we torture each other and rip each other to shreds and make each other
                                                                      M I S E R A B L E…
                               and yet, we both keep coming back for more.

                                                       ( i can’t tell if this is love or just insanity. )

Missed an anniversary

Missed a chance to post this a few weeks months ago.  We have managed to mark one year that the Balmung RP Calendar has been it’s own entity and one and a half years we have been doing the RP Event Calendar weekly posts.

This started out as a little project @nefzenffxiv​ and I had to keep track of the insanity that is Balmung’s RP Scene for our own purposes as soon as we snuck into Balmung.  We had inadvertently stumbled into a @crescent-ffxiv​ pub crawl on our first week.  We were still building the personalities of our characters, so we can blame Crescent for that.   We also ran into a certain @diskwrite-ffxiv​ at the event whom we decided to adopt.  (Or maybe she adopted two strays, we don’t know) She then pointed out we should meet them at the @drunkenmoogle​.  The trail from there to now is lost to memory, chaos, confusion.

It’s been a very bumpy road from there until now, but where’ here.  
Thanks for your support and patience.

Thanks for keeping Balmung’s RP community moving at such a speed that something like this feels like a necessity.  It’s -awesome-.

~ Erah’sae

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  • “I have no friends left.”
  • “Why do I do this? I hate it… I hate it so much but I love it even more.”
  • “My bones were shaking, I thought I was going to explode.”
  • “I’d been doing good until that point.”
  • “I even managed to take a shower.”
  • “We meet for all the wrong reasons.”
  • “I mean, she’s a sweet girl… as much as I’m a sweet guy.”
  • “Truer words could not be said.”
  • “I just can’t seem to focus on anything.”
  • “Then everything went wrong, just like it always does.”
  • “I fucking hate that shit.”
  • “I’m ok now.”
  • “Nobody would believe what happens inside my head.”
  • “I could have killed somebody.”
  • “I need a padded cell, I’m telling you.”
  • “This is life, like Burroughs or Kerouac, or Ginsberg… the ones who burn bright.”
  • “I really don’t care about anything.”
  • “I love that it’s so dark.”
  • “I don’t want to ever leave here.”
  • “He still owes me the $9,000 bail I posted for him.”
  • “I think it’s a fucking wig!”
  • “This has to work.”
  • “I can do it…”
  • “We have nothing to say to each other.”
  • “I just felt dead.”
  • “Last night was a bad one.”
  • “Dude, what’s on your hand?”
  • “What happened to me yesterday?”
  • “Between me and you, I guess I was in a bit of a blackout.”
  • “I didn’t say anything.”
  • “I have to pull it together.”
  • “I make myself sick.”
  • “I had nothing else to do so I figured why not?”
  • “I am so pissed.”
  • “She may be fucking insane, but she’s my girl!”
  • “If I see that dwarf, I’ll kick his ass!”
  • “It’s not cool to look too eager.”
  • “He’s the brother I never had.”
  • “Is this a crisis or a needed creative outlet?”
  • “I’m not listening.” 
  • “I’m really trying.”
  • “Let’s see what happens.”
  • “I feel like throwing up.”
  • “I don’t know how to stop thinking about it.”
  • “I know it’s not real.”
  • “This isn’t how I thought my life would turn out.”
  • “You must think I’m insane, but I’m not.
Hawaii Five-0 Sentence Starters Season 1

Why are you dressed like a ninja?
What’s the matter with you?!
All of those that think that is a certifiedly demented idea please raise you hand.
I’d take powered eggs over your eggs any day.
One near death experience and you go all warm and cuddly on me?
I will literally pay you cash to stop talking.
I’m not gonna catch your ass if you fall.
I’d rather you don’t catch me if I fall, okay…
Hands up, Ahab.
Can you stop staring at me like a hot-fudge sundae?
What is the matter with you? You need help! I will pay for it!
That’s the Space Needle, not the Eiffel Tower you schmuck.
You’re like a devourer of dreams. You eat them. You’re like a little Pac-Man in cargo pants.
Hey, you’re not psychic. You can’t read people’s minds.
Howzit, bruddah?
Just put the gun away and we can talk.
I have never known a Navy man that couldn’t find a lady a beer.
I have a number of a therapist I wanna give you. 
Can I ask you a question? Why are you always driving my car?
His idea of communication is dropping a witty one-liner and shooting you in the face.
Tell me you know how to swim.
I know how to swim. I swim for survival, not for fun.
Take that tie off. No one on a cruise ship wears a tie.
Why are you so angry?
Cause I’m an angry person, okay?
Your apology is noted, acceptance is pending.
This is really good news. I mean, you’re human. Who knew?
Do you realize how much of your life revolves around food?
Do you realize how much of your life revolves around armed conflict?
What are you smirking at?
No I’m not scared, I am rationally concerned.
I love pancakes in the afternoon. You like pancakes?
Why do you have aneurism face?
“Say hello to my little friend.” Old American proverb.
Did you say “lickings”? You know how difficult it is to sound like a tough guy when you use a word like “lickings”?
Let me ask you a question. Are you literally insane?

