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Do you feel like the way Liam is presenting himself is a little too try hard. Because I feel like he's trying to hard to be urban, kinda like how Justin Bieber acts when it comes to how he presents himself to and around black people

SMDH. You really trying this on MY blog? Do you people have no damn sense as to whose blog you’re hiding on anon to shit on any of the boys, let alone Liam???

This topic has BEEN DISCUSSED over and over again, yet this dumb af fandom continues to try it cause y’all don’t ever learn. This is why 1DHQ keeps pulling the same shit on you people. Rather than FAILING to push your VERY TRANSPARENT bullshit, educate yourselves on HOW TO PRESENT A POINT.

Firstly, if you think this, OWN YOUR OPINION. I have heard some left field things from folks, and while I disagree with their POVS, I respect people for saying things under their URL. OWN IT. And be prepared for the fall out. Hiding on anon to say offensive shit is NEVER tolerated on my blog.

Secondly, since you sound like you don’t pay attention to Liam, his first “girlfriend” Danielle was a black woman. So… If you paid ANY attention to Liam, you’d know his (musical and fashion) style has been more urban than most of the other boys (except Zaynie), and this was VERY EVIDENT during WWA AND OTRA when he’d ad lib and sing various song covers. Hell, he rapped during TMH - about Zayn (My name is Zayn, I’m insane in the brain and I’m wrapped all over by Mr. Liam Payne).

Beatboxing (originated in hip hop) is something he’s PROUDLY done for years:

And his style:

Finally, Sasha, a BLACK PERSON has addressed this. 

Several times, in fact.

The majority of folks pointing fingers aren’t out here concerned about black people and black issues at any other time (your dash proves that), but they have no issue opening their mouths to blame Liam for something. All that shows you is their hypocrisy, and who they really are. 


As for what the GP thinks, and the comparisons to Bieber, well, sabotage is always at play, but Liam is NOT being inauthentic, based on past actions.

Ziam’s declarations of love

(Mostly transcribed from this audio post)

Liam: I met Zayn at McDonald’s…

Zayn: We had a nice little chat there…

Liam: Y’know Zayn-Zayn’s actually a very thoughtful person, you guys don’t really know the true Zayn, you guys have got a lot to learn about Zayn…

Zayn: I was saving you!

Zayn: Get off of ‘is ‘ead ‘es upset about it! 
Liam: Ow, he’s hurting me!
Zayn: Get off ‘im ‘arreh!

Zayn: I’ll stay with you Leeyum just coz I’m your friend…

Liam: It wasn’t very nice being on stage-
Zayn: Aww Leeyum!
Liam: Gonna cry man!

Liam: When he was on stage with us, I was smiling for no reason…

Liam: Oh and more thing with Zayn is when he says he’s um-
Harry: There’s only one Liam?

Zayn: I tweeted “the awkward moment when someone’s staring at your girlfriend’s boobs…. I was talking about Liam’s boobs!”

Liam: … to sing Zayn’s parts obviously but we all know Zayn’s got a brilliant voice…
Zayn: Aww stop it Leeyum!

Zayn: Bit of a bromance between me and Liam so he was texting me saying he was missin’ me and stuff…

Liam: I like doing Zayn!

Liam: You’re actually really loud…

Liam: I… admire… Zayn’s… big huge quiff!

Zayn: I admire Liam’s amazing six pack!

Zayn: His chiseled physique!

Liam: I’d eat Zayn, I don’t know why but I would…

Liam: Aw Zayn you’ve licked my arm its all wet!

Liam: He’s very quiet and stuff but when you get to know him, he’s mental…

Zayn: I don’t have any clue how to swim so I didn’t jump in the water…
Liam: I wanna teach ya… can we go to a pool and I’ll teach ya?
Zayn: Okay

Liam; Zayn… I think he’s kind of overtaken me now, he’s been teaching me some new moves…

Zayn: I’d take Liam…

Liam: I think I’d take Zayn…

Zayn: I don’t like Liam’s nose either… I’m joking….

Liam: Ziam’s turtle… our turtle… me and Zayn’s turtle…

Liam: Holla at me Zayn
Zayn: Holla

Zayn: Aw killing me… I thought it was me and you!

Zayn: I’d be Rachel!
Liam: … as you all know so I’m going to go with Ross!

Liam: My name is Zayn… I’m insane in the brain I’ve been rapped all over by Mr. Liam Payne!

