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When All You Have is a Lightsaber

During a Star Wars d6 campaign, my party was asked to take down a Star Destroyer. After our original plan, which would have involved poisoning the air and which I probably put myself on some government watch-lists researching, failed, we were back in our ship discussing Plan B.

Jedi: I still say we just attack it.

Pilot: Oh, right. It’s a Star Destroyer. We’re a cargo ship with no guns. What are you gonna do, stab it in the face with your light saber?

Me(An assassin droid): …Wait. I have an idea. I’M going to stab it in the face with his lightsaber!

I then proceeded to base-jump out of our ship and cut a hole in the Star Destroyer’s bridge, effectively disabling it. The explosive decompression knocked me off, and to this day I’m convinced that the only reason I didn’t fly off into the void of space is because the DM saved me for doing something so insane.

YIIK Development Update!

Hey Guys!

Super sorry we haven’t written on here in a while. I’m going to try and fix that soon. 

Here is the deal: we’re currently developing scenes from the game that are catastrophically spoiling. Stuff that is really exciting and mind blowing compared to what we’ve shown… however, if we show you, that’ll ruin EVERYTHING! 

Here are some updates on all the different aspects of development:


So, the game has some pretty cool dungeons. They feel a bit like Wild Arms, a bit like Zelda, and a bit like Final Fantasy IX at times. 

Each Dungeon is bigger than the last, which the first dungeon taking about 48 minutes on average to complete. 

There are five major dungeons, and 3-4 mini dungeons, excluding the Mind Dungeon. 

These are all complete, save for half of one and the final Dungeon, which we are working on now! :D 

We will likely have these all complete by the second week of May. 


From there we turn out attention to combat, where we start adding all the party members abilities and animations in! 

Voice Acting: 
So, the game has a pretty massive script. There was something like 30+ hours of recorded audio. We’ve been sifting through the takes, cutting them up, mixing them, mastering them, and getting them in the game. We’d like to have all the audio in the game by the second week of June. 

From June to July, we’ll be working on Boss Battles, and the Mind Dungeon. 

Our goal is to be in beta by the middle of August so we can start testing internally at first, then semi publicly. 

Once we can evaluate the state of polishing required we’ll be able to pick a firm release date and get the game into your hands. 

And that my friends, is how insane people make an RPG in about a year and a half. 

Still loads load to do! WISH US LUUUUUCK!!!




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Earthbound: the prime example of games that do poorly at launch but grew a cult following.  Speaking of cults, the last thing I expected to see in this cheerful Nintendo RPG was a parody of the Klu Klux Klan.  It was at this moment I knew the game was going to get weird.  The reference is not even subtle, even in the censored American version where the added a Santa Claus poof and removed the HH for Happy Happyism.  These creeps want to make the world one pure “color”.  Fortunately, instead of gross racism it’s literally painting the town and it’s folk BLUE…  Thanks?  Bottom line, Insane Cultists are scary whether their in a video game or worse, in real life…

Making a crowd walking eerily was actually fun though, because the true fear of characters like this are their numbers…