insect alien


You know who likes monsters and weird alien bugs?? It’s definitely not me.

I’ve been thinking about this guy for a few days now, and this is like the third variation that i’m kinda okay with hah?? They are pretty big, but they scuttle around on those bendy legs of theirs so an exact height is hard to say. Obviously bigger then the average human tho. Most of their bodies are chitinous, but they have soft places between plates and under their belly. Don’t take this as a weakness though, their blood is very toxic and they may or may not have a penchant for stabbing people/hugging them to death.

I’m going to name the species Veryn’Ghera but this fancy dude right here still needs a name. Anyone got suggestions?


Playing with extreme evolution within a specie. Despite the vastly dimorphic differences these two creatures are related and share an ancestor.
“Tree skippers are incredibly agile, arboreal hexapods that live in large communal families.
The other is a large quadruped, sifting the atmosphere for microscopic goodies.
Housed within both of their cranial pincers are it’s two large "clappers.” These flat boney structures are used for communication. Quickly tapping them against one another they create a language similar to that of morse code. Their mandibles are housed beneath the clappers and are serrated.“