The fact that Crystal (and Tyler Posey) managed to turn the relatively lazy writing of her exit into such an emotionally charged scene speaks to their quality as actors. The fact that she even argued with producers over her own last words speaks to her quality as a person.
—  Madeline Watches Teen Wolf: INSATIABLE RESPONSE (x)

Lay Me Down: Allison Argent + Death

You have thought about death, before. It’s hard not to think of, when in your arms you’ve strung a thousand arrows, and in your fingers you’ve held a thousand chances, and on occasion you have let each of these go. But death was something of an abstract– something on the horizon, a slow burn of embers, a letter in your mother’s hand. It was something far away from where you are now: seventeen with a life to live. But suddenly here you are, all filled with that long life and letting it slip between your fingers, not feeling the cold air, or your warm blood, or even the fire of the arms around you, and you want it to be okay. You want it to be fine, you don’t want to see your father cry– and you won’t. You’re gone by the time he arrives.

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3x23: Insatiable ”maybe you don’t need to hear it, but I need to know that I said it. I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m proud of us.” 

Personal opinion on Allison's death

First, I’m just gonna remind everyone that MTV PRODUCERS forced the idea of one of main characters dying on Jeff who didn’t want to do it but Crystal approached him with the idea of Allison being written out for the sake of her future career and the decision to kill her off was a win-win combination. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeff had Scallison planned as endgame all along in his head, if he wanted to keep Crystal forever, and he could’ve easily not let her weasel out of her contract because she’s so important but he did, because he cares for her happiness. Jeff cares for his cast members, it’s a huge family, despite all the bullshit that’s being told about Jeff.

I’ve spent countless hours rewatching all episodes over again, finding little things, writing down every single thing every character in this show has ever done and realized just how big of a progress and development he’d made in every character’s arc. It’s just that not all of us remember all stuff or pay attention to everything. He’s truly a great writer and I’m sure he respected Crystal in writing that final scene as well. I’m sure Crystal wanted Allison to die rather than to depart like Jackson did. 

I personally wouldn’t want her to have Jackson’s exit. We know she wouldn’t return and just an occasional meaningless mention of her, to me personally, is a weaker choice than having to deal with the influence of her life and death. Allison is the role model female character, one of my tv favorites ever; she’s gone from a vulnerable misfit, through a courageous chance-taker, a grief stricken young teenager, enraged by loss demonic shadow of herself to a strong, realistic young woman. A fighter, a survivor. She managed to conquer her darkness, to be the real leader of her family, to change the Argent hunters for better with her leadership. She lived as an Argent and she died as one. She was herself in her last moments; respecting the code she invented while protecting people she loves and she died in arms of person she loved. She got to say her goodbyes, to say how proud she is of her father and how much she loves both Scott and Isaac and how she’d do anything to save her best friend Lydia. Jeff wrote it all in and it was perfect.

To me, death of Allison Argent was one of the most beautifully done moments and I don’t dislike a single thing. She was always my favorite female role in the show but I didn’t realize how much I loved her until I suffered her loss. This show will truly be poorer without her but I will remember her for both her life and death because in both, she was truly a hero. Allison Argent storyline is a perfect one and I wouldn’t change a single thing in it because all of it made her into this flawless character she is. Thank you, Jeff, for giving us the gift of Allison and above all, thank you Crystal for bringing her to life like no one else ever could. 

You will be missed.