Seeing @samsmithworld slay the stage with his incredible presence was the most beautiful way to spend my first night back in the city. Nothing better than being surrounded by the people I love and the music that inspires me. I am so happy that I got to meet him and chat a little. Until next time! #samsmith #websterhall #riffslikebutter #insanetalent

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UNDERTALE AU (looking for a name for it)

Frisk falls into mount Ebott a few Hours later is Air lifted to the hospital and is treated for severe head trauma and several broken bones, and after several months, is diagnosed with schizophrenia and admitted into the juvenile psychological ward in Ebott hospital. After a few months doctors find a way to treat Frisk, And they have to come to the conclusion that none of the passed time ever really happened. Their only real comfort is their stuffed doll Chara. It doesn’t help that Frisk see reminders of the “underground” everywhere


Real Name: Teria Dremuure
Age: ~40
Loves to bake.
Lost both children at young age.


Real Name: Sanson Aster
Age: 17
Condition: Severe depression, covers it with dark humor.
Currently under investigation for death of W.D. Aster.
Gaster Blaster really Gas tanks/hair spray flame throwers.


Real name: Pablo “Papy” Aster
Age: 15
Condition: ADHD, Depression, delusional.
Has a habit of yelling.


Real Name: Diana
Age: 16
Condition: Mental retardation,ADHD, delusional
Also has a habit of yelling.
Jumps on tables a lot


Real name: Anna
Age: 15
Condition: Social anxiety, Addicted to cartoons, suicidal
Murdered and maimed several pets.
Has a started thinking Diana romaticlie, one sided.


Real name: Alan Richson / Florence Richson
Age: 12
Condition: Dissociative personality disorder, Driving personality “Florence” Noted to be homicidal and has sociopathic traits.
Blond and wears a green straight jacket.


Real Name: Frisk
Gender: Female (Hermaphrodite) likes neutral pronouns due to this.
Age: 8
Condition: schizophrenia, Possibly D.P.D.  
Chara is name of Frisk’s stuff doll,they never leave their room without it.
Developed disorders after falling down a cliff face on Mt. Ebott.
Started new medication, possibly working

An AU i am working on along with a story, don’t have a title since AsylumTale is taken, Might go with InsanityTale….or something IDK. Maybe you can leave an AU title Idea?