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Haikyuu!! Crossover please? Tsukishima is dating Midorima’s ex girlfriend. Make Tsukki sooo salty that it drives Midorin insane~~ hehe. Thank you!~❤ (〃′▽`)

Stepping away from the shelf, Midorima grunted as he accidentally bumped into someone behind him. He turned to apologize after hearing a soft, startled gasp. He could only keep his mouth slightly agape when he realized just who it was he had literally bumped into.

“Oh, Midorima,” you said, and he could hear the slight wariness in your voice, but it was quickly masked by fake enthusiasm. “Long time no see! I hope you’ve been doing well.”

Realizing a minute too late that his jaw was still slack, Midorima pressed his lips into a thin line and gave an affirmative hum. It wasn’t that he couldn’t speak to you, but that he knew he would say all the wrong things. After all, he was still caught over your sudden and stressful break up with him.

“Well,” you muttered, voice lowering when you realized you wouldn’t be getting an answer. “I should get going. Kei is waiting.”

He watched as you made your way to the end of the aisle, meeting up with a blonde male. He was tall, though nowhere near Midorima’s height, and also wore glasses. He didn’t look built for any sport Midorima was familiar with, but the lean muscles and strong stature told the basketball player that you had definitely gone for another jock.

Before you left his sight completely, Midorima swore your new boyfriend gave him a glance. Brown eyes met green in a single moment. Midorima was sure, in fact he was absolutely positive, that as soon as you turned your back to walk away your new boyfriend — this ‘Kei’ — threw him a smirk.

For some reason, it irked Midorima to hell.

“Trouser Situation” - Digital Oil Painting

I am a horrible person. I originally painted this because I love pictures of DT with his head modestly inclined (he’s so precious!), but looking at it now, all I can see is him fixing an open fly. LOL There’s a trouser situation here!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Tsukiyama Speaking in Tongues
Miyano Mamoru
Tsukiyama Speaking in Tongues

Tsukiyama Shuu Speaking in Tongues

Episode 4

  • Ravissant (Delightful!). See you later, Kaneki-kun.
  • Merci.
  • Merci beaucoup.
  • Be cool.
  • Monsieur Savarin
  • Tschüss (Bye-bye), Kaneki-kun!

Episode 5

  • Kaneki-kun, bon appétit!
  • Non!
  • in a maestoso (majestic, dignified) location, with Kaneki-kun reaching a crescendo*, until at last I… fortissimo*.
  • Bonsoir, mademoiselle.
  • …I was eighteen.
  • Très bien!

Episode 6

  • Calmato.
  • Such an unexpected hors d'oeuvre*!

These are actually accepted loan words, according to my dictionary, but I left them in for the dramatic effect. I made note of the others he uses (not in the sound file) which you can find under the cut.

