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Would you consider drawing a human Bog and Marianne from Strange Magic?

Hehe for you beautiful anon? Anything! <3 Here’s my take on the Insect Baes all tall and human like, forest punk bbys 4lyf! Ommmmg BK was so hard to humanize -I apologizeeee ^^; 

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Telyssa joins the cast for Bugshido (thanks trooper-penethalia for coining the name!), the feudal-Japan-esque AU inspired by various things like White Mantis’s “Blade Under Mask,” Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Kung Fu Panda, along with the copious amounts of kung fu movies we watch.

Telyssa is a transgender bee and young merchant-in-training for her family’s sake rice wine business. She also performs the role akin to a shrine priestess as her family specializes in blessed sake, used for purifying places, people, and things. She helps to drive out evil spirits while also securing trade lines for her family’s business.

Update: I totally forgot to do the details on her eyes. WHOOPS. Fixed now!

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Gaius - Rhinoceros Beetle | Lita - Firefly


okay so how do you guys feel about….. Hamtaro crossovers
With tiny jackets and cat robots and Riki is a beetle

Because I have a MIGHTY NEED

More hamsters under the cut if you’d like!

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My markers failed me but anyways I can’t stop so here’s another AU where Korl is a Spider and Olivia is a Ladybug LMAO.

Karl’s just pissed at all the freaking insects WHO KEEPS GETTING TANGLED IN HIS SPIDER WEB!! They scream and cry for him not to eat them while he just… rolls his eyes: “ jfc I am not going to eat you CANT YOU READ THE SIGN ?JUST GET OFF MY LAWN”
lmao he needs a break.

she’ll prob hear the other insects talk about him and she spies on him time to time, wears her cutest lingerie and gets herself tangled in his web lm f a o. 👀 he’s most likely gonna change his “Ugh not again” to “H-hello there.. ar e youok?plsbecareful nexttimeok”
I’ll never get tired of seeing them chase each other in every goddamn AU. 👌

Borderlands!AU Arcade is resigned to his fate as bug dad.
One of these days he’ll get around to actually naming the poor bby scythid crawler.
One day.

Absolutely wonderful art done by mrgamblinman!
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Insect AU with Pauling


Kara curled up beside her brothers and sisters in an attempt to keep warm. She’d only been in a crate once before, when she was newly hatched, and it was a scary experience. It was so cold, not like the nice warm barrel filled with mulberry leaves. There they had a decent life, albeit stressful. Every day, they had to produce silk, and it was harvested by a set of soft hands. They were never hurt, but you try being lifted and shoved by a giant.

The hands that grabbed them today, however, werent so gentle. Some of her siblings were crushed and thrown in the crate with the rest of the squirming silkworms, and it was shaken as it moved, which took a few more of them.

It was pitch black, despite it being the middle of the day. She looked to the others, all with complacent looks, completely giving in to their fate. Kara, on the other hand, was still looking around, ever curious about the world outside. The box was turned, and the worms shifted, which revealed a small hole in the wood. The silkworm became curious, and inched to it, looking down at the ground as they moved. What was that green stuff? And that brown stuff?

Another bump, and the gap opened slightly, just enough for Kara to fall through before closing again. She squeaked as she hit the ground, taking a moment to rub her head before she looked around. Where was she? Why was it so bright? And cold? Her brothers and sisters!! She turned to watch a giant carry the box away.

Shivering, she hugged herself, looking around again. “H-Hello??! Is anyone here?!!?” Maybe someone could help her.

Today was just like any other day for Matthew and his brother Alfred. Wake up, eat leaves and generally have fun. They had collected a small pile of fresh plant leaves and were happily eating them. Alfred was on his third when he looked up at his brother who was sitting down to eat and grinned.


“So what?” Matthew asked his blue eyed brother.

“So what do you think we’ll look like when we get older?”

“Like butterflies of course.” 

“I mean what kind of wings and stuff.” Said Alfred. “Will we have blue wings? Green wings? Black and orange? Purple and yellow? Brown, white, orange and black?” 

Matthew shrugged a little. “Not sure. Does it really matter? At least we’ll be able to fly. That’ll be fun.”

Alfred grinned. “Yeah! I’ll be all like WOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! And you’ll be all like WOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!”

The purple eyed caterpillar laughed a little at his brother’s exaggerations. “Okay, one of these days we’ll fly around like all the other butterflies.”

“Until then let’s eat!” Said Alfred as he picked up another leaf and started to munch on it.


Here’s some more of my insect AU. I already posted this on DA. Enjoy. :D