Insane / Crazy Starters
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  • "I'm not crazy, just a bit insane!"
  • "Insanity is just a synonym for imagination..."
  • "There is no great genius without some touch of madness."
  • "We're all insane, those who say otherwise are delusional:
  • "Why so serious?!"
  • "There ain't nothing wrong with spilling a bit of blood."
  • "Wondrous what the body can do as you cut deep through it... fascinating isn't it?"
  • "Perhaps I'm insane, perhaps I may be thinking too much of this..."
  • "My happiness lies in the blood dripping through your veins."
  • "Killing all your friends was not a big deal."
  • "Ahaha... so I say painting with blood is a great hobby, there\s still a lot of people in the world to use."
  • "You're body is but a canvas, and I can't wait to carve it to perfection."

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(jewel-crunch-insanity) so you're the rivalry huh? I bet ya' can't beat me in a race!

Jinx doesn’t even try to stifle her laughter. Completely unthreatened by the watchdog who has just challenged her, she laughs for a few moments. Looking at her with a smug smirk, Jinx crosses her arms and says, “Yeah… I’m your rivalry, but I can’t say I consider ya to be my rivalry.” 

Shrugging, she continues in a challenging tone of her own. “What kind of race do you want to do? No matter what it is, I bet I’ll leave ya in the dust.”


Bendy flew up to the other cartoon using his tail.

“Hi!” He said, trying to seem innocent, even though he was still insane as always.

@ask-ink-batim-oc ((<– did that link work??? oh well .-. At least I get to RP in the Insane Bendy AU again mwahaha >:) And I remember what your oc looks like from the submission :3 More cartoons :P - mun (@bad-to-the-b0ne) ))

Meeting a Brand New Friend | Closed

{ @poisonpunkking​ }

  Another day, another case solved and it was time for the Egyptian female to drink some hard liquor. Thankfully, Sam stopped at a decent bar to grab a drink and maybe a bite to eat. Dean wasn’t with the couple – most likely with Billie – so Esme and Sam had time to themselves.

  Bobbie, their fourteen year old, was back home at the Bunker with Castiel so Esme didn’t have to worry over her son. When the couple entered the bar, the amethyst-eyed woman found a table near the back and claimed while Sam went to get the drinks; beer for him, hard whiskey for his girlfriend.

  While Esme was waiting for the drinks, she shrugged off her denim jacket, revealing a black Blissful Riot t-shirt, a gift from Billie, and rolled her shoulders to relief the tension in them. The hunt was a sort-of easy hunt; Salt-and-Burn but the ghost was stubborn, being bound to a locket the Mother won’t give up.

  Eventually, the Mother did give up the locket and the ghost was able to move on, freeing herself from further damage. Once the tension was relieved in her shoulders, Esme ruffled her hair up a bit before leaning back in the booth, looking around the bar with mild interest.


“I thought the rash might have been from my cat scratching me, but I couldn’t be certain.” The lad sat down, rubbing the side of his scarf-clad neck. “What do you think it is? I know it’s a bit unexpected for me to appear uninvited like this, but I hoped you would know more about strange things, given your profession.” 

Mortimer cleared his throat. Oh this was not good, this was very not good. This could only mean that there was another vampire in the area and the reality of the situation the lad found himself in made the elder vampire toss around what his personally morality should be in this matter.

“I…” A pause. “Well, I am a mortician not a physician. It is not my place or practice to diagnose.”

Two Sides of the Same Coin (closed rp with unsought-insanity)

“Hurry up!”

Lifty panted as he tried to catch up to his brother, trying to quicken his jog into a run. But despite being immortail, he still needed energy to move his body. And his tank was almost out.

“Can’t you run any faster!?”

Exhausted, Lifty stopped in his tracks and almost fell over on his face, staggering a bit to regain his ballance. He placed a hand against the black steel fence to his right, bending over to catch his breath.

How come his brother is so fast?

But then he realized the house on the other side of the fence. It looked like a mansion, but not one with much security. He stood up straight and kept staring at the house, feeling a strange feeling of attraction, as if he felt like he needed to try and go over there.

