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Dating Jeff Atkins Would Include:

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  • Nervous!Jeff when he asks you out 
  • I’m talking like blushing, stuttering, playing with his hand, nervous
  • The tables turning, and Clay giving him advice because he’s known you longer
  • hICkiEs
  • Studying together and getting “distracted”
  • He treats you like a queen (and calls you it)
  • “queen” and “king” being your names in your phones
  • Calling you “babygirl”, “princess”, “my girl”, “beautiful”
  • Calling him “handsome”, “babyboy”, “my boy”
  • Saying “I love you” like a million times a day
  • Cuddles
  • PDA
  • Him talking taking pictures of you at random times ‘cause you’re beautiful
  • Being everyone’s favourite couple
  • Wearing his jersey 
  • Wearing all his clothes really
  • Supporting him at all his games
  • Being insanely protective of each other 
  • Listening to music in bed together
  • Him loving when you read to him
  • Your first time being really slow and passionate
  • Carrying your books for you
  • You get jealous so easily
  • Jeff doesn’t (cause basically every guy knows not to try anything)
  • So many kisses (nose, forehead, neck, passionate, angry, lust-filled, shoulder)
  • Him basically living at your house
  • Your parents love him so it doesn’t really matter
  • Movie marathons 
  • Heated makeout sessions (which Clay usually ends up interrupting)
  • Cute morning texts (“Good morning Beautiful”)
  • Loving to play with your hair
  • Hugs from behind
  • Heart eyes motherfucker
  • Sing obnoxiously loud in your car
  • Nuzzling his face into your neck
  • Binge-watching shows together
  • Being a seemingly innocent couple but you’re both lowkey kinky af
  • Both going to the same college after you graduate (BECAUSE HE DOESN’T DIE!!!)

A/N: Okay, so I may have gone a little overboard but I fucking love Jeff okay? Requests are open.

So with the NHL not going to the 2018 Olympics, here’s what we, as fans, have to look forward to:

1. Top draft picks might look into the NCAA through the 2017-18 season, at least through the Games.
2. Players currently in the KHL, who may have been contemplating a jump to the NHL, might now put those plans on hold.
3. Fringe players on expiring NHL contracts could make the move over to another league, like the Swiss League.
4. The 2020 lockout might as well be written into the rule book, because I can’t see it not happening.

But, you know, some of the owners are happy. So we really shouldn’t complain.

ASOIAF MEME: Wenda the White Fawn and the Kingswood Brotherhood

The Kingswood Brotherhood was an infamous outlaw organization during the reign of King Aerys II. Operating out of the Kingswood, the Brotherhood gained recognition by kidnapping several nobles and evading early attempts to capture them. Ultimately, they became such a nuisance that King Aerys sent a detachment of soldiers led by notable members of the Kingsguard to destroy them. Lord Sumner Crakehall and his two squires, Jaime Lannister and Merrett Frey, were also part of the retinue, led by Ser Arthur Dayne.

The Brotherhood was sheltered by the smallfolk of the Kingswood, preventing the royal forces from finding and ending the outlaws. However, Ser Arthur Dayne gained the confidence of the smallfolk, who had believed that the only ones protecting their rights was the Brotherhood. Arthur petitioned the king for better rights for the smallfolk and he made sure the royal forces paid for any items they took from the peasantry. Arthur’s actions swung the allegiance of the smallfolk to the royal forces who could now hunt the Brotherhood, as the outlaws could no longer walk around with impunity in the forest.

In a notable clash, the young Jaime Lannister, Ser Arthur Dayne, and Ser Barristan Selmy faced off against several notable outlaws, including the Smiling Knight and their leader, Simon Toyne. Barristan killed Simon, while Arthur killed the Smiling Knight. Jaime regards the battle, in which he crossed swords with the Smiling Knight, as one of his fondest memories.

Other members of the Brotherhood included Wenda the White Fawn, Oswyn Longneck the Thrice Hanged, Big Belly Ben, Fletcher Dick and Ulmer. All members are presumed dead except Ulmer, who joined the Night’s Watch to avoid execution.

The Witcher 3 Is Amazing

God I love “The Witcher 3” so much. After my last reblog I decided to go back and watch some clips on YouTube and ended up finding loads of stuff I never saw before. There are countless dialogues and scenes that a vast majority of people would never see but CD Projekt Red still put them in on the slight chance that someone would find them.

For example: If you still have the mark from Gaunter O’Dimm when you travel to Touissant, there is a scene where Regis comments on it and asks about it. Even though most people would have been done with Hearts of Stone and had the mark removed they still put that in the game. Also, if you don’t go meet O’Dimm at the Crossroads after he saves you and instead go straight to Olgeird, Gaunter will be sitting up in a tree waiting for you and asking why you didn’t do as he asked. Or if you a small village on the island of Faroe in Skellige before the quest “Following the Thread” (The Lambert one) you can save the villagers that Hammond has kidnapped and is trying to sell as slaves. Most people would have started Lambert’s quest long before then but on the off chance that they hadn’t then you able to get a different outcome. Hell, you can even ask Fringilla Vigo about Cantarella if you stil have that quest active once you rescue her.

CD Projekt Red knows that most people are going to do as they are told but on the slight chance that people don’t they have options for them as well just so that those people remain immersed. It is things like those that are the reason that I have completed the game four times and will likely do another playthrough in the future. Even as succesfull as “The Witcher 3″ was I still feel that it doesn’t get enough credit for things like this. CD Projekt Red is definitely the best and my favorite game developer out there. The fact that I only bought the game for $25 dollars on a PlayStation Store sale makes me so sad as it has become my favorite game of all time and my favorite franchise of anything, not just games. They honestly deserve so much more for this amazing game. If “Cyberpunk 2077″ is even half as good as “The Witcher 3″ then if will be phenomenal. I’m super excited to see what CD Projekt Red does in the future and I hope that they become even more widely acclaimed as the best game developers out there. :) 

PS: I hope that made sense. I tend to ramble when I get talking about The Witcher. It’s just so damn amazing!

Happy easter!

I was originally going to draw the Grand Slams as well but I simply don’t have the time to do so.


“Let Ian Choose Your Tattoo.” // Nerve 2016


“You Got It.” // Nerve 2016