insanity clan legacy


シャープ Nightclub‘s privè - 4.30 - Osaka - CHAPTER 4 - part 3

Read part 1 and 2 first.

Kaito: Someone is not having fun tonight, eh?

Nike: I’m just tired. Can we go home?

Kaito: Why should we go home? It’s just 4.30 and I’m still sober. Plus, I hooked up with two asian strippers!

Nike: Barman? Two more tequilas please!

Kaito: Hey hey, are you seriously jelous? You can’t be mad at me, we’re not engaged

Nike: I’m not jealous! Find Seven and let’s go home.

Kaito: But I s…



Insanity Clan’s house - 7.20 pm - Osaka - CHAPTER 5

Nike: I’m hungry

Seven: We seriously need a butler…Where is Kaito?

Nike: I have no idea, but there is a lovely butterfly here!

Seven: I don’t think so…It’s just smoke. Yeah…It’s just smoke.

The music was way too loud, police siren was howling in the street, a couple of stray cats would not stop mating under the window. A normal scenario at the warehouse.

Nike: Sev….I want to come back home

Seven: Don’t even try to leave this house.

Nike: I’m here just because I wanted to stay with Kaito…But he’s clearly too busy. You know…Strippers, kawaii asian teens, lap dancers…

Seven coughed, before letting dangle her head forward. 

Seven: Jeez, this shit is giving me headache

Nike: Are you listening to me?

Seven: No

Nike: What a jerk! No more free weed for you


シャープ Nightclub‘s privè  -  3.40 a.m  - Osaka - CHAPTER 4

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Seven: This drink sucks, as your new hair color, KAITO!

Kaito: It’s your sixth drink, I suppose you like it, and you said that my hair is cool before the third one. AND stop screaming!

Seven was already tipsy. The party was a success, it was even difficult to walk through the crowd. Kaito had finished “his job” earlier than planned, Daryl had come with him, but he was waiting outside the club. He knew that his sister would not appreciate her sudden appearance. 

Seven: YOU ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! And your face is yelling me that Daryl is here. Stop pretending otherwise!

Ace: Aaaah, she tries to appear smart even when she’s drunk as fuck. Adorable! 

Seven: Fuck you. Where is NIKE? I need to smoke something good, NOW

Her arm was around Ace’s shoulders. She was clearly trying to annoy him, he tried all the night to stay away from any girl , even though he was costantly surrounded by flirty teenagers. It seemed that his relationship with Yukari was pretty serious. Seven was terribly disappointed.

Ace: I saw her outside the club, she’s talking with Daryl.

He lit a cigarette as he continued to control from the privè that everything was going smoothly at the club.

Seven: OH REALLY? I should go talk with him.

Ace: No, you should stay here. Talk with him when you’re not drunk.

Seven: I’m boreeeeeed. I should try to hook up with an attractive guy! I’m sexy!

Now she was suddenly trying to cross her legs with sensuality, without success.

Kaito: And the bitch mode is activated…Yay…


Ace: Oh my god…

To be continued….

(This chapter will be a looooong chapter lol)


Insanity Clan’s house - 7.20 pm -  CHAPTER 3

Seven: Could you please shut up, Ace?

Ace: Could you please stop being a drama queen?

Seven: Could you please go fuck your self?

Nike: You two are super annoying.

Ace: Be careful girl, I could not invite you to my epic party at the club tonight. And you know…There are so many kids looking for drugs there. I can already see you swimming in a bath of money. Or wait… Could be another drug dealer the one in the tub.

Nike: I got it. You’re not annoying at all, Ace.

Ace: Good girl.

Seven: I thought you were on my side!

Nike: You don’t have any money.

Seven: Bitch.

Nike: Come at the party tonight. I need a bodyguard, Kaito is with Daryl tonight, I think they’re going to punch some japaneses in the balls. Like old times. Isn’t it awesome?

Seven: I would have come anyway. I want to annoy Ace. I can already imagine him walking through the club with his elegant suit, acting like the king of the world…

Ace: Please stay at home.

Seven: No.

– Last member of the Insanity Clan –

Name: Ace

Profession: Weapons dealer,business magnate.

