Insane [Open Rp Starter] [Hendrix]

Sechy was beat, For the last few eeks he had let his depression get the best of him. He hadn’t fed and was avoiding everyone,Even his counter part.
This had led to his Darker vampire Hendrix taking over and nobody being safe.

Now Hendrix had chased you here,To the abandoned amusement park. He stopped,Standing outside the gates as he gave you a few extra seconds to run and hide somewhere.
He then walked in,A psychopathic grin on his face as his static eyes darted around,Looking for traces of you, His ears twitched as he tried to pick up your breathing and heartbeat.
“The Devils Nightmare Is Loose” He called out. Starting to walk deeper in the park.


Allegra was once again zooming over the water surface, competing with the birds as they squawked, flying above her to get better wind. She finished up after a while and waved to the birds, then walked back to her house, stretching. She fiddled with her broomstick, then opened the door to her house and stepped in without a second thought. it was only when she closed the door that she noticed something different.

“Oh? What’s this? This isn’t my house…”

She said, looking around curiously.


W E L C O M E   H O M E

On the outside, Hope Grove Asylum is among the most pristine of America’s mental institutions. Society decides to hide those that they cannot handle away. Families and judges alike dump their unfortunate souls here - after all, we boast the best medical care in Connecticut. The best and most well trained physicians flock here to take care of those in need. Here, sad little girls and dangerous boys collide and all of them get better!
We are currently having a prompt, a character development prompt based around the deepest regrets of our characters, and have put our next event in planning. The roleplay is accepting/denying right away, and complete with welcoming admins and role-players alike.




Jurian wandered around the forest, looking for a comfortable patch of moss to lay in. He had finished his daily routine of watering his flower garden, and tending to the strawberry plants. He finally came across a large patch of moss that had dappled sunlight streaming onto it. Not far from it, a stream trickled past quietly.

He gave a small smile, then carefully lay down on the patch, closing his eyes and enjoying the sunlight, before drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

A while later, a sparrow darted onto a branch, peering down at Jurian and giving soft, quiet chirps, as to not disturb him. 


Kagami was wandering by herself, Kage having gone off somewhere else to explore. As she turned a corner, she spotted a familiar cloaked figure, and remembered she had seen Hanamori in a similar cloak when they had first met. Her eyes lit up a bit. It had been a while since she last saw Hanamori.

“Hanamori!” She called, giving a cheerful smile when the other turned around. She remembered that Kage told her Hanamori would love to see her drawings. 


Jurian was busy collecting the small strawberries from the strawberry plant in his backyard, humming softly. He had finished picking most and carefully placed his harp on the top, getting ready to go for a stroll when he noticed a strange door on his wall. How odd. It hadn’t been there before…

“Is this one of Suzune’s doors…?” He wondered aloud, then opened it and stepped in, out of sheer curiousity. The moment he stepped through into the other side, he knew it wasnt Suzune’s door. It disappeared when he tried to go back and he sighed. he wondered who it belonged to, but began to wander around anyway.

He soon came to a garden of some sort and spotted a small pond, approaching it. He saw a… merman?


Harley wiggled against the thick straitjacket around her small frame. She hissed and mumbled to herself, cursing the people who snapped the fabric onto her. The blonde hated straitjackets. 

The human had only woken up ten minutes ago and already she felt as if she would die from boredom. Her cell didn’t even have bars for her to hang off of. Or a window or anything. The only thing in her little eight by eight cell was a tiny bed that barely fit the little human. 

The sound of her cell door opening drew her attention away from the white fabric of the jacket. A sharply dressed, middle-aged woman with a tight bun and a white lab coat walked in, bringing a chair with her. Harley said nothing and neither did the doctor as she set the chair down a few feet in front of the bed Harley was perched on and took a seat. 

The blonde thought about jumping the woman, but the guards that had followed the Doctor in would likely stop her before she got very far. Then they would probably restrain her more.

“Hello, Penelope.” The smooth, calm voice of the doctor forced Harley’s icy blue eyes to snap away from the guards and back to the Doctor. “I am Doctor Ivy.”

Harley rolled her eyes and sighed. “Skip the stupid introductions, Doctor,” Her accent thickened with her annoyance. “I know what you are here to talk about and it isn’t me.”

 The Doctor’s hazel eyes narrowed in an unreadable expression as she considered the blonde’s words. She was correct, obviously. The question was, should the Doctor let her know she was right?

“Indeed.” The Doctor agreed after a long moment’s pause. “I see you do not like wasting time.” Before Harley could exclaim ‘no shit!’ or something of the like, Doctor Ivy continued. “Let’s talk about your frog boyfriend.”

“He’s a mutant ninja turtle, actually.” Harley snapped, leaning threateningly towards the Doctor, drawing the guards closer and a warning from the bigger of the two. The blonde didn’t see how this woman was qualified to examine her when she didn’t even know Donatello well enough to know what he was. 

She jotted the Doctor’s name down on a mental kill list for later.

Insanity AU RP

Setting:It has been 8 years since Eevee Mūngurou had worked as a hitman. The killing got to her, and she decided to leave the company she worked for. Ever since then, life has been normal for her. But the company leader, knew her killing days were far from over.
((mmmm much edge))

Eevee tied her hair into a bun and began doing chores. The only things she had to do were take out the trash, wash the dishes, and clean the table. Dietty and Miki were asleep, Harmony was on vacation, and Clyte was supposed to come home soon.

Eevee sank into the couch after finishing her work. She curled up with a blanket, some nachos, and turned on the TV to watch YouTube on their Wii U.


||𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔧𝔬𝑘𝔢𝔰 𝔬𝔫 𝔐𝔈||

@gothamsdisease Continued from X

The h a n d s o m e devil in the mirror? Of course the young vampire knew the man was talking about himself, but she decided to joke around just a tad. Leaning over to the glass, a single hand rubbed it before tapping.

Ƭιηк Ƭιηк.

“Where is this attractive creature from Hell you’re speaking of?” Hold on, was it smart to joke in such away with him? No matter what that answer may be, it’s too late to take it back.

Ice blue irises glanced back at the male. “Joke aside…You really do have 𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓽𝒆 the aim.” Single digit tapped her cheek. Debating on her next words. “Might the reason be due to you practicing?” Luna also used a gun, though it was only for protection or 𝒽𝓊𝓃𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑔. Not for food, though.

rp generator is good

oj helping paper with chores
paper drawing oj
lightbulb accidentally drinks a love potion and falls for painty.
lightbulb and painty cuddling.
lightbulb and painty watch fireworks together.
yinyang and tissues decide to go camping.tissues reads the map upside down and they both become terribly lost.
lightbulb knits an ugly sweater and forces painty to wear it
mephone and gamey meeting after they haven’t seen each other in a very long time.
mephone and gamey watching a very sad movie. mephone is crying
bomb is finally noticed by their sempai, cheesy. (OH MY GOODNESS GRAVY IM CRYING)
spinach and notebook cuddling.
coiny is about ot do something stupid. firey does not think this is a good idea.
coiny and firey watching a very sad movie. coiny is crying.
firey and coiny fight over who will sleep where on the bunk bed.
firey and coiny go ice skating.coiny is not very good and firey has to help them
nickel and baseball playing a sports game together

all of these are gr8 someone draw them

you can do your own here