Zayn: What do you mean by that question…
Liam: Who would be “you”? Who would be the “you” that you would point at and sing that song to? Tell us now!
Zayn: Um that would be you Leeyum… it’s gotta be Leeyum…

Liam: Can we give it up for Mr. Zayn Malik!?

Zayn: I love you so much Liam…
Liam: Thank you…

Liam: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Where would you live, Zayn?
Zayn: Um… right next to you Leeyum…

Liam: I’d marry Zayn Malik

Liam: Bye Zayn! I love you!
Zayn: Bye Liam I love you too!
Liam: Itunes!
Zayn: I love you forever!


So it’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep, so I got a little artsy.

I was like, “Hey, let’s draw Oops and Hi on my wrist”, and now it’s “Draw every fucking tattoo that the boys have that I am capable of drawing.”

So yeah, that, happened.

I think it came out alright tbh.

A Mere Matter of Hatred Pt.2

Part 1 Here 

Pairing: Liam Payne & Zayn Malik (Ziam) 

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4500

Summary: When Liam and Zayn decided to rent an apartment together they didn’t realize that getting along would the hardest part. However, one night when the pair is hanging on their last thread, things take a wild turn of events (Part 1). After that night things just aren’t quite the same. 

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One Direction, the famous boyband ended. They all went to their own way but Louis was miserable. He didn’t knew what to do.

Chapter 1

It’s been a few years. A few years since One Direction called it off. 4 years to be exact. If I say I didn’t expect it to happen soon, that would be a total lie. Ever since Zayn left, I knew there’s…

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Zayn’s a model who’s at the peak of his career, job opportunities stacked one after another. Liam’s a well-known photographer, working mainly in the field of fashion. They both know of each other but has yet to work together.

Liam will hate to admit but he’s insanely attracted to Zayn, with his ridiculous long lashes and hazel eyes, with his lithe yet toned frame and arm full of tattoos that amps up the hot factor - Liam doesn’t even know why. It doesn’t help when his friends (who are also his colleagues) doesn’t shut up about how great and humble Zayn Malik is; he doesn’t need a reason to fall in love with him, god no.

Zayn’s known of Liam Payne, the renowned photographer many sought after because he’s just that good. And he agrees but he wouldn’t be first to dish the compliment because Zayn has a knack for being a bit of a rebel, defying what the mainstream likes. He hasn’t met him before and would never have dreamt that Liam Payne is someone with soft brown eyes and round cheeks with a strong set of jaws, coupled with ridiculous arms and chest and–

Zayn and Liam might have more in common than they expect, especially with their views on work and professionalism. Which they might very well throw the fuck away when Liam lands on a new project that puts him as head of photography, and Zayn is the lead model of the photoshoot.

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Enjoying the View *Zayn Malik One Shot*


