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is it just me or the guy from "The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper" is very coulson-like??? i need smt to be whipped up and presented abt it, preferably with as much words as possible

Well, it sounds like you’re the one to do it, Anon! :D I don’t know if The Strange Disappearance of DB Cooper is a tv show, documentary, movie, or if you’re just referring to the story of DB Cooper – I’m familiar with the story, but I don’t know which retelling you’re referencing. (I googled but “the strange disappearance of DB cooper” is the title of like half of the stuff made about him.)

But to get you thinking, I suspect the resemblance between the DB Cooper sketch and Coulson is not entirely unintentional. Coulson’s character design evokes the Men In Black (the original cryptid version from alien abduction retellings, the Mothman encounters, &etc, not the media franchise), and more generally implies the Anonymous White Bureau-Auto-crat, a man as nondescript as possible because the work he does is as anonymous as possible. He’s meant to be the secret weapon who looks like the cog in the machine. The flat conservative hairstyle, generic white-male face (sorry Clark Gregg, you have a quite attractive generic white-male face), suit, and sunglasses serve the same purpose in both Coulson’s design and DB Cooper’s appearance: to simultaneously present an air of authority and an air of anonymity. I believe the sunglasses were added in Thor, but even in the first Iron Man film he was painted as a dangerous man who intentionally presents as a harmless bureaucrat.

DB Cooper’s insane stunting combined with his total anonymity – we don’t know where he came from or what happened to him – was an exceptionally powerful icon in the seventies especially, when the story dominated the headlines. It’s not out of the question that the image of DB Cooper contributed materially to our culture’s view of the power of anonymity, which in turn influenced Coulson’s character design. 

Attached (sequel to Delirious)

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, smut

First part: Delirious

(second and last part!)

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The morning after wasn’t really what you expected; if you were expecting anything at all. Maybe you half expected him to be distant and regret everything that went down between you. Or maybe you expected him to ignore it completely and carry on as if nothing had ever happened. But the opposite was true. He woke you up early, with a chaste, lingering kiss behind your ear, a hand on your hip, fingertips grazing the skin underneath the hem of your shirt.

“I’ve never woken up so relaxed in my entire life” he murmured softly, pressing his body tighter against your back.

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Imagine if all the ghosts that usually sneak out the portal are all thrill seekers or have an obsession to fulfill or have unfinished business or didn’t really hear about Danny or didn’t believe the rumors or wanted to confirm the rumors for themselves.

Because a ghost? That lives with ghost hunters? Pfft, yeah right, as if. I mean a ghost that hunts other ghosts wouldn’t be strange at all because tada, Skulker! But one that actually lives with ghost hunters and tries to masquerade as a human? What, nah, you’ve gotta be joking. Who would do that?

What if Danny is seen as some sort of standard for daredevils or something to boast about like “Yeah I tried to ride a ghost dinosaur it was wicked” “Oh that’s cute I went over to that aMITY PARK PLACE AND STARTED A FIGHT WITH THAT BATTY GHOST LIVING WITH GHOST HUNTERS AND I’M STILL EXISTING TOP THAT!”



((I mean this also explains why the ghosts that enter the human realm are usually hostile))

Why you should watch Sweet and Vicious

What is this show about ?: Campus rape and two girls who decide to punish the rapists

Who are these girls?:

We have Jules. She alternates between being a stone cold badass that can beat up men twice her size and an awkward lovable dork that’s a bit lost

Then we have Ophelia. A computer nerd and the campus weed dealer

Ophelia lives her own rather comfortable chill life until one night she stumbles upon Jules beating the crap out of a rapist. Their first meeting is intense

Ophelia is immediately intrigued and starts snooping around trying to uncover who is the campus vigilante. She quickly discovers her identity and tries to annoy her. Jules is not amused

This naturally makes Ophelia even more intrigued. She finally breaks down Jules defense and after some really messed up stuff they decide to partner up

Are there any other interesting characters?:

Yes. We have

Kennedy: Jules’s best friend and one of those rare people who really have their life together. She is really worried about Jules who’s been acting suspiciously and is trying her best to take care of her

and Harris: Opehlia’s best friend who just wants to become a lawyer and spends most of his time eye rolling at Ophelia’s insane computer and weed stunts and having her back

I just saw that it’s an MTV show. Please tell me it’s not some dumb humor: Nope. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not some dark drama. There are fun and light moments but they also show how heavy this topis is and how girls are dealing with it

Why isn’t it more popular on tumblr?: Probably due to bad marketing. Not enough people are giving it a chance. Here is the trailer

Seriously watch it. It’s awesome

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This is different tho, bc 2015 you could argue they were combatting kissgate, now they are not. Now you have Karlie with a distasteful bf for no apparent reason, and he could actually harm her. Unless Taylor is getting ready to do something incredibly gay I see no reason for Karlie to be doing this