30 Starters that start with ‘You’
  1. “You think this is funny?”
  2. “You are nothing!”
  3. “You are being selfish.”
  4. “You did this to yourself.”
  5. “You are never going to succeed.”
  6. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
  7. “You would make a great parent.”
  8. “You don’t love me.”
  9. “You will never understand.”
  10. “You can’t understand how I feel!”
  11. “You don’t have to feel like this.”
  12. “You belong to me.”
  13. “You knew about this, didn’t you?”
  14. “You are stronger than you look.”
  15. “You can’t beat me.”
  16. “You should stop drinking so much.”
  17. “You should rest a bit.”
  18. “You know who I am?”
  19. “You don’t remember me?”
  20. “You are kidding me, right?”
  21. “You should know that you can trust me.”
  22. “You are such a weirdo.”
  23. “You told them? Why?”
  24. “You have to get out of here!”
  25. “You should be careful around here.”
  26. “You have to help me!”
  27. “You shouldn’t have done that.”
  28. “You are the light of my life.”
  29. “You look so pretty.”
  30. “You are driving me insane!”

Only had an hour of free time today, so I decided to work a bit at my troll to avoid goin’ insane…. Gave her rp profiles a fresh coat of paint too!
Zelulae’s back bby.
I’ll finish this soon.
.. and my liwei painting.
And everything else. 

Srs RP Only

(An excerpt from today’s RP event DM’ed by my wonderful husband @erioch I lost the dice roll, and Neeka suffered for it.)

To the far west there was a fairly large building with the words ‘Kraft Korner’ written in a way to emulate a child’s script along its side. From within the building, a loud, avian honk sounded forth along with some scattered debris falling about inside. Finally, Neeka would feel something utterly and direly slime start to wrap around her left leg. Looking down, it would appear that a bright green slime had extended two 'arms’ with which to give the woman’s leg a hug, the resulting effect feeling as though she were sticking her leg in warm tapioca pudding.

Neeka let out a shriek before suddenly shake her leg violently to try and get the overly huggy slime off of her. “GET IT OFF IT’S RUINING MY BOOTS.”

Upon being violently shaken free, the little slime bounced along the ground before landing in a wobbly puddle. Eventually the goop pulled itself together and, looking as dejected as a featureless slime could, slowly started to ooze away from Neeka and her rejection.

“Don’t go looking so fuckin’ upset, y’can’t just go walkin’ up to people an’ touchin’ them without permission.” She muttered before walking over towards the slime and picking it up as best she could - there goes that jacket. “Which one are you? Archibald? Come on now, it’s time to go back to your home.” She wrinkled her nose, clearly disgusted as she stomped off towards one of the cages.

The slime, Archibald, seemed to indeed accept Neeka’s apology and allowed itself to be picked up, its form staying congealed just long enough to be hugged against her chest. Once it realized its affection was being returned the two goopy appendages appeared again and wrapped about the woman’s neck. And hair. And back. Just…there’s slime hugs all over her.

The look on Neeka’s face was one of absolute horror as she was thoroughly invaded by slimy hands that were just a little too huggy for her liking. “Okay Archibald, you need to let go now. I have to go find the rest of your friends before they get hurt.” Once the slime had eventually let go of the woman she closed the cage that had obviously been designed to keep a slime inside before stalking off to find the next animal.

Archibald sent a wet, sticky, *schluck* through the air as it pried itself free from hugging Neeka. The tiny slime appendage waved goodbye to the Dragoon as she closed the door to its pen, a sign reading ‘Putrificus’ showcasing its stage name.