He reached in his pant pocket and rubbed the lucky silver dollar kept inside it with his thumb. Somehow he knew things were going to be different with this place. So, he waited until his brother came back for him, then he told him about a plan to get into the grand house…"

( @unsought-insanity )

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Dark’s blood red eyes could be seen from a mile, and his pale skin made him look like a bigger target. He had scars everywhere, there were five big slashes going down his pale head. He’d be looking at Jamie with a sinister smile, seemingly not being able to stay still.

                                                                     People around me are calling me C R A Z Y
                                                                           You’re looking at me and calling me C R A Z Y too
                                                                                         I understand, I think I’m a bit C R A Z Y too
                                                                                                I dance to the rhythm like I’m C R A Z Y

Insanity comes in two basic varieties: slow and fast. I’m not talking about onset or duration. I mean the quality of the insanity, the day-to-day business of being nuts. There are a lot of names: depression, catatonia, mania, anxiety, agitation. They don’t tell you much. The predominant quality of the slow form is viscosity. Experience is thick. Perceptions are thickened and dulled. Time is slow, dripping slowly through the clogged filter of thickened perception. The body temperature is low. The pulse is sluggish. The immune system is half-asleep. The organism is torpid and brackish. Even the reflexes are diminished, as if the lower leg couldn’t be bothered to jerk itself out of its stupor when the knee is tapped. Viscosity occurs on a cellular level. And so does velocity. ”  Susan Kaysen            

CHALLENGE — Word of the attack on the Ministry has quickly spread throughout the Wizarding Community, causing a variety of emotions to arise. From shock—to horror, disbelief and everything in between, however not everyone feels the same in regards to the wreckage still plaguing the Ministry. The devastating events have ripped an already segmented society further into fragments. Your challenge is to elaborate on where your muse was during the tragic February 14th attack and how it affected them personally. Did they responded with viscosity or velocity? Answering this question is the single most important element in your character challenge. You will choose one element (i.e.: velocity), and no more than one. You can format your answer using graphics/aesthetics; music/playlists; quotes; in-character drabbles; open-starters; or any other creative storytelling element of your preference. 

REMEMBER  There is no “right” or “wrong” way to respond to this challenge (or any other future challenges, for that matter). It is completely open to your own interpretation. That’s the entire point of it, actually; we all have our own uniquely different perspectives and this is one way of sharing those. Don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines a little bit. 

* All challenges are optional. Please tag your responses with afdchallenge and afdchallenge01

Invader not insane / closed rp with Susanswierdblog

Who would have thought that moving onto the next grade would involve a psychiatric exam, certainly not for a little irken named Zim. After this so-called normal Earth larva screening, the results had all the professionals gobstruck. It was a mutual agreement for Zim to be immediately removed from the skool and placed in a psychiatric ward because, according to them, Zim had all the works. That included anxiety, ADHD, and best of all grandiose delusional disorder.

Now he stands with his arm crossed in the activities room, scoping out all the new humans he must deal with now.  NO. He can’t stay here! He has a mission to do! He is not human! This mighty irken is immune to these earthly disorders! The thoughts of panic just cycled through his head like a continuous loop.

Suddenly, the sight of a girl brought him out of his thoughts. Hmm… perhaps she could be of help, the pint-sized invader thought as he stroked his chin with his still gloved hand, yes they did not remove all his uniform, just the tunic to replace with some orange scrub thingies… YUCK.

He made his way over to the only worthy human in the building. “Greetings human, I AM ZIM!”


Blackberry examined his glasses as he lay on his back. He had just woken up from yet another sleep and, frankly, he was starting to get tired of it. He couldn’t tell how much time had passed since he had woken up in the anti-void, but it had felt like a lot. Slipping the glasses back onto his face, he sat up and looked around at the blank view.

Again, nothing else could be seen but white. While he felt trapped in this void, at the same time it felt… open. It was hard to tell where it ended - if it did at all. The more Blackberry thought about this, the more hope he felt growing inside him. If there was a way of escaping there, then maybe he just couldn’t see it from where he was? If he tried to find a way out himself, maybe he’d discover one farther away. He just needed to look.

Filled with determination, Blackberry stood up and started walking.