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Imagine EXO otps if they could use their powers #Chanbaek
  • [good mornings]
  • Chanyeol: THE LIGHT,THE LIGHT IT BURNS!!OH-HO THE LIGHT!/waits for a certain someone to stop making him blind/
  • Baekhyun: /clasps his hands and the light rays stops tormenting Chanyeol/
  • Baekhyun: But I thought burning doesn't hurt you
  • Chanyeol: It wouldn't if someone stops putting the sun on MY FACE AT 5AM...because I'm sure sunrise in Seoul is around 5:34
  • Baekhyun: /kisses the corner of Chanyeol's lips/
  • Baekhyun: good morning
  • Chanyeol: Gaaah I feel like a vampire around you/bites Baekhyun's arm because he was too embarrassed/
  • Baekhyun: you're welcome/bites back chanyeol's nose till he goes red/
  • --
  • [how to flirt;A Park Chanyeol guide]
  • Chanyeol: When you smile,Sunshine!
  • Baekhyun: that's sweet Yeol,thank you.
  • Chanyeol: /feels down because he was expecting Baekhyun to say something similar/
  • Baekhyun: uh
  • Baekhyun: When you smile,Happy viruses germinate!
  • --
  • [BBQ time!]
  • Chanyeol: but I heard they make g-good charcoal...
  • Chanyeol: I'M SO SORRY BAEK/runs/
  • Baekhyun: COME BACK HERE YOU DEAD GIANT!/runs after but accidentally knocks the grill on the ground creating a huge fire which burns the whole place/
  • Baekhyun: oops.
  • Chanyeol: Shit.they are going to kill us
  • Baekhyun: this wouldn't happen if you didn't refuse to make us food
  • Chanyeol: yup /fervently nods his head/
  • D.O: /face palm/ you're right.Now please call Suho and Lay.
  • --
  • [power outages]
  • Kris: NO-NO DON'T
  • Chanyeol: OH YES I WILL/evil grin/
  • Chanyeol: /smacks Baekhyun's butt, grinning/
  • Baekhyun: IT'S TIME TO PARTEYH!!/starts dancing while blinking his eyes rapidly,every time he blinks, neon colors of light flashes from his eyes to the whole room,making it look like a club/
  • Chanyeol: YAS BABY GROOVE IT!
  • Luhan: /smacks Baekhyun's butt/ It's not working...
  • --
  • [bed time]
  • Baekhyun: whoa it's so hot in here~/looks away from chanyeol/
  • Chanyeol: I know babe,I'm hot but, it's you who's driving the temperature ranges insane hehe
  • Chanyeol: /pouts/I'm sorry...
  • Baekhyun: no it's ok I have an idea /goes out of the room, comes again and throws Xiumin on his and Chanyeol's bed/
  • Baekhyun: move to the middle,Yeol be on his left and I'll sleep on the right side.
  • Xiumin: So why are we kid-napping me again?
  • Baekhyun: SHUT UP! good night Yeaolie!/gets up and leans to kiss Chanyeol/
  • Chanyeol: Good night Baek!/gets up and leans to kiss Baek/
  • Xiumin: why-what did I do to deserve this! /cries ice-cubes and shuts his eyes..tho he can still hear them kissing/

[screaming internally]

DAN-GER-RUSSSSUH: a review (parte uno).

So here we go. My very first album review! This was requested by none other than my crazy, fantabulous, fellow Mike Jack fanatic of a friend, @itsjustdesire. Her favorite LP happens to be Michael Jackson’s fourth adult solo effort, 1991′s “Dangerous.” Let’s begin, shall we?

Firstly, if this iconic image is unfamiliar to you, please back away from this post, log off, and position yourself in the nearest corner. For those of us who know this photo all too well, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this particular cover had folks staring, inspecting, ogling, squinting, and analyzing—just looking for answers. And while I’m sure 98.53872% of us haven’t the slightest clue of what Mike was attempting to relay to his viewing and listening audiences with this gorgeous, esoteric mosaic, the “Dangerous” album cover remains one of music’s most intriguing illustrations. Mike knew exactly what he was doing when he chose this specific piece to be the defining image of his first album of the 90′s. This cover actually looks the way the album sounds, which is an aspect of Mike’s artistry and impressive attention to detail that often goes unnoticed. A wild, eclectic, colorful, deep, and sometimes esoteric ride into Mike’s mind is what this image represents to me. And Mike certainly did not fall short in harmonizing visuals with sound.


