Frosty's bad day

A/N: My one and only Mistah J @whyarentyoulaughingj demanded fluff and this was the best I could come up with 

Today was an absolutely terrible day for Johnny Frost. The heist had gone incredibly wrong.  Gotham National Bank was a difficult target without a time constraint,but the Joker insisted on a full plan within 72 hours. Johnny cut corners in planning in order to meet the deadline, and a faulty getaway vehicle caused The Joker and his men to retreat to the stronghold.

Sweaty and masked men that followed the green haired mastermind, pooled into the stronghold and all eyes fell on Frost. The men that once envied how Frost quickly rose up the ranks of the gang, now believed that they would witness his death. The razor sharp tension filled the room, and Frost hung his head in pure submission.

Frost’s head was running a mile a minute and he knew he was going to die. All he could hope for was an ounce of mercy and a quick death at the hands of J, though this was not something he deserved. In front of everyone, Frost dropped to his knees, and the sound of his gun dropping echoed in the room. None of the men would even exhale. While working for The Joker was often viewed as a deathwish, most begged for forgiveness rather than preparing for death. 

“Get out. Everyone, get out! Or I'll paint the walls with everybody’s blood!” The Joker called out and watched his men scurry out of the room before walking the room like a hyena encircling their prey. 

Frost remained completely still with his head on the floor. “Tsk. Tsk. You made a lot of trouble for Daddy today.” J sneered and delivered with a swift kick to Frost’s sternum, but he remained completely silent.

J pulled out his famous purple pistol and unclicked the safety “Johnny, what does Daddy to do troublemakers?” 

“You kill them, sir.”

“Well Johnny, I have other plans that require you having a heartbeat. Don’t worry little Johnny, I have a way for you to make it up to me”

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Longview Insane Asylum and Rehabilitation Center is a welcoming home to all. Whatever your issue, we’ll deal with it. Friendly staff and acceptable accommodations along with ample space for patients to recover, we know that Longview is the facility for you. A home for people with all sorts of issues. From depression to psychopathic maniacs we accept all brand of loner, misfit, and weirdo.

click here to visit the asylum

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Insane / Crazy Starters
  • Feel free to add more~!
  • "I'm not crazy, just a bit insane!"
  • "Insanity is just a synonym for imagination..."
  • "There is no great genius without some touch of madness."
  • "We're all insane, those who say otherwise are delusional:
  • "Why so serious?!"
  • "There ain't nothing wrong with spilling a bit of blood."
  • "Wondrous what the body can do as you cut deep through it... fascinating isn't it?"
  • "Perhaps I'm insane, perhaps I may be thinking too much of this..."
  • "My happiness lies in the blood dripping through your veins."
  • "Killing all your friends was not a big deal."
  • "Ahaha... so I say painting with blood is a great hobby, there\s still a lot of people in the world to use."
  • "You're body is but a canvas, and I can't wait to carve it to perfection."

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Dark’s blood red eyes could be seen from a mile, and his pale skin made him look like a bigger target. He had scars everywhere, there were five big slashes going down his pale head. He’d be looking at Jamie with a sinister smile, seemingly not being able to stay still.
Meeting a Brand New Friend | Closed

{ @poisonpunkking​ }

  Another day, another case solved and it was time for the Egyptian female to drink some hard liquor. Thankfully, Sam stopped at a decent bar to grab a drink and maybe a bite to eat. Dean wasn’t with the couple – most likely with Billie – so Esme and Sam had time to themselves.

  Bobbie, their fourteen year old, was back home at the Bunker with Castiel so Esme didn’t have to worry over her son. When the couple entered the bar, the amethyst-eyed woman found a table near the back and claimed while Sam went to get the drinks; beer for him, hard whiskey for his girlfriend.

  While Esme was waiting for the drinks, she shrugged off her denim jacket, revealing a black Blissful Riot t-shirt, a gift from Billie, and rolled her shoulders to relief the tension in them. The hunt was a sort-of easy hunt; Salt-and-Burn but the ghost was stubborn, being bound to a locket the Mother won’t give up.

  Eventually, the Mother did give up the locket and the ghost was able to move on, freeing herself from further damage. Once the tension was relieved in her shoulders, Esme ruffled her hair up a bit before leaning back in the booth, looking around the bar with mild interest.


