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The Grand Theft Auto franchise is best known for letting you run over hookers and then shoot them with bazookas from your jetpack, but today’s gamers get bored with that sort of thing after just a couple hundred hours. So, it didn’t take long for players to start one-upping each other with increasingly radical/deranged in-game stunts, which often require hundreds to thousands of attempts and a comparable quantity of Mountain Dew.

Consider the above clip, which display a level of vehicular control unseen since the days of legal drinking and driving.

These and similar clips are Blacksmoke Billy’s, which isn’t an alternative lifestyles hangout, but a YouTube channel devoted to some of the most insane and elaborate tricks you’ll see in the virtual world. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Tricks range from things you could probably do yourself after a few beers, to figuring out how to jump a motorbike onto a fighter jet, presumably the inspiration for and primary plot point in the upcoming Fast And Furious 8: The Fastererest And Furiousestmost.

6 Impossible Video Game Stunts Someone Pulled Off Anyway

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2017 Grammy Moments

Adele opens with a mediocre performance exposing her “talents”. We learn she isn’t that great live, it was all a perfect illusion.

21 Pilots strip and I went to get some popcorn.

Beyoncé slayed (no surprise). She performed some insane magic tricks that snatched the hive. Also, she looked fucking ethereal, her beauty transcending space and time.

Kathryn Perry decided to rob Gaga’s hamburglar look and make it her own. After her fences performance she gets that PowerPoint presentation piece on the Constitution for the audience. Kween of the resistance.

Adele gives another mediocre performance. She was shook and decided to start all over because she had read her twitter feed and it wasn’t pretty. Also, a very pregnant Beyoncé performing left her hella shook.

Lady Gaga pops in with that band, Metallica. The lead singer’s mic goes off (not in a good way) and she’s left twirling, yelling, jumping, crowd surfing and shaking that ass for her fans. I still don’t know what the fuck they sang about.

Bruno Mars kilt it according to my feed (I missed this).

Finally, I can’t believe Adele ended her career during the 2017 Grammys. Like, wow what a fucking twist.

This Rollerblader's Backflip Trick Is Insane

Rollerblading is hard enough as it is, but backflip-blading is frankly ridiculous.

This rollerblader pulled off an incredibly impressive backflip while in this skate-park, in Zagreb, Croatia. Credit: Sanjin Hadžiomerspahić via Storyful

I was able to expel from my mind all human hope. On every form of joy, in order to strangle it, I pounced stealthily like a wild animal. 
I called to my executioners to let me bite the ends of their guns, as I died. I called to all plagues to stifle me with sand and blood. Disaster was my god. I stretched out in mud. I dried myself in criminal air. I played clever tricks on insanity. 
Spring brought to me an idiot’s terrifying laughter.
—  Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell

Rowan Zorilla’s introductory part in Vans Propeller was an instant classic. From RoZo’s flowing switch style to his insanely deep bag of tricks its no wonder The Skateboard Mag named Rowan 2015′s Years Most Unpredictable.

Visit to watch all of the Raw Files and download your copy of Propeller today from iTunes.