  1. Jam (featuring Heavy D) - The album’s opener. The track that sets the tone and demands the listener (whether casual or die hard) to sit the hell up and pay attention. I mean, c’mon, the song kicks off with the sound of shattering glass. If that isn’t a sure fire commader, I don’t know what is. Now, admittedly, it took a while for me to fully appreciate Jam’s brilliance. But once it hit me, boy, did it hit! What I dig most about this joint is Mike’s talk-sing, rap-like delivery. I liken his phrasing and tone of voice to a preacher’s, and the lyrics seamlessly roll off Mike’s lips in a way that makes you internalize each and every rapid fire utterance. The fonktastic horns, synthetic, yet crispy drums, and catchy *jinglejangle* of sleigh bells provide the perfect backdrop to Mike’s confident, punchy, wisdom-laden words. And lettucenot forget Heavy D’s effortlessly smooth flow. Three words I’d use to describe Jam: spirited, percussive, exhilirating.
  2. Why You Wanna Trip on Me - “Mind ya bidness, aight?! Mind ya bidness!” © Will Smith. If I were to compile a ten song list that I feel is best representative of Mike’s life as a world-renowned star, ‘Trip on Me’ would most definitely make the cut. Michael was unarguably the most ridiculed, harassed, followed, and speculated about artist of both the 21st century and the 20th century’s latter two decades. And in this particular track, Mike expresses that he is fed the fawk up with folk worried about his actions, his personal life, his disposition, and his appearance instead of directing concern toward the world’s countless issues—such as illteracy, poverty, hunger, and violence. The influence of “Janet Jackson’s Rhythmn Nation 1814″ is particularly evident in this tune, as Janet heavily tackled the same issues on her iconic 1989 LP. Mike’s agitated and angsty delivery gives the rock/New Jack Swing-flavored, minor keyed instrumental an added layer of groove. The guitar riffs that ring throughout are killer and, personally, my favorite element of ‘Trip on Me.’ Three words I’d use to describe this joint: angry, snappy, slappin’.
  3. In the Closet (featuring Princess Stephanie of Monaco) - Lesbehonest, y’all. One thing Mike knew how to do is garner attention. Whether it was via his feisty vocals, crotch grabbing, quirky fashions, or air of mystique, the public watched Mike’s every move with baited breath. Mike was aware of it. He was well-informed of all the speculatory statements. And hell yeah, he had fun with it sometimes. Case in point—”In the Closet.” I’m talmbout the title, yall. Unless you’re extremely sheltered, you know what type of implications the phrase ‘in the closet’ holds. It’s always been my belief that Mike purposely used this phrase to make the public go, “OH, WORD?!” Not that the song required a quasi-controversial title to get people to listen or buy the single. It’s one of my top five tracks of the entire album, for reasons that I can’t articulate as well as I’d like. The song just…grooves, man. It’s slinky, sensuous, and has an element of mysteriousness to it that I adore. Mike’s vocals perfectly suit the concept. Dat falsetto, dawg! And to hear Mike get all sexified on a track is a rare delight for both male and female fans alike. (Come on, menz, keep it real. Y’all know that shit was hawT!) For its content, the track’s length is perfect, too—not too long, not too short, juuuust right. *moon emoji* Three words I’d use to describe ITC: sexy, crisp, daring.
  4. She Drives Me Wild (featuring Wreckx-n-Effect) - *beeeeeeeep, beep, beeeeep* Now this one right here, tho? Banger! Pure banger. To me, this song encompases what NJS (New Jack Swing) is about—pure groove, sweat, and stank with pop sensibilities. Mike is all attitude in this song, showing no mercy with his gritted teeth, sassy delivery. The hook is extremely infectious; the vocal layering on it is sublime and adds a tinge of sweetness to the track. Another percussive, funky, fun song that could’ve easily been a single, in my opinion. Three words for this cut: concise, catchy, danceable.
  5. Remember the Time - If I could choose any song on “Dangerous” to give the faultlessperfectflawless title to, it’d be “Remember the Time.” Although this is argurably one of the most simplistic songs on the album, ‘Remember’ is just simply…beautiful. From the opening synth lick, to the perfectly-programmed drums, to Mike’s vocals, to the insanely memorable (hehe) melody, there’s not a damn thing wrong with this track. Just as the previous track, RTT’s chorus contains the most spell-binding layering. Mike has always had the uncanny ability to tell a story with voice; his phrasing, use of dynamics, grunts, sighs, and riffs almost make you pay the lyrics dust. And just…the entire vibe of the song makes you feel nostalgic and amorous and craving for a lover that you prolly never even had. Three words for this cut: perfecto, flaw-free, yesgawd. (P.S.: THHHHHHHHHHHOT, THOT THOT THOT, THHHHHHHHHOT, DOUBLE THOT!)

So Rejet’s announced quite a lot of new Dialovers stuff. New set of VERSUS CDs, new set of character song CDs, and this new thing called Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE. Right now DF is just another set of situation CDs, but who knows… The new series is adding two new characters.

Even if your blood is sucked and sucked, there is no satisfaction. Sucking enough to go mad, a new dark fate.

At the time of the lunar eclipse, the founding brothers (lords) of the vampire race appear—…

The Sakamaki brothers, Mukami brothers, and the advent of the new characters—the strongest founding Tsukinami brothers!

Tsukinami Carla (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) - Brute / do-S / lazy / intellectual / violent
“Did you really think that you have any value in having your blood sucked?”
The king of vampires who possesses both intelligence and reason. The elder brother of the founding vampires.

Tsukinami Shin (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou) - Brute / tsundere / narcissist / insane
“Hehe it hurts, doesn’t it? Just as you wish, I’ll grant you extreme pain!”
The tsundere vampire who goes out of control when he loses his temper. The younger brother of the founding vampires.