Inscape By Stateless 

We wake with our forms all tangled up

Frozen in silence, no sound save breathing
I can feel your skin on my skin
How did it get so cold in here?

Like tears we fall on to the ice
We lay entangled, ice against skin

Sophia Bush’s Top Tips for Maintaining Balance When Life Gets Nuts

Sophia Bush has become a pro at juggling a hectic schedule. She landed her first big role as a junior in college, and never looked back. It goes without saying that the Chicago P.D. star, now 34,doesn’t get much “me time.” But she refuses to let the demands of her work get in the way of her sanity. Instead she’s on a mission to bust the stigma on self care, and change its connotation from “selfish.” We caught up with the actress at a Listerine event, where she was promoting the brand’s new campaign about boldness (a quality Bush embraces). Here, she shares her strategies for maintaining balance, no matter what kind of stress she’s dealing with on the job.

Carve out alone time

“Relaxation is tough because everything is always going 100 miles an hour, especially in a job like mine, when you’re on a set for 16 hours a day and there are 150 people around you all of the time. What I’ve learned through trial and error over the years is that you can really create big change with small moments, and you have to start injecting those moments into your life with little incremental changes.

"So with me, knowing that I get pretty drained being on set, I have started changing what that habit looks like. I come into work earlier, I give myself an extra half an hour in the morning. I go through hair and makeup. I have breakfast and then I’m done while everyone else is still getting ready and doing their thing. So I have half an hour to myself and I’ll sit in my trailer, do a meditation app, stretch (especially if I have a big scene of stunts coming up).

"I love the people that I work with, but I don’t have to have lunch with them everyday, 10 months of the year. I now hang out with everyone for eight hours on set. But at lunchtime, those 20 minutes are mine to sit by myself and that’s where I practice self-care. Maybe I do 25 sit-ups, or maybe I just lay on the floor with my dog and it’s so good.”

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Meditate in the morning

Meditation wakes you up. Someone asked me, ‘Don’t you meditate before you go to bed?’ If I meditated before I went to bed, I’d never sleep. For me, to meditate in the morning before things get going on set, that sets the tone of my whole day and I notice that I don’t feel as happy or as calm when I don’t. Taking time for you actually has a ripple effect in how your entire day goes and how you are with others. I get more stressed when I’m not meditating, so it’s not only a way to practice self-care, it’s also a way to be a better performer at work.”

Give yourself a break

“I’m nowhere near perfect. I don’t meditate everyday. But, I do what I can, when I can. Creating that habit has also created the bigger change in just accepting what I can do at that time. One day I’ll eat really healthy and go for a walk and think 'I earned all the wellness points.’ But then the next day, I’ll eat a bunch of Thai food, sleep in, and not answer any emails, but so what? We’re only human.”

Repeat this mantra

“My best friend Nia said something to me years ago, she just said, 'Whatever it is, let it be enough,’ and I think about that all the time: Let it be enough. And I find that when I take moments of pause, those are the thoughts that I can come back to.”

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Be bold

“You’re allowed to be proud of your intellect. You’re allowed to set goals. You’re allowed to ask questions when you don’t know the answers. All of those things require boldness and giving yourself permission. And I think sometimes having that philosophical moment of saying 'I’m going to to let this be enough’ or 'I’m going to take a risk,’ that all requires boldness. Both care and mindfulness encourage us to own our power and be bold.”

Find your happy song

One of my best friends is an artist called Betty Who and her albums are the best. Her new record, The Valley, just came out and literally I listen to “Mama Say” on repeat. I listen to it all day, every day. Sometimes in the morning I won’t meditate and just put on Betty Who and have a dance party of one in my trailer, and it puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day.

As part of its #UnlockYourBold campaign, Listerine teamed up with the app Inscape to create three guided meditations meant to inspire and invigorate. Download the free app to listen.

My own analysis on Naruto 698

Did you see that change in Sasuke’s eye before trying to kill Naruto?

He hesitated. And he closed his Sharingan so that moment won’t impregnate in his mind, because the sight of Naruto’s death would cause him pain, Naruto being his family. 

We know that Sharingan is named also ”Copy Wheel Eye” and ”The Eye that reflects the heart” and grants the user the ability to copy and memorise everything.

And Naruto saw the change in his eyes (heart) and he knew that is not too late to save him from darkness.  ”That gaze is inscapable” - on the first page form Naruto 698

And that’s why Sasuke is smiling. He’s glad that he lost, that he didn’t kill Naruto. He’s glad because he didn’t lose any important person (like Itachi). Maybe he knew from the begginning that Naruto will win, that he couldn’t do it.

He didn’t want this to happen again. Because he loved Itachi and he loves Naruto. And for him, they represent his family.

*Sorry for my English*

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Hey so I just recently got into poetry and I was wondering if you had any recommendations?? :)


I’M SORRY I’LL STOP i could go on forever

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