“Y/N! come down stairs your brother is here,” my mom called. i closed the book quickly and ran down the stairs. “You’re here,” i screamed excitedly tackling my older brother in a hug. he had been away at Uni for what felt like forever but was finally home for spring break. i pulled back and for the first time noticed his friend he brought with him, “Oh and you brought a friend,” i said smiling sweetly at the insanely cute boy. “I’m Zayn,” he said putting his hand out. i shook his hand smiling widely, “I’m Y/N,” i said politely. “Right…” my brother said drawing my attention back to him, “Well I’ll show you to the guest room,” he said leading Zayn up the stairs. Man why can’t high school boys bee that cute. i laughed to myself, i was eighteen i mean it wouldn’t be illegal. the only thing keeping me from him had to be my brother he wouldn’t let that happen. I rolled my eyes going back up to my room finding that I was now standing alone in the hallway. i went back to my room passing the guest room on my way. “I saw the way you were looking at her,” i heard my brother say. “What are you talking about i wouldnt look at your sister any way?” Zayn responded. well then i guess i wouldnt get any from him. Damn. i rolled my eyes again whatever. i went back to my room and decided to study until my mom called for dinner. we all talked about what my brother was up to how he was doing at school and how he and Zayn became friends. i learned quite a bit about Zayn and i couldnt help but feel like he was watching me through out our meal. he only looked away when my brother would address him making sure not to get caught. i helped my mother clean up the kitchen and put away the dishes that we used. i gave her a hug before heading up the stairs to go take a shower. i got my clothes out of my room and got to the bathroom door just as Zayn stepped out a cloud of steam following him. he was only wearing basket ball shorts and i couldnt help but look. his body was perfect, his shorts hung low and hugged his hips. his V lines were deep and left me curious as to where they led. he cleared his throat a smirk playing on his lips. “You better not have used all the hot water,” i said smirking back at him i could play that game too. he brushed past me his smirk deepening, “Maybe next time you can join me and it won’t matter how much water i use,” he said his lips dangerously close to my ear. i shivered at the thought. what a cheeky boy he was, how was he friends with my stick in the mud of a brother? i went to the bathroom locking the door behind me. i stripped off my clothes still with the idea of him in the shower in my head. the things i could do to that body. i smirked to myself i was always more of the dominant type, but i wouldn’t mind a fight. my last boyfriend always let me take the lead but i thought it was more fun when they fought back. i turned on the water stepping in. i had to rush to shower because i could feel the temperature of the water dropping fast. i was shivering by the time i got out. i really was considering taking him up on that offer of showering together. especially if he was going to use all the hot water every night. i got dressing in my typical pj’s which was just shorts and a tank top. i brushed my hair and took my dirty clothes with me to my room tossing them in my hamper before curling up in bed. i tossed a little waking up. my throat was dry and i really needed something to drink. i went down stairs trying to be quiet i got a bottle of water and turned to leave jumping when i found i wasn’t alone in the kitchen. “Fuck Zayn you scared me,” i said clutching my chest my heart still racing. “Sorry about that,” he said a shy smile on his lips. his accent was different not one i was really familiar with. “Where did say you were from?” i asked suddenly curious. “Bradford,” he said walking over to where i was. he opened the fridge door and got a bottle of water out i guess he was up for the same reason i was. “So what are you doing here in Andover?” i asked hopping up on the counter. “I didnt really have any plans for brake and your brother offered so i decided why not,” he said leaning against the counter next to me, “Although, when he spoke of you i wasnt expecting you to be this beautiful.” i pushed back the blush i felt and smirked at him, “Yeah im sure in my brothers mind im still four.” “Well i have to say you clearly are no child,” He said his eyes scanning my body, they stopped on my boobs and he licked his lips. i hopped off the counter, i moved around him teasingly, “If you want a better view why dont you join me in my room,” i whispered the same way he had before. i strutted off going to my room. i could hear his foot steps behind me and i couldnt help but smirk to myself this should be fun. when we got to my room he shut the door quietly before stopping in his tracts. i stood in front of him, pulling my shirt over my head. i was doing this my way. he froze for a second and i took that chance to put my lips on his. he kissed back his hands roaming my body, he didnt have time to ask for entrance because i was taking the lead. my tongue explored his mouth for a little before his fought back. the kiss was steamy and urgent our hands all over each other. i ran my hands down his chest feeling the dip of his ab muscles. i traced his V lines with my finger tips smirking  when he shivered at the feeling. he walked me backwards to the bed laying me down. he pulled my shorts off of me and unhooked my bra. his lips covered my skin pecking at it lightly. he got down to my center and smirked up at me. he slipped my panties down and ran a finger over my folds, “So, wet already,” he said. his tongue swiped at my entrance and i moaned quietly knowing the limitations of the walls and their ability to keep sound out. he picked and sucked at my center and as good as it felt i wanted to be in charge i would show him exactly what i was capable of. i pushed him off me gently not wanting him to get the wrong idea and think i didnt want this. i pulled him onto the bed moving back so i was more in the center of it. i kissed his lips hard tasting myself on his lips. i got him distracted enough to roll him over so i was on top. i slipped his shorts down his legs and realized he wasnt wearing any boxers. his erection stood tall and my mouth watered slightly. fuck i havent had sex in so long. i gripped the base and stroked him a few times. i placed my lips on the tip licking the precum and watching his head fall back. his hand clamped over his mouth to stifle the moans. i lowered my lips down him till i couldnt take him any more. i pushed it a little bit wanting to at least try and get it all once. i took a deep breath and pushed down more deep throating him for a second before pulling back to breath. my hand took what i couldnt fit and i worked fast. his head was thrown back and he was panting hard. i slowed my movements not wanting this to end so quickly. i pulled off of him and moved to straddle him i leaned over him pecking his lips before sitting back up to guide him into me. “Fuck,” I cursed loving the way he filled me completely. this had to be my favorite position since it allowed him to fill me completely. that and i was on top so i had the control. i rocked my hips keeping him buried deep inside me. i bounced my hips my head falling back my hands running over his torso. his hands were on my hips helping me along. it really has been too long because i could feel my body humming already my insides tightening like a coil waiting to break. “Fuck, Y/N,” he said sitting up. his arms went around my back and he kissed my neck his teeth running against my skin but not biting. he thrust his hips upward and i came undone shaking and cursing under my breath. he did it again and released moaning my name again. we regained our breath and i stood up putting my clothes back on. Zayn did the same and sat back on my bed watching me redress, “You know you cant stay in here my Brother, my dad and, my mom would kill you,” i said jumping on the bed next to him. “I know im leaving i was just enjoying the view. you know you were right the view in your room was amazing,” he said smirking at me. he kissed me once before standing to leave. out of all of my brothers friends i think he is my favorite.


