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I think he wouldn’t have really noticed before you spoke up about it. It would show in his response though.

“Oh, I don’t mind really. I haven’t really noticed before to be honest…”

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He’d assure you that he didn’t care, and after that moment he’d compliment you everyday.

“I love how that shirt looks on you Y/You look spectacular in it.”

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I think he’d be at a lose of words for a moment, he wouldn’t know what to say. Although he didn’t really care about it, and he didn’t really think about it, you obviously had, so he prepared himself for this conversation quickly in his head.

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He’s be confused. Why would you care if you didn’t have curves? Was it that big of a deal? It wasn’t to him.

“Why are you Insecrure? Because you don’t have curves? I don’t have curves do I?”

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I think he’d go into a very detailed conversation on why he doesn’t care if you had curves or not, he loves you for you, and they way you look won’t change that.

 " Don’t worry about that, and if anyone bothers you about it, just remember this conversation and that I love you very much"

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I think he’d be like Taeyong, he never really thought about it before.

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I think he’d understand you, but he’d make sure the you wouldn’t feel that way again, whether it be doing what Johnny does or start taking about something else when you start to act that way again.

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He’d be quiet at first, letting you confess about your feelings about this topic, then he’d go to you and hug you, whispering

“You’re beautiful the way you are so don’t ever change”

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