insane tattoos


“It’s all Hallows Eve.
The moon is full.
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will.”

I made a Black No. 1 inspired necklace and earring set because I love the Bloody Kisses album so much. I decided to rifle through my spare jewelry bits a couple days ago and opted to paint a tiny Peter Steele. 

I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 5


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Words: 1,507

Pairing: Joker x Reader

“Come on, run away with me. Forget your Mister J.” He runs next to me in the dark alley.

“Why would I run away? I already have it all, silly.” I respond.

A client of ours has been following me around everywhere for the past week. The only reason I haven’t killed the idiot yet is because of the money he’s giving us.

“What if…” Jordan taps his chin, “I took him away.”

I stop walking as I turn to him, “You take my life,” I toughen up my tone, “I take yours.”

Jordan shakes his head, “No, no, no. I won’t be taking your life, I’ll be taking his.”

“He is my life.” I tilt my head sideways.

“But he’s not yours.” He steps closer to me.

I tilt my chin up, “Wanna bet?” I ask as I raise an eyebrow.

“On what?” He asks as he strokes my cheek.

I smack his dirty hand off me. “Your life.” I grin. He backs up as if he didn’t expect to her that. “If you’re right, you live. If, and when I’m right, you die.” I finish off before walking to my destination, leaving Jordan to contemplate my deal.

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He was bad news. His skin was an art, covered with tattoos. He was everything I was told to stay away from. And yet still, I found my self lying in his arms. He was heartless, cold, selfish.That’s what they all said. But what I saw was a lost boy, searching for love, searching for warmth. His every move pushed me towards the level of insanity and yet still, I fell for him, hard. He was the devil. And I? Well, I was the devil’s angel.