insanity clan legacy


Insanity Clan’s refuge - Osaka - 2.40 a.m - CHAPTER 1

Kaito’s Chevrolet arrived silently from the rusty roads of an abandoned Osaka’s neighborhood, lighting up the walls of the old warehouse. The Insanity Clan had found a refuge there after a robbery gone bad in Pounawea. The police had arrested Seven and Rogue during the heist, the other members  had managed to escape. Paying corrupt cops, Daryl had managed to let Rogue get out of prison, but things didn’t go well for Seven, which had been again transferred to a psychiatric hospital. She stayed there for one year, while the Clan lived in Osaka into the Kaito’s old warehouse, that they transformed in a house. Seven got released a week ago. Kaito came to pick her up at the airport, and now she’s about to see again the rest of the Clan.

Kaito: So…Here we are. It’s not a castle, but I swear it is a nice place to live. You will get used.

Seven had been silent throughout the journey. She was not angry with kaito, she was angry with his brother. And with Ace. They would have to find a way to get her out of that hell, they would have to care about her.

Seven: I’m used to live in the crap.

Kaito: Seven…You’ll be fine here. You’re with us now.

He smiled, he knew how much she suffered. She had the right to be angry. But he also knew that every single member of the clan tried everyday to take her away from that hospital, without any success. 

They entered the house by an external staircase, coming directly upstairs . Kaito showed Seven her room, it was the largest one. Daryl brought there some of her stuff, including some posters from her old room in Pounawea, to make her feel at home.

Kaito: “And this is my room. And Ace’s…He’s not here now, don’t get wet”

Seven: “Fuck you. You know what? I will sleep in this room tonight. I want to pee on the asshole’s bed”

Kaito shook his head as he walked downstairs.

Kaito: “That’s the kitchen. And on that table we usually play majong…or poker. We’re bored most of the time, Daryl don’t let us do anything dangerous for the moment, the police is still looking for us. Ace bought two clubs in Osaka, he’s trying to raise some money and make bussinesses with the local gangsters. He’s always away from home, but Nike keeps me company.

Seven: “Jesus, Nike lives with us? Where is she!? And oh…This kitchen sucks.”

Sitting at the dining table, in the dark, there was Daryl. He was smoking a cigarette, he didn’t say a word.

Kaito: “Yes, she’s sleeping upstairs in her room. She’s drunk as fuck…And…yes. Daryl is here…Hello Daryl?”

Daryl: “Hi sister…”

Seven: “I don’t want to talk to you. Stay away from me.”

Kaito: “He just wanted to see y..”

Daryl: “Doesn’t matter. Goodnight.”

He left the house without looking at her sister’s face. Seven’s eyes were covered with tears of anger.


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Insanity Clan’s house - Osaka - 1.45 a.m - CHAPTER 12

Nike: I don’t understand…This doesn’t have any sense.

The Clan just had a tense conversation about what happened at the Heaven’s Night. Seven got furious, Ace almost broke his hands punching the wall, and Daryl had not said a word.

Kaito: It has. And it’s a fucking mess…Jesus…Did you see Daryl? He was fucking shaking, I have never seen him scared. That fucker has threatened to kill Rogue and the baby…And we don’t know what to do, to protect them…To protect us

Nike: Hey…We’ll find a solution. We just need to calm down…we are strong enough to face this problem. 

She gently put her hands on Kaito’s back, and then she hugged him slowly.

Kaito: You’re not even part of the Clan…Nike. You should leave, now, and never come back.

Nike: Do you see these socks? I’m wearing Seven’s socks. This means I’m officially part of the Clan. 

Kaito: I’m confused…?

Nike: Hell Kaito, do you think Seven would ever give her socks to a stranger?? She let me wear them, because she’s the boss and she decided I’m cool enough to be part of this group. Ok? It’s so obvious!

She was clearly trying to lighten the mood with some humor, Kaito looked worried, and she didn’t know any other way to let him feel better. She was pretty useless to the Clan, this was the truth. But she never would have abandoned them, expecially now that they were all in danger. 

Anyway, Kaito not even smiled.

Kaito: Seven is not the b…

She suddenly kissed him.

Nike: You are forcing me to use the hard way, hm?

He held her tightly in his arms, kissing her passionately, and then placing his lips on her forehead.

Kaito: I just…would like to know how to protect my friends, and to…protect you. 

Nike: You’re doing it right now.


Minami Bar - Osaka - 4.20 p.m - CHAPTER 2

Kaito and Seven went to pay a visit to Nike. She works at the Minami Bar, in the little kiosk outside the local. When they arrived, Ace was there. He owns the Bar, so sometimes he comes there to check if everything is ok.

Ace: “Seven…You’re back.”

He had never returned home during Seven’s first week at the warehouse. He imagined that she was angry with him, so he had avoided any contact with her.

