“I-I didn’t kill anybody… it was all a joke!  R̸͚̫̗͈̒i̴̱̘͛̾̆̀g̷̪̔̊̓͐͌ḩ̵̯͇̏̓ͅt̶͚̫̫͗̊̐̑͜?̶̧̬͔̆

The Colonel William Wilford Warfstach

A man now distorted and broken. A man gone insane and is now suffering from grandure delusions and hallucinations. A man who now believes death to be a pratical joke. A man who is still good but now dangerous. 

goddamn you @markiplier I did not asked to be stabbed in the heart like this.

I’m really proud of this picture and just wanted to reupload it just cuz. Thank you everyone that’s showed it some love already! It really means a lot to me! ❤
Please do not edit or repost.

—– “Jack?” “You have to wake up.” “Jack!” “Wake up!” I LOVE how this turned out. I really like horror art and dramatic camera angels and I really wanted to try one out for myself. This song was a really big inspiration for this picture. I think I’m gonna do some more of this style.

Dedicated Recovery

Skills and Coping Strategies

Rejection and Acceptance

Emotion Management