Tumblr Crushes:

  • zeylien - She is absolutley gorgeous inside and out & has an amazing blog.
  • itskirssy - Fucking beaut blog an all!
  • h4ils - You know when people can be funny or good looking? this cunt cheated :/
  • c0smicrays - PERFECT BLOG, if i could shag a blog - it’d be hers.
  • insatiableappetite  - best. porn. ever.
  • zajac- - lav lav lav lav lav
  • expliiciit–desiires - even. better. porn. ever. ever. ever.
  • disemb0died - love love love
  • acid-floyd - If i could marry a blog, it’d be this one.

I felt the need to declare my love for each blog, but literally i love them all

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Also these are good too