insane timing!


For some reason, I felt the need to draw this educational comic starring Medic explaining the heart symbol because, hey, Valentine’s Day! As far as I know, everything in this is factual (or at least the most likely theory.) I’m too lazy to cite my sources, though, so Google it yerself.

I’m insane for taking the time to draw this, but on the plus side, I’m WAYYYY better at drawing Medic now!

sometimes i think about how william ‘selective loyalty is my middle name, i would do literally anything for the people who matter to me’ magnusson first noticed noora sætre because she was defending one of her friends against him, and i fall in love with them all over again because at least part of his fascination had to have stemmed from the fact that he saw that same fierce loyalty in her

It mattered

I wrote this for my lovely, lovely girlfriend who’s been absolutely wonderful these past few days and also suggested I post this in case tfp ended up being a fuck-up.

So here’s a ficlet about how tfp should have ended because “who you are doesn’t matter” is utter crap. (Salty? Who? Me? Never.)

Also thanks to Coline and Fish for being the best fellow space lesbians anyone could wish for.

“Are you sure about this?”

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