  • RP Partner: Please don't think I'm weird, but I sort of ship our muses together...
  • Me: ... OH MY GOd
  • RP Partner: O.o
  • RP Partner: :O
  • RP Partner: :D
  • RP Partner: YOOOOOOOO
  • RP Partner: YES
  • RP Partner: YES OMG
  • RP Partner: ...
  • Me: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
  • RP Partner: ...
  • Me: (ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ

icantthinkofausernamett  asked:

The perversion in AB is insane tbh. Like RP is one thing but when they write out detailed sex scenes I felt that's over the line. I love all my yaois and stuff but with these kind of stuff I would say it should be in private. Some accounts I see them writing so much of these stuffs in detail I just try to avoid them because it just feel really uncomfortable lol. Also I've played DG before and tbh the community reminds me of my other game. People are just so desperate for free stuffs I guess :/

Yup and I hate to say it but a friend and I may have started the whole sex thing in AB… we didn’t write out sex scenes, but we did do several RPs in our memos that were quite popular and after that the sex started popping up everywhere…. :( Yeah DG just has a ton of greedy people. I’m glad the other games don’t have gifting or trading options. I can only imagine the harassment I’d get if something like that came to AB…


“I thought the rash might have been from my cat scratching me, but I couldn’t be certain.” The lad sat down, rubbing the side of his scarf-clad neck. “What do you think it is? I know it’s a bit unexpected for me to appear uninvited like this, but I hoped you would know more about strange things, given your profession.” 

Mortimer cleared his throat. Oh this was not good, this was very not good. This could only mean that there was another vampire in the area and the reality of the situation the lad found himself in made the elder vampire toss around what his personally morality should be in this matter.

“I…” A pause. “Well, I am a mortician not a physician. It is not my place or practice to diagnose.”

Invader not insane / closed rp with Susanswierdblog

Who would have thought that moving onto the next grade would involve a psychiatric exam, certainly not for a little irken named Zim. After this so-called normal Earth larva screening, the results had all the professionals gobstruck. It was a mutual agreement for Zim to be immediately removed from the skool and placed in a psychiatric ward because, according to them, Zim had all the works. That included anxiety, ADHD, and best of all grandiose delusional disorder.

Now he stands with his arm crossed in the activities room, scoping out all the new humans he must deal with now.  NO. He can’t stay here! He has a mission to do! He is not human! This mighty irken is immune to these earthly disorders! The thoughts of panic just cycled through his head like a continuous loop.

Suddenly, the sight of a girl brought him out of his thoughts. Hmm… perhaps she could be of help, the pint-sized invader thought as he stroked his chin with his still gloved hand, yes they did not remove all his uniform, just the tunic to replace with some orange scrub thingies… YUCK.

He made his way over to the only worthy human in the building. “Greetings human, I AM ZIM!”


@akillerconundrum continued from here.

Jonathan was tired: way to tired to keep up with Edward’s energy. It’s like the man NEVER RAN OUT OF POWER.

He gazed the other man, yawning and stretching before finally talking.

“Edward, what in the world are you talking about? Are you planning to escape again?”

I just realized how many II blogs I missed with that one post with a bunch of blogs. If you’re an Inanimate Insanity ask/RP blog and you weren’t in the last picture, please reblog this so I can add you to the next one! (And yes, I am 100% aware now that I missed Ask-hotel-oj, little II cast, and asklightbulb, my bad!)



Longview Insane Asylum and Rehabilitation Center is a welcoming home to all. Whatever your issue, we’ll deal with it. Friendly staff and acceptable accommodations along with ample space for patients to recover, we know that Longview is the facility for you. A home for people with all sorts of issues. From depression to psychopathic maniacs we accept all brand of loner, misfit, and weirdo.

click here to visit the asylum

Insane / Crazy Starters
  • Feel free to add more~!
  • "I'm not crazy, just a bit insane!"
  • "Insanity is just a synonym for imagination..."
  • "There is no great genius without some touch of madness."
  • "We're all insane, those who say otherwise are delusional:
  • "Why so serious?!"
  • "There ain't nothing wrong with spilling a bit of blood."
  • "Wondrous what the body can do as you cut deep through it... fascinating isn't it?"
  • "Perhaps I'm insane, perhaps I may be thinking too much of this..."
  • "My happiness lies in the blood dripping through your veins."
  • "Killing all your friends was not a big deal."
  • "Ahaha... so I say painting with blood is a great hobby, there\s still a lot of people in the world to use."
  • "You're body is but a canvas, and I can't wait to carve it to perfection."
Ti svelo un segreto.
Sono stanca.
Sono stanca di non essere apprezzata per quello che sono. Stanca di essere giudicata da persone che (sinceramente) potrebbero farne a meno. Sono stanca di come sono, il mio carattere di merda.. il mio fisico di merda. E sono stanca della mia vita di merda. Vorrei poter far vedere veramente alla gente chi si nasconde: io oppure loro?
—  RP.