Seven: “Don’t be so surprised, please. You’re running away from me, everyone knows. Coward.”

She was drinkin a beer, trying to not punch him in the face.

Kaito: “I hid all the weapons, I can assure you that Seven has no access to anything sharp. Come home every now and then.”

Ace: “Good, I think I’ll come home tomorrow…Yukari has left for Paris this morning, business.”

Kaito: “Yukari, yeah….About that…”

Kaito had not yet had the opportunity to warn Seven. Yukari was new Ace’s girlfriend, things between them were quite serious.

Seven: “Who’s Yukari…? No wait, let me guess. A Japanese cunt.” 

Ace was trying to hide the embarrassment, the relationship between him and Seven had never been clear, and he had not seen her for a whole year. He did not know if the fact that he was dating another woman could be a problem for her, after all that time.

Ace: “Stay cool. She’s not a whore, she is a lawyer. And she’s my girlfriend…”

Seven: “And I should give any fucks?”

Kaito: “Seven…”

Kaito was hoping to instantly vanish from there.

Seven got up from the table, directed to the kiosk, where Nike obviously had peeked at the scene from the counter.

Seven: “You should have told me”

Nike: “I a…am sorry Sev. I thought you didn’t care about him anymore…He’s the usual asshole and you…”

Seven: “And I what? I’ve been in a psychiatric hospital for a year, AGAIN? I’ve been abandoned by my brother, that took his whore out of prison, giving not shit about his sister? Yeah, you’re right. I don’t care about him anymore, I don’t care about anyone here.”

Nike: “Sev…What the fuck? Come here!“

She was already jumping on Kaito’s car and aiming to the warehouse. 

Nike: “WAIT, I’m coming with you!”


To be continued…


シャープ Nightclub‘s privè  -  3.40 a.m  - Osaka - CHAPTER 4

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Seven: This drink sucks, as your new hair color, KAITO!

Kaito: It’s your sixth drink, I suppose you like it, and you said that my hair is cool before the third one. AND stop screaming!

Seven was already tipsy. The party was a success, it was even difficult to walk through the crowd. Kaito had finished “his job” earlier than planned, Daryl had come with him, but he was waiting outside the club. He knew that his sister would not appreciate her sudden appearance. 

Seven: YOU ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! And your face is yelling me that Daryl is here. Stop pretending otherwise!

Ace: Aaaah, she tries to appear smart even when she’s drunk as fuck. Adorable! 

Seven: Fuck you. Where is NIKE? I need to smoke something good, NOW

Her arm was around Ace’s shoulders. She was clearly trying to annoy him, he tried all the night to stay away from any girl , even though he was costantly surrounded by flirty teenagers. It seemed that his relationship with Yukari was pretty serious. Seven was terribly disappointed.

Ace: I saw her outside the club, she’s talking with Daryl.

He lit a cigarette as he continued to control from the privè that everything was going smoothly at the club.

Seven: OH REALLY? I should go talk with him.

Ace: No, you should stay here. Talk with him when you’re not drunk.

Seven: I’m boreeeeeed. I should try to hook up with an attractive guy! I’m sexy!

Now she was suddenly trying to cross her legs with sensuality, without success.

Kaito: And the bitch mode is activated…Yay…


Ace: Oh my god…

To be continued….

(This chapter will be a looooong chapter lol)


Insanity Clan’s house - 7.20 pm - Osaka - CHAPTER 5

Nike: I’m hungry

Seven: We seriously need a butler…Where is Kaito?

Nike: I have no idea, but there is a lovely butterfly here!

Seven: I don’t think so…It’s just smoke. Yeah…It’s just smoke.

The music was way too loud, police siren was howling in the street, a couple of stray cats would not stop mating under the window. A normal scenario at the warehouse.

Nike: Sev….I want to come back home

Seven: Don’t even try to leave this house.

Nike: I’m here just because I wanted to stay with Kaito…But he’s clearly too busy. You know…Strippers, kawaii asian teens, lap dancers…

Seven coughed, before letting dangle her head forward. 

Seven: Jeez, this shit is giving me headache

Nike: Are you listening to me?

Seven: No

Nike: What a jerk! No more free weed for you


“Ace with moustache would be entertaining. I should tell him, that he should have moustache. Maybe on May 15. I’m going to see him again, after two years…I’m going to see them all. I don’t know I feel about it. But I miss Ace, I miss the clan.”

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Insanity Clan’s Refuge - Willow Creek - 15.48

Seven: Again with that western crap? Really?

Ace: Shut up,that hat is surely crappier than this movie.

Seven: WHAT? This hat is freaking badass, I’m freaking badass, ok?

Ace: Yeah…Actually, you’re really sexy today.

Seven: Oh well thanks…

Ace: Now kiss me. I deserve it. And please don’t be too passionate, your forked tongue almost killed me last time.

Seven: …