*Rocks back and forth, chuckling insanely. The Anon telling my wife what to wear and tormenting me about it, wasn’t helping my insanity go down…it was only making it worse. I just wanted the insanity to go away… but it never does… My insanity was making people scared of me, so scared that I had to lock myself in my room, boarding up my windows just to keep me and everybody else safe…but for how long? How much longer will it take for me to finally snap and fully and forever be my true self? I had no clue…but for now…I wait in the darkness…alone…with my insanity*

Can I Take Your Horns? -Open-

>Be Talvet Detzza

>Now that you’re the insane one, become bored of Trollian and go look for some new horns for your collection.

You don’t normally get tired of Trollian, but sometimes you want to go outside, and this just so happens to be one of those times. You would ask if Dotter wanted to come along with you, but he seemed to be in trouble again as he was grounded to his room, so you decide to go alone. After all, what could possibly hurt you in a dense forest full if beasts?
Upon making it into the forest you start your search for any new skeletons that have showed after your last outing. Honestly you have no idea where they come from, but that doesn’t matter to you. You just want their horns. So along you go, humming some tuneless and random notes, until that is, you notice an actual body laying halfway in a crushed bush.
It wasn’t often you found anyone before they had rotted away to nothing more than bones, so you hurried closer to them, maybe you’d get to see how they died! 


As you inspect the body from above, you see only minimal amounts of blood, and you notice that they might be breathing, but you’re not exactly sure, and could easily count that as the wind. Even if there wasn’t really any breeze. Are they really dead? It doesn’t really matter to you if they are or not, but you still have that fleeting thought. So crouching down next to them, you poke them curiously.

“he-y ar-e yo-u dea-d……”

Surprisingly, they flinch at your poke which is a very alive thing to do, and you tilt your head to the side when they give no other signs of life.

“ar-e yo-u a-t leas-t dyin-g……”

The only reply you get is another flinch.

“i-f yo-u ar-e dyin-g…… ca-n -i tak-e you-r horn-s……”

Sanity is a Prison

Sanity was overrated, right? It held you back from being able to work at your full potential just like morals and limitations to the body. Who would need such draw backs, such pathetic barriers to achieve your truest potential.

It was easy to abandon morals and sanity as a hired killer, yet some still clinged onto their humanity. Yves had done this for many years, trying to keep what little he had left of his sanity. Finally one day, he just snapped. What he had left was gone. He was awol and even more dangerous than before.

He was aware that Mann Co would not be happy for their best Spy to be out of his mind, and would send people to find him. Yves wanted that. He wanted them to come to him since it had been a long time since he had some–let’s call it ‘fun’–with his wonderful torturing skills. So he waited silently in a well furnished house he had “acquired” from the owner: sitting in the red chair, sipping a glass of bourbon.

[Closed starter]

Salem was sitting alone by a large oak tree. The little vampire was feeling very lonely and missing her husband to be .
Everyone was out except for her brother who was very busy working ,she sighed and wished she could have someone to talk to . suddenly she heard someone approaching her and began to feel very shy “h-hello who’s there ?”

Oh Dear! Let Me Help!!

The skies looked grey, and something told her that something bad was going to happen..And, it looks like she was right. A while later she was walking next to a weird looking facility and she saw a….fox?? But he looked like he was shot.

“Oh dear..!” Sdr ran up to him and knelt down to the ground next to him.

Insanity (closed rp with Snoflak-isen-dronning)

Last night a woman had been brought in for her wounds that were very serious, she’d been in and out of surgery all night. After moving from the ER and into a room with one other person in recovery, a nurse had been assigned to her personally because of her condition. A woman with long red hair walked into the room carrying a tray of food as with a smile,” Ms. Foster.. I’ve brought you breakfast, I know it’s early but I brought you the best in the kitchen.” Anna set the tray of food on the tray holder and scooted it towards the injured woman.

“How are you feeling this morning? You sure have been though a lot.. I’m very sorry on what happened to you..” She said softly scratching her cheek and gasped softly feeling the cut bleeding again.” Oh geez… I’m sorry ms. Foster.” The nurse grabbed an extra napkin and held it to her cheek.