Particular Signs&Background: He own all the disco,poker clubs and pubs of Midnight Hollow. Through his job,he met many criminals and dangerous men that provide to him the weapons for the clan. He’s also a “playboy”,but he has a really bad temper.

——–Other Members of the Clan:

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Name: Kaito

Profession: Assassin,knives and blades lover.

Particular Signs&Background: He is the last entry of the Insanity Clan. Usually he prefer to work alone,but he joined the clan without any esitation when he realized how strong and well-organized were the components of the group. He’s a sneaky and cold person,he kills his victims with a surgical precision,this is why he prefer sharp blades instead of guns.

———-Other Members of the Clan:

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Name: Rogue

Profession: Thief. Member of the Insanity Clan

Particular Signs&Background: She’s the most beautiful and sexy woman of Midnight Hollow,but she has a little problem: She robbed half of the districts of the city. With her velvety hands and her stealthy step,she’s pratically
inaudible. Her untamed soul and her pretty face have bewitched all the male components of the clan.

——— Other Members of the clan:

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Name: Daryl (Seven’s Brother)

Profession: Assassin,Boss of the “Insanity Clan”

Particular Signs&Background: A genial mind combined with an insane cruelty. His every move is part of a strategic plan,everything have to be perfect,everything have to go as he imagined it. He’s the wiser member of the clan,and under his guide,they never failed.

———Other Members of the Clan:

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Name: Seven

Profession: Sniper. Co-Boss of the “Insanity Clan”.

Particular signs: Totally mad. Creepy laugh. According to residents of Midnight Hollow, the devil dwells within her.


First sim created for Midnight Hollow. I decided to start writing a “story” set in this new scenery,and Seven is one of the main protagonists. It will be difficult for me,because I can’t speak a perfect english,so writing something with a sense is very very very hard lol I can write very well in my language,I study Journalism at the University,so I could do better If I can write in Italian x) But I’ll try to do a good work. I’ll post the first Chapter maybe in a week :) In the meanwhile,I’ll introduce you the other characters of the story. Stay tuned!

—–Other Members of the Clan:

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“Ace with moustache would be entertaining. I should tell him, that he should have moustache. Maybe on May 15. I’m going to see him again, after two years…I’m going to see them all. I don’t know I feel about it. But I miss Ace, I miss the clan.”

                                             —- insanity clan’s legacy coming back soon.—-


Pounawea - 3.00 a.m

It was a cold,but quiet night,so Ace decided to take a ride with his new motocycle. Seven had seen him leaving his room, so she had joined the small night tour.

Seven: Woooo let’s go kill someone!

Ace: Sit down, I will not be responsible for your death, Daryl would go crazy.

Seven: You don’t care about me,you just don’t want to take a bullet in the head from my brother eh?

Ace: I care about you…You stupid…

Seven smiled. Did not even know why that answer made ​​her feel so good.


Seven: It was…Fun.

Ace: Yes,yes…I’m glad you have come me, I mean … you’re a good company.

Seven: Thanks. Seems you like to hear my screams.

Ace slowly approached to Seven’s face, he knew he was going to do something he would regret, but everything that night was suggesting to do so.

Ace: I like you Seven.

He hesitated a moment before kissing her, but she did not seem upset at all. She knew this had to happen. She wanted to do it from a long time. She did not know exactly what love was, but what she felt for ace was certainly more than just friendship. It was a slow and intense kiss,full of repressed feelings. When it was all over, Ace brought his lips to Seven’s forehead gently.

Ace: This was…

Seven: Wrong. Totally wrong. Maybe I should…Maybe…I should go inside. I’m really…sleepy.

Ace was expected that kind of reaction. Seven was Seven. She was scared by any kind of positive emotion.

Ace: Ok…I…I’ll make another ride.


Sorry for my crappy english. And…OOOOOH YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS


Insanity Clan’s Refuge - Willow Creek - 15.48

Seven: Again with that western crap? Really?

Ace: Shut up,that hat is surely crappier than this movie.

Seven: WHAT? This hat is freaking badass, I’m freaking badass, ok?

Ace: Yeah…Actually, you’re really sexy today.

Seven: Oh well thanks…

Ace: Now kiss me. I deserve it. And please don’t be too passionate, your forked tongue almost killed me last time.

Seven: …