jackets and cat robots and Riki is a beetle

Because I have a MIGHTY NEED

More hamsters under the cut if you’d like!

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offers his hand for the smol mantis to rest on.

     Awkwardly — THIS WAS HOW MANTISES WALKED ALRIGHT!? He wobbled onto the hand. A hand offered out like this, mean adventure time! He always enjoyed being lifted high, high HIGH up, so that he could see what, to him, looked like the entire world! Nnoitra’s antennae wafted back and forth in excitement, while he waited for the ( hopefully kind ) stranger to lift his hand. Yeah, sure, being as fragile as he was, it was a huge risk to trust a human, but - if the guy had wanted to squash him, he would’ve done so already, right? There were some people who weren’t afraid of bugs, and would rather pick them up, instead of stepping on them.