I am literally dying on the inside rn because the most gorgeous person I’ve ever seen in my entire life smiled and winked at me in Walgreens just now and I can’t stop blushing or thinking about it


So are we never going to talk about this adorable ending scene to the DS version of Into The Inferno? Because the alternate Kataang ending is pretty darn cute.


Pls watch this insanely adorable video of Ganon loudly slurping water

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dude your art is insane i totally adore your choice of colors wow u r my idol

WheeZESSS OMG thank you soo muchh!!!! 😭💕💕💕💕💕

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america loves trying new russian food and ivan is always happy to cook for him, granted that he'll receive enough compliments to even out alfred's comments about how strange the food looks like

This is insanely adorable
Culture sharing is a really fantastic way for them to bond

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Dear person I like,

Dear person I like,

You are incredibly insanely cute and adorable and nice and tough and talented and tbh all sorts of good things I wish I had the guts to say but don’t because lmao you gotta draw a line somewhere- but since we’re here- WOW *will.smith.pose* - HOLY FUCKLOOK AT THIS PERSON AND HOW AMAZING AND BADASS AAND HOW MUCH OF ADORKT HEY ARE OMFG

bless you for existing and being a friend- you deserve all the good things to happen to you~<3