Couldn’t complete this earlier because I was out most of the time.. and having said that.. it’s so shoddy! @____@

So Oasis, Ravi and I have been throwing pictures of us spazzing over Loki. Can you blame us? He’s just DAMN HOT! >:C

So yea.. They have done their two pence, and here is mine! uvu

At long last. Officially scanned. :’D I’ve not used the scanner in such a long time, it’s embarrassing! I have finally completed my long due dragon piece! What was supposedly meant for Chinese New Year (im part chinese and just wanted to touch my significant other side :’D) and my love for dragons will never waiver, so i had to draw and colour em! c:

This is A4, the whole thing is coloured. Everything done in Copics, no alterations, no colour pencils. Just copics. The other page is being completed. I need to finish the background >> It obviously took me more than a month to colour but if i added all the time together.. I’d say about a month to complete c: Tu is my chinese dragon OC. She is a water dragon, like Lubin. She has a total of 1279 scales, each scale having 4 colours. Each colour on her represents something. Lubin, everyone knows him, is my european water dragon! c: He is the size of a dog, so you can pretty much figure out Tu’s size in comparison. :D

The background is of mountains as i wanted it to resemble calligraphic chinese paintings of mountains with misty clouds and a lake underneath. Though i think i failed D:, I suck at backgrounds, it’s a given.. Though that had to be the quickest process to colour >> 

All in all, it was quite the experience and I hope to conjure up more like this one! :D hope to combine both A4s soon! c:

Tu and Lubin©moi :U

Done in copics

A very long over due picture that i drew… Last year.. Around spring time? D:, or something like that.. I know I was in America at the time. I was very unconfident with shading but now that i’m not very bothered, i just slammed it with shadows and voila~ =u=

This is Allan. E. Wilburforce c: He is possibly one of my oldest OCs ever. I’d show how he looked like once upon a time but that’s plain embarrassing c: He’s a house doctor (not clinical or hospital) from England working in Paris, is a muslim, is half english and half arab, is 28/29 years old, something like that, has a pet prehistoric bird named Balfoure, has a girlfriend from Southern France who’s also a doctor named Ruth Edith Bouchard (I have her design, just not here). heee

He had a story before but I hated it and the characters with it so i scratched them all out, save for him, and am working on an entirely different story, with my sister, for him and Ruth c:

He is 1000% original and belongs to me ;D