Zayn: you both sit in the back of the van because they were the only seats left since all the boys piled in the front few rows. Everyone’s having some laughs then you starts to feel zayns hand slither up your thigh. It didn’t help that you were already horny from him teasing all day.

You look over at him with fearful eyes and shoot him a look saying ‘can you wait until we get back to the hotel’. He smirks and rubs two fingers up and down your slit. You gasp lowly but loud enough for louis to catch it. “You alright y/n?”

You quickly open your mouth and fake yawn and nod your head “Just a little tired”. He nods and returns to babble on about how cute his new brother and sister are. You try to continue the conversation as clear as you can but zayn is driving you insane. Zayns fingers stop right at your clit and he quickly starts pressing and rubbing. You start to feel your climax coming too quick and squeeze zayns thigh. You swallow that small whine that wants to leave your mouth and listen to Lou talk as zayn quickens his pace. “You gonna cum for me and mess up your panties? Hmm babe?” He growls quietly in you ear.

Your toes curl,your nails dig in to the leather of the seat, and your thighs start to shake as your orgasim hits. His lips cover yours and swallows all of your moans and he rubs you through the last wave of your orgasim. “Paul, zayn & y/n are making out loudly again!” Niall announces making a face and looks at you noticing your face oddly relaxed.

Niall: You both go out to dinner with a few friends and everyone is so lost in telling old college stories that they don’t notice your constant little jolts. Little do they know is niall is fingering you and his long fingers are pounding your g-spot so you’re a few seconds from cumming. He leans over close to your ear and whispers “Don’t cum yet I wanna taste you”.

You almost came from him just saying that but you hold it back and he ‘Accidentally’ drops his silverware a goes under the table looking for it not but 2or 3 people really noticed. He quickly pulls your hips to the edge of your chair slips your panties down your legs and spreads them. His hand rub at your thighs as a warning then he dives right in.

Your hips thrust toward his mouth as you try to quickly chase your climax before someone notices. He sucks at your clit once more and you’re cumming hard while digging you nails into his shoulder to stop yourself from screaming. He licks you through your climax and ‘suddenly finds his silverware’ and sits back down in his seat.

“Don’t think I’m done that was a just an appetizer when we get home I’m having a full course meal” he whispers as starts a conversation about pranks they pull on tour.

Liam: You shiver as his fingers run up the inside of you thigh. You continue your conversation with your boss as if nothing is happening. “Stop it li this important I might get a raise if this goes right!” You whisper shout after putting Mr. Fizgerald on mute. “You know you don’t even need that job I can take care of you just fine, just like I’m about to. What do you want me to do for you babe? Use your words” he whispers against your hot skin. “Mrs. Payne,our head boss would like to interview you through the phone would that be fine?” Liam’s fingers caress your clit waiting for you to anwser and you end up moaning “Yes” into the phone.

“Are you ok Mrs.Payne?”
Your boss asks with a worried tone. “Yes sir just a little stressed but-I’m,when is that phone conference going to happen?” “Actually I just got a call right now from Mr.Jefferson I’ll put him through now good luck Mrs.Payne”.

You gasp slightly scared and slap Liam’s hands away from trying to take your panties off. He gives you a pout and you just lean up and kiss his pouty lips. He smirks and try’s to deepen the kiss but you pull back quickly to anwser Mr. Jefferson.