2015. WAS. WAY. WORSE. All that’s happening now is they aren’t hanging out in public. Just because we aren’t getting s many Kaylor pictures as we want, this is in no way worse (or on the same level). Karlie has been stunting with Josh for years, and now they haven’t been seen together for god knows how long, so although there is a faint connection, it isn’t like she’s out and about with him taking pap pictures.  They’re together so little that people who don’t follow very closely would hardly even know they knew each other. She’s had this distasteful bf since 2012 and has been seen with him less than any other year. Go back to 2015 and tell me how many pap shots you can find of Joshlie.. lol there are probably more on a single stunt day than there has been so far this year. In 2015 we had Calcium, we had Joshlie and most of all, we had the public ridicule of kaylor. They weren’t just stunting, they were actively trying to erase Kaylor from existance online. It wasn’t just stunting to cover up, it was stunting to wash the idea of kaylor out of the fandom. We had the birthday post, the tumblr likes, the insane Tayv!n stunting and weekly Joshlie pap seshes. Plus, we had the entire Swiftie army after us in a way that would be unimaginable to today’s Kaylors. Trust me, 2015 was worse. I can assure you.


No, XXX: Return of Xander Cage. You can’t give me five seconds of “Ruby Rose and Nerdy Girl Flirting” and expect me to forget it happens in a Vin Diesel franchise trailer that makes the Fast & Furious franchise look like high art. I don’t care if they actually hook up (pleaseletthemhookup). I don’t care if they’re both awesomely written characters (pleaseletthembeawesome). I don’t care if it’s this year’s Mad Max, where XXX is just a supporting character to Vin Diesel’s insane macho stunt nonsense.

Actually, I do care about that last one. If it’s that, then I’m going to watch this movie for sure.


Wynonna Earp Appreciation Month: favorite badass moment (2 of 2)
               Hetty? Who the hell did I shoot?

I’m watching behind the scenes of the stunts on Deepwater Horizon and I can’t get over how proud I am of Dylan. He went from doing movies the The High Road to working on these intense movies with Oscar winning actors, performing insane stunts, and being a part of something so powerful and life changing. He’s come so far and I’m so proud of him.

Nigella Lawson playing croquet at a Dangerous Sports Club tea party at the Gloucestershire home of the Dutch Ambassador Robbert Fack in August 1981. According to a Vanity Fair report, the club was “dedicated to formal dress, abundant champagne, and such imaginatively insane stunts as sending a grand piano down the slopes of Saint Moritz or skateboarding with the bulls in Pamplona”.

You know what I’m probably never going to get around to writing any of these, but some headcanons for The Krew because why didn’t they get screentime together in the show:

  • Asami teaching Bolin how to drive because he’s the only one who doesn’t know and Korra and Mako just cheering him on from the sidelines. Asami keeps scolding Bolin for changing the tracks around with his earthbending but is secretly proud of him regardless.
  • Bolin, Korra, and Mako getting together for a one-off tournament special of Pro-Bending and Asami sponsoring them, to celebrate the city’s new redesign and expansion (again)–and they win. Obviously.
  • The four of them going cruising around the city with Asami as the chauffeur, helping Mako on his rounds as a police officer. Mako speeds them up with fire, Bolin makes ramps, Korra enables them to travel on water, and Asami does insane stunts with the car.
  • The four of them having non-bending sparring matches with Asami. She wins every time.
  • Bolin teaching Korra lavabending. Mako teaching Korra lightning (and redirection). Asami teaching Korra how to cope if her bending is ever blocked for some reason or another. The Krew teaching moves to add into their fighting styles.
  • All four of them doing stakeouts to spy on Tenzin. The airkids eventually join them. They’re shocked to see him regularly attending Pro-Bending tournaments.
  • Can we get Mako to laugh day. 
  • The Krew going on tours around the lands after Kuvira’s regime is deconstructed. Cranky Asami from not having her coffee, Korra is still not a morning person, Mako really needs to learn not to take everything so seriously. Bolin bless his heart tries to make them all laugh. 
  • Asami dragging them all around different mechanical shops to gather new material. They all have to carry her stuff.
  • Korra and Bolin challenge them all to eating contents. Mako wins.
  • Korra and Asami come out about their relationship. It’s predictably awkward at first, until it’s Mako who jokes saying about the situation, “wow. My two ex-girlfriends are now dating. Maybe I should consider a career in matchmaking.” 
  • Just them being friends for godsake.

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So if Rung and Rodimus fused do you think it be cute?


This fusion is a fucking anime character.

I had a hard time naming this one but I settled with Rorschach. (Ironically Rorschach studied under Eugen Bleuler. The same person who taught Carl Jung who Rung is named after.)

