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When Magnus and Percy meet, I want Percy to just go “So you’re the newest victim of a prophecy. Lemme tell you this now - them gods will never leave you alone.”
“Percy that’s not encouraging.”
“I’m just giving him the cold, hard truth. You’re screwed Magnus. There is no way out of this.”


Just a coloring practice because I’m getting rusty 😌 and I’m trying to get my old art style back or to mix it with the new one? I’m so uncomfortable when it looks slightly different 😣 so Becca’s my study for this

She is dazzling in gold, literally I used gold to shade her hair 😂

Becca is @playchoices‘ the artwork’s mine

Edit : detailed

 Ardyn is a tricky, theatrical creature and was already messing with Noctis’s head way before the end of Chapter 11. I believe that he makes himself look like Prompto and vice versa as early as the  "time stitch".

Shortly after the time freeze,  Noctis turns around and suddenly sees Ardyn standing there. But it was actually Prompto innocently talking about the weather when his best friend loses his goddamn mind and tries to murder him. 

This entire train sequence was Noctis attacking Prompto, not Ardyn. Take note of the weird, off kilter dialogue during the chase and ‘Ardyn’s’ different voice dictation. Poor Prompto was begging for Noctis’s mercy the entire time. And no matter how violent Noctis got, his loyal friend never retaliated. 

Fake Prompto then wakes Noctis up and they both fight the Niflheim along side each other. This leads to the top of the train where he sees Ardyn holding Prompto up when it’s really the other way around. And thus Noctis is tricked into shoving his poor best friend off the train.

Knowing of Prompto’s past now, just imagine how devastating and insane that whole chase scene must have looked from his perspective!

  • Chase Chrisley: I'm 16 and want a tattoo.
  • Todd Chrisley: people in hell want ice water, that don't mean the gonna get it.
  • Chase: I'm 18 so I should be able to come home whenever I want.
  • Todd: as long as you are living under my roof like hell you won't. The only thing open at 2 am are emergency rooms and girls legs, and you won't be found in either.
  • And my favorite!
  • Todd: talking to his oldest son, "How in the hell did you get a girl pregnant with something that small! I am ashamed."
  • My favorite family!
Mother Knows Best, LMM/Reader

Prompt: The Oscars’ luncheon breeds a new relationship for Lin.

Words: 2,450 (Good LORD)

Author’s Note: I’ve been looking for some smaller things to write as I gear up for the write-a-thon, and Lin was tweeting about the Oscars’ Luncheon. Got a bit of an inspiration. (Y/M/N) = Your Mother’s Name. I know that some people don’t have mothers but this prompt required a parental figure. Feel free to change it to anyone you want!

Warnings: General lack of knowledge as to what happens at an Oscar Luncheon.

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“I’ve never even heard of this.” You sigh into your phone, your publicist trying to maintain an even and calm tone with you. “I mean, yeah, any day I get to stand in the same room as Meryl Streep you can count me in.”

“Amazing! I’ll get in touch with your stylist-” You allowed the eccentric woman to go off about a list of her duties as you boarded your subway, weaving through bodies to find an empty spot next to the handrail.

“Nothing too insane. This is a luncheon, I’m not meeting the queen.”

“This is the Oscars, Y/N! No one will be in a sweatshirt and Levis!”

You certainly wish you could be.

The past year has been a bit of a whirlwind for you - interviews and movie offers and an Oscar nomination. Everything was still very new to you - you had never even gone on a talk show until just a few months ago. A year ago you were struggling to pay rent and scraping together money to be able to feed both you and your dog.

Then a once in a lifetime chance came your way and you jumped on it before you could blink.

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paranoid-borderline-insane  asked:

Chase and Blaine being the kind of guys who are grossed out by period sex and make a face when you suggest it. It's only until they come in to grab something from the bathroom while you're in the shower, you sitting on the shower floor with your dildo being thrust in and out of you, blood pooling under you and going down the drain, that they strip their clothes and start helping you pump the dildo into you while they hastily jerk themselves to their full hardness. 1/2

2/3 As soon as Chase is fully hard, he looks at your flushed body, head tilted back against the tiles, and he replaces the dildo with himself and enjoys the immediate lubrication. Blaine is still a little nervous. He just looks at you and you hold his wrist and say ‘this is enough for me if you don’t want to go further’. Seeing your blown pupils, Blaine pulls the shower head down and roughly swipes his fingers through the centre of your thighs, cleaning as much blood away as he can

3/3 The shower head + Blaine’s rough swipes past your clit make you slide down the shower wall until Blaine picks you up and sits you in his lap, the shower head now laying forgotten on the floor. His head throws back at the slickness of your walls and your foreheads rest against each others as he anxiously pulls you across his cock. After you both cum, Blaine gets the shower head and cleans you both off, starting to grimace at the blood until he looks at your sleepy face leaning on his shoulder

Y’all always want period sex and here it is in spades hahah - Gen 

Moaning Monday™

Gorillaz interview with Spex Magazine, May/June 2017

I really enjoyed this interview but I couldn’t find it anywhere in English. I wanted to share this with you so I translated it from German and since English isn’t my first language I hope you can forgive me if there are some mistakes.

(This took me several hours so I hope you enjoy it! :) )

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so I had an insane dream I need to write it down I have so many new headcanons so imagine if you will:

-fahc who play a ‘most dangerous game’ , gents vs lads, every year to stay sharp, it doesn’t happen annually, just whenever they all agree they haven’t done many intense jobs in a few weeks
-honestly it’s just them running around and catching one way flights and trying to see if they can outrun the other team
-it’s a week of chaos around the world, Gavin likes to make a big show of where he is, same with Michael, so they feel like there’s a challenge, Jeremy just likes to fly somewhere and disappear completely
-Jack usually goes off and hunts Jeremy, trying to follow his fading trail through some backwoods town in Canada
-Ryan hunts Gavin, extremely annoyed by him hacking into the entirety of the Times Square billboards to make them have pictures of Gav’s golden sunglasses
-Geoff hunting Michael, because he just likes to see if he can get him before Michael blows up whatever city he’s in, basically Michael uses this as a way to see how many ways he can decimate a city skyline
-Overall I just want it to come down to an insane chase within giant factories, the hunter barreling down hallways and the lad a few rooms down, climbing around into vents to find their escape
-This goes with any ship and I love it
-Jerevin? have them hide out together where Jeremy stays completely hidden and Gavin gives them away every two seconds.
-Mavin? Those two fucks blow up everything and crash seemingly every car they can find, cops basically just watch in terror.
-Micheoff? Geoff is chasing Michael as Michael plays around with him what more do you n e e d??
-B-Team could provide backup for the gents, sending them any information they can find, like flights the lads might have taken
-one time the lads all led the gents to one spot and when they realized what had happened Ryan lost his shit and almost broke his hand punching a nearby wall, basically it gets very intense

Happy Birthday Noor!

You are one of my biggest inspirations and I am constantly in awe of your work, it’s amazing. You are also a GEM OF A PERSON and I am so excited to see what you come up with over the next year!

I percabeth’d because that’s how I first got to know your art <3 <3 aah, zine memories…

The Bat’s Friends

Prompt:  Can i have a Joker(jared leto) smut please!A dirty smut x3 The Joker falls in love with the reader(who is a friend of batman).So she is a little haltingly at first because he’s the “ennemi” but then she can’t resist anymore and join the “dark” side.

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Kidnapping, smut, sex, curse words, cummies.

Word Count: 1.3k

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All the tease videos Lenkov posted on IG about S7 Finale:

Danno takes Charlie at work with him, Chibby gets hot, Steve’s mysterious gift, the insane chasing/rescue scene, Kono in deep thoughts and the party at McG’s to celebrate Jerry’s badge, also who is torturing little Charlie? 

aden17ventos  asked:

I hate doing this because insomnia, so here I go: Angel by vicetone for tony side when he got tire of being hurt he became a villain, because if the ex Avengers treats him a villain, he'll be the villain

Something in my eye….*sobs*  My ooor, pining son…

I can’t remember when you hurt me so bad
But now the tables turn, apocalypse is coming
I can’t remember when you left me so sad
But in the end I learned it rains in hell and angels could be bad

Oh God I’m going insane
But I know I’m just living on a prayer
I see your heart watching away
And that’s how you left me in the cold

Oh God I’m going insane
Chasing after you, please don’t leave me
I see your heart watching away
Better run, better run