You bite back a laugh as liam pouts again looking like a sad puppy. Your interview is going extremely well but liam is continually trying to distract you. You were able to bite back your gasp and moans as he nibble at your sensitive nipples. He started to kiss down your chest and sucks a bruise on your hip. You expect him to continue his slow pace but boy were you wrong.

He moved your panties to the side and viscously eats you out. You turn your head to the side to silence your screams into the pillow. You knew you had to get off the phone quickly before your head boss hears you scream Liam’s when you cum. “Mr. J-Jefferson I have to call you back to finish this I have a family thing that just came up” you rasp out and quickly hang up.

You tangle your fingers in his soft brown hai and your hips instinctively grind up against his mouth. It’s only encouraging him to go faster which quickly brought you over the edge. “Ff-uck liam yes!” You scream and grip his hair. He starts to chuckle and your body shivers from the vibrations. “You know if he heard the sweet sounds of your moans you would’ve been had a promotion”.

Harry: You were trying to study for your final and Harry was not any help at all. “Baby come on take a break m’horny” he mumbles against your neck as his hands roam your body trying to undress you. “Babe you’re not horny you’re just bored and I would love to take a break but this test can make or break me. I need to pass this test in order to graduate” you huff an start re-reading all of your study notes for the 20th time today!

He leaves you and walks into your shared bed room and doesn’t say anything for 10 minutes. You start to feel bad for snapping at him you’re just so stressed and you didn’t mean to take it out on him.

So you set down your notes and walk into your bedroom and Harry is no where is sight. “Hazz?” You yell and the door shuts. You jump and quickly turn around and he slowly walks to you with a blank face while backing you up to the bed. “H-hazza I’m sorry for snapping at you”you pant a little fearfully.

He takes both of you wrist and locks them to the head board. “What the fuck Harry! I came in here because I felt bad about snapping at you and you end up handcuffing me to the fucking bed! You know how important this test is to me let me go so I can study!” You scream in anger.

He just stands there with smirking and you shoot a glare at him. “I’m doing this for you because you’re too stressed and I know that because you’ve never snapped at anyone unless you were stressed so I’m about to help you relax”. I swear he fucked you so hard you couldn’t walk straight for a week.

Louis: He loves to sext you even when your in the same room surrounded by all your friends. And this couldn’t have been the worst time for him to do it. You both are at your mom’s house having dinner and he won’t stop telling you what he wants to do to you when you get back to the hotel. Luckily the dinner is almost over you just have to get through dessert and a few conversations before you get to leave. You make a comment about how delicious the cake is and you get a text from Lou.

I’d love to eat you as my dessert, I know your wet pussy is dripping for my mouth to lick up your sweet juice😛

Stop! Can’t you save the dirty talk for the hotel! 😳

Come on babe you know you want me to be fucking you right now, maybe even in your old room too. Hmm, I wonder what your mum and would think if she heard you scream for my cock.

You squeeze your thighs together and will your body to calm down as you feel your body temp rise.

If you don’t get me to the hotel in the next 20 minutes I’m not gonna let you fuck me for a month!

You wouldn’t! 😨

Try me Tomlinson I have a vibrator In my suitcase with fresh batteries! ☺️

😐 I wanna be mad but shit that’s hot!ok get your purse and walk in front of me slowly I have a fucking boner and I rather not show it to your mother!

“Well it’s getting late and Lou has a lot of interviews tomorrow so we have to go now, I love you mom bye!

Part V

The next day consisted of sleeping in, the boys playing soccer, you and the girls sunbathing, a bit of hiking and making dinner. You loved how lazy you all could be out here. There were no interviews or photo shoots to do and no concerts to play. Just a lot of chilling. It was glorious.

Since you and Harry were the best cooks in the group you took care of coordinating dinner preparations. While Harry was showing Niall how to clean the mushrooms, you were fighting with Louis over who had to cut the onions.

Geez, I thought you were such a man, so man-up and save me from having to cut these.”, you told him, dangling the onions in front of his nose.

He shook his head. “No chance, I’m sorry, but I’m not man enough for THAT.”

You looked at him in surprise, then glanced around. “Please tell me someone heard that! Anyone?”

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A Harry Styles Masterpost: Starring Harry's Hands (And My Death.)

Am I the only one who has an obsession with Harry’s hands?? Like??

they’re so under appreciated 98% of the time

and as a messenger of god himself i need to spread the word of the magicalness of his hands

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