Rorschach’s personality would fit under the passive aggressive/aggressively nice catagory. Like he’s nice and wants to help but if you’re too humble around him, he’ll lose his temper and threaten your life. He’s not overly powerful or huge. He rather watch anime and try doing insane stunts.


On this day in history, Shane McMahon took on Kurt Angle in a street fight during the June 24, 2001 broadcast of King of the Ring.

This match was voted as one of the Top 10 best matches of the year 2001, probably because of the amount of insane stunts (courtesy of Shane McMahon) and the athleticism shown by both competitors. 

Can’t believe it’s been fourteen years since this match took place.

sexuality, twitter, babygate, management, and louis: a messy rant

Okay. This is just a rant that nobody would probably even read but I’ll give it a shot because I believe there’s no other larries to be found within 50 meter radius of this shithole I’m in and I. Just. Need. To. Say. This. Or else I’ll get even more crazy than I already am.

I have made very little and a tad bit lazy research about the things I’m going to talk about, so my opinions are no way the most credible one out there. I’m just going to voice out what I have known and read from the fandom from the moment I have engaged in this roller coaster that is larry stylinson. I started 2012, if that matters.

I’ll also probably get hated for this but here goes.  


From what I have read and from what I have chosen to believe from the things I’ve read, both of them are bisexual. However, Harry seems to be embracing his sexuality more daringly and freely than Louis. No way to confirm this, I know. But.

Harry never seems to like being correlated with girls in interviews. For example, when OT4 played Never Have I Ever with Ellen, she blatantly threw questions to Harry about Taylor Swift and his history with older women. Harry seemed dismissive and even slightly annoyed (in Harry’s way) by those questions, as he always seem to be whenever his womanizer image is being brought up. I have watched other interviews to support this claim, but I can’t remember exactly where. I myself believe that sexuality cannot be judged simply because of certain stigmatized behaviors. However, I have seen videos and gifs with Harry not “acting” very masculine especially in concerts. I mean, if I’m close-minded and thankfully I’m not, I’d call Harry gay simply because of his behaviors. Moreover, Harry’s the one who seem to be the most supportive of Rainbow Direction, the one running around with rainbow flags, the one carrying a rainbow mug in Drag Me Down music video. In conclusion, I’d say that Harry is definitely sexually fluid and definitely not straight. Plus, I’ve seen Harry’s pictures with his first girlfriend Felicity Skinner, and they looked genuinely happy together.

Louis, on the other hand, seem to know how to play the sexuality games really well. He seem to be more willing to have beards and be a dad. He’s also, unfortunately, to the public eye, slightly homophobic. He’s definitely not as supportive as Harry about Rainbow Direction. For one, I think it’s because Louis is older so he knows how things work in the industry. I’m not saying Harry doesn’t, but Louis’ a couple more years of existence have probably made him aware of how venomous society is when it comes to sexuality. It probably have made him bitter and scared (search: internalized homophobia). In addition, he’s the one who’s been in a long-term relationship with a beard and the one who’s been publicized to be a father soon. I’ve also seen his pictures with his first serious girlfriend, Hannah Walker, and well, it seemed legit. In conclusion, he’s also bisexual.  

Back in the fetus days and when larry stylinson is still allowed to be asked in interviews (I’m not saying it’s not, but I’m throwing a few cents here), Louis seemed to be the more confident one in responding to the question about the fan’s “genuine” belief of their romance.  Harry’s body language is very closed during these moments, but Louis handled the situation a lot better, almost with practice.


Another thing, and this thing I do hate, is Louis’ twitter vomits. I have been discouraged and hurt many times by the things he tweeted concerning larry and the LGBT, but whenever I remember that Louis has a sharp tongue - a tongue that he himself have sharpened because he needed it to defend himself, I forgive him. You know what tweets I’m talking about. Especially the one when he went all gaga when we were so proud of him for wearing a shirt with a rainbow apple. Okay that still hurts. Skip.

There was a time when, whenever I run out of reasons to believe that Larry is real, I remind my self that Louis and Harry have never denied it. But then, after going over Louis’ tweets concerning Larry, that argument felt weak. Because despite not actually mentioning the words confirming that he’s not in a relationship with Harry, the implications of his words/tweets are not far from that. I know management can control their twitter account, but I’ve been following Louis long enough to discern which tweets are his and which ones are for promos. The only consolation is that he haven’t denied it in front of a camera for the world to see. I guess that would be too real, for him, and for us.
When it comes to Larry Stylinson or sexuality, Louis, on one hand, can put on a very convincing mask and make it look like it’s his true self. He can speak lies and make it sound like truths. It’s not meant to hurt anyone, it’s just his way of dealing with the difficulty of his situation. On the other hand, Harry is more reserved. He can’t speak of the truth, but he’s trying and is not afraid to show it. Louis is strong but Harry is brave.

