Return of Insanityman by Herobrineing

Long ago, I had a blog [still do] Called Theinsanityman, which is still up to this day, it was made about 4 years ago or so.

[full body(most likely will be updated slightly)]
Insanityman Re-uploaded

He was my first scussfull ask/rp blog I ever done. And He became  something, a symbol, and the very character that spiked my love of creepy things x2. Despite the hard times I went through on that blog. I do believe This Guy Deserves to be brought back from the depths of the abyss of my mind. and have an honorable come back. But how he might come back? you will find out. sooner than you think….

songs listened to while making the image;

Mindfreak-Celldweller remix;

Requiem By Avenged sevenfold;

Insanityman belongs to me; Deltaface/Herobrineing

anonymous asked:

Which is the oldest and youngest twin? Since Rogziel is your twin Brineary???

I’ll answer this one.

NOTE: this is a very non-minecrafty post.

They were made at the same time. They weren’t made like the average living entity. They didn’t have a mom AND dad. just a father.

And no. It’s not that desgusting Mpreg crap SO DON’T ASK ABOUT THAT! 

But think of it this way.

Brineary was the smarter but faster one.

Rogziel was the Short temperd and the powerhouse type. [and a bit slower when it comes to speed]

Just be patiant and allow me to explain how they were made…

First of all…

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Say thanks to rebornica for the idea of Insanity man just sitting having a tea party for himself, without any chairs or actual cups or tea cans! XD And if you disturb him he starts crying because, he didn’t expect anyone to be there haha 

Horror man is an asshole, because he likes it when people scream so he deliberately goes in and disturbs Insanity man every time he sees he’s having a tea party to himself haha

Both these guys are © to iimokookie/Me

OOC: yeah uh I wanted to draw some characters other than Gemini, so here you go, Colored version of Horror and Insanity~ (yes I like black, shush)

Horror is needed to be in dark colors to hide in the darkness~

Insanity didn’t need specific colors, but I thought green and purple represented insanity well~

They’re my characters~ please don’t steal~ I mean it