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Confession:  I’m going to be utterly pissed if Cerberus gets shoehorned into Andromeda. They are by far the most cancerous thing in the Mass Effect canon. The story has to bend over backwards to provide the organization with endless freebies in order to make them a threat. Despite making up only a tiny fraction of the weakest Council race (economically and militarily speaking) they’re somehow able to pull fleets right out of their ass, wage war on multiple fronts, take control of the Terminus, and even  launch attacks on the Citadel and a secret military base on fucking Sur'Kesh. This is like treating the IRA as a group that could simultaneously take on the USA, Russia, China and the EU. It’s utterly absurd. If the Terminus could be so easily screwed around with, the Turians could have conquered the region by themselves centuries ago. Using Reaper tech as a crutch can only get you so far. Fleets are still insanely expensive to produce, no matter how many colonists you indoctrinate. And the most infuriating part is just how ridiculously prominent they are in the series. They’re in all three games, three of the four novels, four of the five comic series, and they’re even in the Paragon Lost movie. It’s like they’re the personal pet character of one of the writers and he insists on shoving them into everything. It’s just sickening to me that a frankly uninteresting group of terrorists has been given more focus and development than most of the alien races or even Earth itself.

Some context on why this is such an irritating theme in SJW communities:


These jobs are ones you need to learn from hands on experience. Not everyone can do everything. The courses we take give us basic foundations and send us into apprenticeships. If a white girl is unsure on how to a black girl’s makeup, it’s not because she’s racist, its because she cares about her art and her clients and wants to make them look their best. If she can’t do that, any artist with integrity would say “I can’t do this look for you, I don’t know how yet.”

We don’t expect all doctors to be able to do surgery, or specialize in the endless amounts of fields at once, we don’t expect soldiers to know the ins and outs of every single last job that needs to be done by each and every person.

Like, building a makeup kit is INSANELY expensive. A starting MUA kit costs ~$300, and those are the basics. You need foundations for EVERY skin tone, skin type, and skin undertone. That takes time and a LOT of money to build up. I’m sick of actors and others who know nothing about this industry telling us how to do our fucking jobs. It’s a trade; you are constantly learning. Yet if we’re just learning, we’re “racist”. Right.

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Do you know where I could buy some Super Crunchy slime stuff? Most of the stim for me is the noise it makes so I want some LOUD slime if that makes sense! Know anywhere I could get that? (a lot of sellers don't sell to UK though sadly! D: So if you know any who do international shipping if they're US...) If not, what could I use to make that?

I don’t really know any sellers with good international shipping (I ship internationally but it’s insanely expensive ;-;, like $30+ to ship to European countries). There’s a ton of different slimes that make loud noises though. Fluffy slime kind of makes a popping sound when you poke it or fold it (Honey Guts has a great tutorial on her Instagram). You could add different stuff for different sounds, like glitter or floam for crunchyness.

You can always look for YouTube/Instagram videos for ideas too. Hope I somewhat helped, I just don’t know much about loud slimes ;-;

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do you know of some affordable cruelty-free face masks for sensitive combination skin? i need to give my skin some luv :)

probably anything by glossier!!! not insanely expensive but great and cruelty free💕

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The cast of Hamilton are apart of one of the biggest musicals to date, a show that is so phenomenal that tickets are tightly limited and insanely expensive, and yet they are all so precious and remain so humble and grateful to be apart of it and they do the Ham4Ham shows and there's a lottery for people who can't afford full price tickets and they are just so good and pure we do not deserve the cast of Hamilton

It’s fucking insane how expensive dying is. Like, I’ve seen people discuss how expensive medical treatments are, and I’ve personally experienced not being able to go to the doctor because you can’t afford it. But even dying costs so much money. You literally have to either buy an insanely overpriced box to put in the overpriced rectangle of earth, or pay a bunch of money to literally just burn your corpse. We can’t even let people die without worrying about how much it’ll cost their loved ones.

Going Human - DP

Drabble request: more Jack Fenton please!


Jack Fenton sat in the basement, staring at what was supposed to be an interdimensional portal into the afterlife.  Right now, it was just an insanely expensive collection of rare metals, wires, magnets, and computers.  With a frown, Jack sat back in his chair, listening to it groan under his weight. 

They’d tried many times to get it to work.  They’d solved every problem that cropped up.  The mysterious button on the inside neither of them had installed.  The short circuit.  The deleted code.  The missing magnet.  All things that could have been considered sabotage… had there been anyone else on the planet that knew what they were building and how to ruin it in such specific ways.

“I fixed it,” he mumbled to no one in particular.  His wife and business partner was gone on some mother-daughter weekend with their only child, Jazz.  It would been days before they returned.  “It should work this time.”

He’d gone over everything and hadn’t left the portal alone for more than the five minutes it took to make food or go to the bathroom.  Every circuit had been studied.  Every line of code had been scanned.  Every wire had been traced.

Sure, he hadn’t slept in the better part of thirty-something hours, but he knew everything would work this time.  All he had to do was plug it in.

Don’t touch it while I’m gone, Jack, Maddie had said – multiple times – as she packed for the week-long trip.  It’s dangerous and we both need to be here to contain it if it works.

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Dallyn watched as the kids in the class before his packed up their bags and took off, most likely to enjoy their weekends. He couldn’t deny being slightly envious. Sure it had only been the first day of classes but already he was itching to be done so that he could go back to his dorm and get to work. He had at least three commissions to be working on but it hadn’t been worth it to return home after his previous class thanks to the drive.  Thankfully it hadn’t been to long between the end of the class that had been using the room first, to students starting to file in for his own. Dal pulled out the insanely expensive text book he’d purchased for a class he never intended on using in real life and was planning on keeping himself occupied with it until a vaguely familiar voice rang in his ears. His eyes glanced up from his book, to verify that he was crazy, only for him to freeze and grip the pages a little tighter. Surely he hadn’t been sleeping well due to staying up and working as late as he had been. His mind was playing some kind of bizarre trick on him as he took in the image of his ex girlfriend. Dal quickly sunk down in his chair and lifted the book to try and cover his face, feeling like a clueless idiot for the absolute lack of understanding for his own actions. 


I’ve decided I need to write a Wolfstar and Jily Ski Resort AU, in which as per usual James and Sirius are mates from school, and both of their families are staying at their Chalets for the season (James and Sirius are both in their gap years).

Lily is the Chalet girl that the Blacks hire to cook, clean, do everything for them. She’s brilliant at her job but Walburga is always making these snide comments about how she’s common (because she didn’t go to an insanely expensive public school like Cheltenham Ladies or wherever). Sirius loves her right from the off because he’s so mortified by his mother and her fucking classism but Lily just does the PR smile and lets it all roll of her shoulders, then the moment Walburga isn’t looking spits in literally all of her food.

Sirius spends pretty much all his time during the day skiing with James or just chilling with the Potters generally, but at night the two boys are quite into their après-ski shenanigans, and they find this bar they’ve never been to on any of their previous trips to the resort. Enter Remus, one of the bar men at this joint. 

Remus and Lily also went to school together and got hooked on the snow when they had a school trip to this particular resort. They’ve come back to work on every possible occasion since, because it’s the only way they can afford to pursue their joint love of snowboarding. 

Just… gah! The whole gang in a beautiful snowy resort with wooly hats and snowball fights and hot chocolate. And beanies! Remus being that one arsehole who just doesn’t bother with the proper clothing—he just boards in a pair of old jeans and an aran jumper (yeah, you might laugh, my dad did this when he went on a school ski trip. Nutter.), and Sirius has a really slim-fitting black leather ski jacket that is his favourite thing in the world because the Potters got it from him and it looks so badass.

I need to do this. And I need to go skiing again because one school trip like four years ago is not enough…

In the book it’s mentioned that Mason has a very specific cologne that smells like a strong combination of winter green fir and balsam oil. It’s actually really important to his character because everything balsam scents are used for relates to him. 

Balsam is considered the scent of Christ and has been used since ancient times in spiritual ceremonies like anointment. It’s meant to bless and pray protection or healing over sick people. Balsam also has medicinal qualities; most notably helping respiratory function. (Mason is on a respirator in the novel.) 

Mason might use an insanely expensive perfume because of his christian faith and it’s healing qualities, but it also makes him smell exactly like a christmas tree too.

Please remember, before you buy any kind of exotic pet, that vet bills in western countries are insanely expensive, especially for animals that require a specialist (such as birds).
If you can’t afford to buy an animal on your current income, you likely won’t be able to afford the vet bills that may come with it, either. Please consider the animal’s well being, as well as your financial responsibility. Bringing home a pet while knowing you wouldn’t being to foot the bill if the animal becomes sick is not a responsible thing to do, and is a sign that you might not be getting the animal for the right reasons.

 Most people wouldn’t buy a house or a car if they knew they couldn’t afford the monthly expenses. A living animal deserves the same level (if not more) of consideration. They are a commitment.

 An alternate solution: a great pet for folks with a tight or uncertain budget are of the six and eight legged variety–please consider raising bugs if you want a pet but can’t afford vets. Praying mantis, millipedes, spiders, phasmids, etc are all excellent and rewarding animals to keep :D 


悪魔と恋する10日間 Heaven’s Kiss: Summer Beach Gacha

Fashion and story gacha with Kakeru, Shiki, and Satoru

The Prologue comes with the first free spin, and it has MC and the demons (except for Shiki, of course) convincing Kakeru to let them go to the beach.

Getting Kakeru’s two story sections seems insanely, unfairly expensive? Sorry, Kakeru, I can’t afford to get your stories. (´;ω;`)

A dress for your cake topper is reasonably priced. For you? Different story.

5 Insane and Expensive Things Women Don’t (Admit They) Buy

#4. Wedding Dresses (and Weddings in General)
When the “special day” finally arrives, women aren’t shy to spend a small fortune on a dress they’ll wear only once. According to a recent poll, 80 percent of respondents think Americans spend too much on weddings. Only a measly 12 percent feel that we spend a justifiable amount.
The wedding dress is a huge contributor. On average, women spend $2,000 to $5,000 on this otherwise useless garment, and that number isn’t even taking into account alterations, veil, shoes, hair, makeup, and the therapy you’ll need after dealing with the wedding-planning drama.

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