Babygate is, probably the most tragic and insane stunt that the management have pulled. Zayn leaving have pulled rags under our feet, but we’ve always known the boys can’t be together always. The whole thing is still shady af, but we’ve managed to come to terms with it.

Louis’ having a baby, however, is just a disaster. There’s just so many reason that this is wrong, but what concerns me the most is how this is hurting Louis’ image. His name have graced the headlines a lot of times in a span of a few months. Which is the goal, I think, because they needed something to distract the fans from Zayn leaving and Louis is probably going to be an X-factor judge during the hiatus. He broke up with his long-time girlfriend only to be seen kissing a girl in a pool the next day. He shades NaughtyPig and Zayn over twitter. And the worst of all, he impregnates Briana Jungwhatever.

There is no way, no way in hell to know if he’s really the father or if the baby is even real. Larry shippers, natural detectives as we are, have found holes in the whole story. We’ve also heard how “buzzin’” Louis is about it. We’ve learn about how much time he’s going to spend with the baby during the break (oops we didn’t). We have that, we have theories, we have facts, we have observations, but we don’t really have the truth. A few months from now a certain “truth” will come out of the headlines (The Sun, I’ll bet), but even then we’ll never know if it really is the truth. So as much as I want to believe that the baby isn’t real, I can’t. I’m not saying it’s real, either. But the fact that we are able to chuck out the possibility of a baby, an actual human being, in the category of publicity stunts, is too much for me. Even if it isn’t real or Louis isn’t the father, the outcomes will still be devastating because it’s a BABY.

And that, the fact that Louis acknowledge (grudgingly and with apathy, I know) that he is having a baby soon, is the biggest blow in my faith in larry. Because just how much Louis Tomlinson is willing to pay to hide that he is in a relationship with Larry? What is he willing to do? I can deal with rumors, shady tweets, or beards. Just, just not a baby. That’s too much.

NOW, MANAGEMENT (This is the part where I might get hate)
What bothers me the most is the fact that Louis agreed with all of this. I know, management. But I refuse to believe that they have zero control over the things that the management put them through. They have contract, I know, and none of us have any idea what kind of contract they have signed, but I am confident that they are still allowed to decide. I can blame management for the absence of larry interactions for the past years (even though I don’t), but Louis being rumored having a baby? I can’t blame that to them. That’s Louis. He may have not liked the idea, but he’s still participating. I refuse to believe that he doesn’t have any call to that, that’s absurd. I want to stop blaming the management for all the shit that’s happening. It’s true, they are perpetuators, they have control, but I believe the boys still has autonomy. They wouldn’t sign a contract stating that they should follow orders blindly. Okay, maybe Louis didn’t have a choice about Eleanor, maybe it’s in his contract to have a beard, maybe. But agreeing to be a father to a baby? With a girl he met and apparently shagged from a club? I don’t think he should have agreed with that. I’m questioning the morality of it.

And if Larry is really real, just imagine what kind of catastrophe awaits them when they come out. The more publicities like this, more girlfriends, and more denials that they do, the more difficult it will be for them to come out someday. All those things will be held against them. At least I think so. Because, for the most part, they have lied to the public. To the fans. I’m not saying that they owe us the truth, but I like to think that to some extent, they do.

But if they do come out, I’ll rejoice. That’s all I’ll be doing. Probably for a month. I’ll think of these consequences again, but I’ll be happy for them first. I also think that, if they do go through hell with the media or the fans or the world after coming out, it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be the most wonderful thing because they’re finally free. And they’ll have us.

(I’m a hardcore Louis girl, by the way. He keeps hurting me, I know. But it’s always the bad boys, isn’t it?)

rereading this book is full of spiders, and i love how utterly unsurprised marconi is at john’s big rescue

everyone else is freaking out over a guy actually ramping an ancient cadillac over a barbed wire fence and then emerging with a shotgun, marconi is just like “…i honestly expected you to show up sooner”

i bet as soon as marconi heard dave was there he started guessing what batshit insane stunt john would use to rescue his boyfriend

So what about the climactic moment in that scene when they flip the Joker’s 18-wheeler after Batman clotheslines it with a grappling hook? If that was a model, it was pretty goddamned convincing.

The flipping of the semi was accomplished with a technique known in Hollywood as flipping a real goddamned semi. To get the mind-boggling amount of upward force needed to lift the big bastard head over heels, the FX crew built a huge steam-piston mechanism in the trailer.

Of course, then the challenge was to make it look like this insane stunt was occurring right in the middle of the banking district in Gotham. So how the hell do you pull that off? Build a miniature city and edit in the truck somehow? Film the truck out on an open course and use CGI to fill in the background? Shit, no! They just went to downtown Chicago, closed off a street and flipped their goddamned semi.

Why? Because that’s how Batman would do it.

8 Movie Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI