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"Are you fucking insane!?" Marichat, please! ♡

“Are you fucking insane?!” Chat Noir hissed, panting hard. He released Marinette from his tight hold as soon as they landed on the roof.

Marinette stumbled backwards, losing her balance. Chat Noir grabbed her arm to steady her. “What were you thinking, Marinette?! You could have seriously gotten hurt!”

“I was t-trying to help you!” Marinette sputtered, face red and angry.

“You getting hurt or…or killed isn’t going to help anyone!”

“That guy had a gun. He was going to shoot you.” Marinette’s voice had lost a little of its fierceness.

“I’m in a magical suit.”

“And you know its bulletproof?” she challenged.

Chat Noir looked a little sheepish. “I assume…”


“Either way, you aren’t magic, Marinette! You can’t go charging after bad guys. I’m the one who is supposed to serve and protect.”

“But who protects you?” she asked in a small voice. “I couldn’t just stand there…”

Chat Noir cupped her cheek gently. “Then you know how I felt when I saw you running straight for the gun.”

“Ladybug should have been there,” Marinette grumbled, unconsciously reaching to her ears. Her bare lobes mocked her. She was going to kick Hawk Moth’s ass when she got Tikki back.

Chat Noir stepped back and scratched the back of his neck. “Ladybug is, uh, dealing with some things right now. She’ll be back in action as soon as she can be.”

Marinette wondered how much Master Fu had told her partner after she had shown up weeping when an akuma had managed to take her Miraculous after a long battle the week before. Chat Noir had been out of town for something in his civilian life and his absence had been her undoing in the fight.

“I need you to promise me you’ll be more careful,” Chat Noir demanded, moving in again. “I can’t…it would kill me to lose you.”


Chat Noir looked surprised by her question, green cat eyes widening. “You’re important to me, Marinette. You’re….I care about you.”

Marinette looked at him thoughtfully. “You know.”

Chat Noir’s shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry, My Lady. I know how much you value your privacy, but Master Fu thought I needed to watch out for you…even more than I already do,” he mumbled.

Marinette closed in and wrapped her arms around Chat Noir’s waist. He stiffened and then melted around her. “Thank you, kitty. You’re always looking out for me.”

“I-I lov…I’ll always look out for you.”

“I know.”

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Hope you enjoyed it, @sherlockian-demigod-potterhead :) Thanks for the prompt!

If you would like me to write a short ML drabble, send me a prompt from this list and a pairing and I will get to it when I can. :) I don’t mind doing the same prompt for different pairings but I won’t duplicate the same prompts/pairings.

  • Yuri Katsuki, the first half of this show: what did i do to deserve Viktor Nikiforov
  • Viktor Nikiforov, in his head, this entire time: I came to Japan for Yuuri Katsuki because he pole danced half naked, cha-cha-ed with me with a tie on his head, dry humped me while begging me to be his coach, probably saved me from oncoming desolation and depression, my life, my love, my-
  • Yuuri Katsuki, episode 10: i did wHAT

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Sugar daddy! jin with number 16? :D

✎ things you said with no space between us ✎
1.1k words ; smut [ nc-17 ]

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a/n: no space aka ~sexy times~

If someone had told you months ago that you would be a sugar baby to South Korea’s top bachelor, who just happened to own half of Seoul and look over more than a handful of employees and companies, you would’ve laughed at them and called them delusional.

But you should’ve known that your financial woes would turn you desperate enough to sign up for a sugar daddy seeking site (with plenty of convincing from your best friend’s part as well).

The sugar industry was another world altogether. You thought that being in college and dealing with shitty professors were difficult, but then in came the contracts and disclosure restrictions from the moneybags. You had to go through countless of forms and contracts before you finally even did anything for the man.

Kim Seokjin.

His company had risen from the dirt about ten years ago, putting him on a pedestal high above the others with his net worth being beyond anything you could ever comprehend. Considering your unfortunate bank balance, that wasn’t a surprise.

Then again, never would you ever picture yourself getting fucked in the tallest building in Seoul, in Seokjin’s office, bent over his desk while he’s making a deal with someone over the phone.

Jesus Christ.

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Remember those days when I used to put those extra few minutes in to actually dry and brush my hair after a shower…yeah, me either.  I have things I should be doing now, but I got to the office a half hour early intending to be productive and then I sat down and opened my inbox and that feeling left me entirely.  Ugh!  But, at least it’s FRIDAY!  My child has also made it through an entire week without me wanting to kill him, AND all of his clothes actually still fit him properly for his band concert last night! (Let me just high-five myself for purchasing those INSANELY long pants last semester…because they actually fit this semester!  Two wears of band dress pants is a huge win in this house!)

I have so much to do today that I really shouldn’t be taking a half day.  However, my sanity demands it.  Saturday we have a couples baby shower (just ask me how much the husband is looking forward to that) and Sunday we’ll be at my parents’ house the whole day helping out with chores and reading through their insurance policies to see what more can be done for my dad.  I NEED at least a couple of hours this afternoon to be alone.  Hopefully, I’ll have some bonding time with my bike!  I’ve only gotten to ride it once this week. :( Conner will be gone all day Saturday on a band trip to a music festival and to Schlitterbahn, so hopefully the husband and I can sneak a date in after the baby shower at least!  I feel like we haven’t had a proper date night in a while!  His work has been ridiculous lately, too.  Last night during the concert, I swear, he got no less than fifteen work messages!  And, between them, he was struggling just to stay awake.  At least he took Monday off so he can have some time alone of his own.  He likes to sleep in, ride his motorcycle to breakfast, and then play in the garage.  :)  He’s the most adorable, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him every. single. day.  Regardless of how busy my work gets, I NEVER put in the kind of hours that he does.  But, he never complains, and he still comes home and manages to be loving, supportive, and just present for both of us.  I may have mentioned before that I definitely won the husband lottery! :)

Anyway, Happy Friday, everyone! :)

Labor and Toil, Part 4. A Rowaelin Fanfiction.

Hey, sorry this so long! I really don’t know how I feel about the ending, but whatevs, you all will just have to tell me about it. Anyways, here it is, and I will probably do some form of an epilogue or the scene where everybody meets the new Princess, idk. Love you all!!

 Aelin Galathynius was having a shitty day so far.
Even though, soon she supposed, it would be one of the happiest days of her life. But right now, it was pretty shitty.
 With another long groan, she fell back against Rowan, her damn dress damp with sweat. Rowan carefully placed an icy cloth on her brow, murmuring soft words in her ear. She savored the feel of his hands running down her arms in careful, soothing motions. Aelin made herself open her eyes, and found Rowan’s eyes trained on her.

  “What?” She bit out, harsher than she’d meant to.
Rowan pursed his lips, a frown tugging at the corners of his mouth. “How do you feel, Fireheart,” he said with Fae softness.
 She wanted to snap at him, tell him that she felt like she was pushing their child out of her womb, but she leashed herself.
 “I’m tired, sore, and I feel nauseous.” She said plainly, wriggling back against him, leaning her head against his shoulder.
Yrene made a noise from the end of the bed, and got up, getting a glass of water, which she offered to Aelin.  She took it gratefully and sipped from it slowly, the cool water calming her insides. Rowan lifted the cloth again and sent a jolt of ice through it before placing it on the back of her neck. Aelin sighed again, handing the glass back to Yrene, who took it and pressed her fingers into the hollow of her wrist, checking her pulse.
   “You really are doing well, Aelin, and you are moving along quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the baby was here by tonight.”
 Aelin nodded, but said nothing, as she could feel her gut begin to tighten and cramp. “Rowan—”
Her mate knew what she couldn’t say, and intertwined his hands with hers’.
 “You can do this, Aelin, breathe,” he murmured in her ear. “You’re doing brilliantly, love.”
Aelin felt something shift, and she let out a scream, pushing as hard as her body would allow. Yrene moved to the end of the bed, bracing her hands on either of Aelin’s shins.
A sharp intake of breath met Aelin’s ears and panic rose in her chest.
  Behind her, Rowan tensed. “What? What’s wrong” He snapped.
Yrene let out a chuckle, and raised her head. “Just keep pushing Aelin, you’re doing wonderfully.”
  Aelin didn’t feel the least bit calmed, but did as she was told, digging her nails into Rowan’s hands as she pushed.
 A savage groan escaped her and she felt her already hot face heat further, but she couldn’t bring herself to care as Yrene gave her a brilliant smile.
 “I see a baby, Aelin.”
Aelin’s words were caught in her throat as she threw back her head against Rowan’s shoulder, tears forming in her eyes as pain ripped through her.
  “You really are almost there, Aelin. I just need a few more pushes, then you can see your baby,” Yrene murmured softly, gesturing for one of the fresh faced young women to come to stand next to her.
 Rowan, she noticed, had gone silent, and she reached a hand back to grab his shoulder. He started a bit, then kissed her hair.
  “I’m fine, Fireheart, don’t worry about me, just focus on the baby, you can do this.” He mumbled into her hair, but Aelin knew his nerves were getting the better of him, but she didn’t say anything. Because the same was going on inside of her, but that didn’t matter, because they’re baby was almost there and Aelin was ready to meet her child.
  So she released Rowan’s shoulder, and inhaled deeply.
“Aelin, when I tell you to push, push. Understand?” Yrene stated, her voice steady and even. Aelin gave a weak nod, and slid her hand back into Rowan’s, the comfort of his scarred skin and callouses calming her.
  But something felt different, something was—
 “Push, Aelin.” Yrene demanded, and Aelin groaned as she pushed, trying not to focus on the insanely uncomfortable feeling. She panted heavily, then hissed as Rowan slid out from behind her.
He came to stand beside her, his eyes burning into hers.
“Keep pushing, Aelin. You are doing beautifully, Princess.”
  Aelin gave a tortured scream as something inside her shifted.
No. No, something was wrong.
 “Yrene,” she gasped, her fingers clutching the sheets.
“Something’s— Not right!” She screamed the last words, fisting a hand in her hair.
  Oh, gods! No, her baby…
Please! Please, she begged the gods, let my baby live, let me live!
Aelin couldn’t form a thought— she couldn’t breathe, to many things were happening. She couldn’t breathe!
Rowan made a small noise, meeting her eyes. “Aelin, you’re going to be fine, don’t think like that—”
But then Yrene was ushering him out of the room, growling just as loudly as Rowan when he began to argue.
“Rowan!” She shouted desperately, wanting to scream at Yrene for forcing him out of the room, but the healer was right.
 Right now, the healers needed the room.
Yrene dashed back to the foot of the bed, running a cool cloth up her leg.
“Aelin, you— Breathe deeply, keep breathing. We are going to deliver this baby, so help me Silba. Sanetur, help the Queen with her breath, Mulier, I want you to help me with the baby, she is coming a bit awkwardly!”
 Aelin vaguely sensed Yrene shouting something else, but she could only focus on the words swirling around in her head.
 Stay, Aelin, don’t leave, not after all we’ve done, stay Aelin. You can do this, love. Keep breathing.
 It was Rowan, through the bond.
“Rowan,” she whispered, fighting fiercely against the darkness that loomed.

   Rowan paced as he heard shouting from the other room.
He fisted a hand in his hair, swallowing once, twice, three times. Just trying to calm himself.
 Oh gods, never in his life had he felt so helpless, so utterly unable.
“Please,” he whispered to the empty room. “Let her live.”
  Another guttural scream echoed in the room and Rowan nearly fell to his knees.
He plopped down on the couch, bowing his head.
“Please, let her and the child live,” he whispered. “Please, please.”
He didn’t even know who he was praying to, and he didn’t even care.
All Rowan Whitethorn wanted to hear was that his wife was all right.
  For another ten gut wrenching minutes, Rowan sat there listening intently, hoping to glean some form information from the near silent room. But then—
 A wail cut through the silence, then hoot of joy. Rowan felt his eyes fill with tears, and he scrambled off the couch, bolting towards the door. His child was on the other side of that door. Rowan began to push open the door, but was met with one of the young healers throwing it open. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of a squirming pink baby in the arms of Yrene.
  “King Rowan, come in!” Yrene shouted, and he stepped to her side, eyes flicking from Aelin to the baby and back again about a million times.
 Aelin was panting, tears streaming down her face as she stretched out a hand for her child.
“Rowan, our baby, let me hold her, please, Rowan.” She begged, tears falling down anew.
But Rowan’s attention caught on that word— her. He glanced back down at the babe, who was being checked by the healers.
 It was indeed a little girl, her head covered in fine silver-white hair— like his own.
He stepped to Aelin’s side, grabbing her hands in his and pressing kisses to her brow.
“Let them check her, Fireheart, let them check, then we can see her.” He murmured, his voice cracking with emotion. The healers began to wipe the babe with a cool cloth, cleaning the child.
  Rowan felt the world go silent as Yrene walked to him, holding out the child.
Tears fell down his face as the woman gently deposited the girl in his arms, murmuring something he couldn’t hear. The breath escaped him as the child reached out a clenched fist, gurgling nonsense.
  “Rowan,” Aelin mumbled, reaching out her hands.
   Rowan nodded distantly, turning slightly to place the girl in Aelin’s arms. She was so tiny, and her eyes— they were Aelin’s eyes.
Aelin sobbed as the babe reached out a fist to grasp the finger Aelin had begun to wiggle before the small child.

   Through the haze of his love and utter amazement, Rowan sensed Yrene coaxing something to Aelin’s lips, which she drank without protest. The healer murmured something about being back in a little while, they would need to check Aelin in a few minutes. But the three women left them in near-silence, the only sounds the soft cooing of Aelin as she brushed her fingers along the child’s head.
 Something inside Rowan broke at the fierce love and warmth flowing from Aelin, her eyes
  Rowan sat down gently, trying not to jostle Aelin as he wriggled onto the bed. With a small grunt, she shifted her legs and leaned her head against Rowan’s shoulder. Rowan didn’t think he’d breathed in the past ten minutes.  
 “Name,” he rasped, a hand coming up on its own to settle on Aelin’s hand.
Aelin wet her lips, leaning down to kiss their child. “Evalin? I think it would fit her?” Aelin’s voice was tired, but not weak. No, it was as if the child had sent a jolt of energy through Aelin.
Rowan kissed his mate’s head softly, “Your mother’s?” He paused, running a careful finger across Evalin’s brow.
“A fitting name indeed.”
Aelin huffed a laugh, sniffing delicately as tears started falling again. “She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” Aelin breathed.
 All Rowan could do was nod.
   Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius had been on the earth for over three hundred years, and in that moment, watching his wife kiss their baby girl’s forehead was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

   Aelin Galathynius was tired, more so then she wanted to admit, but she stayed awake, talking quietly with Rowan as the healers did a final check on Evalin, and looked her over. They gave her a bitter tasting tea that was supposed to help any bleeding, and a mild pain tonic, soon after they left, murmuring their blessings as they went.
 Aelin sighed in contentment as she held Evalin to her breast, sleep tugging at her eyes. Through her exhaustion, she felt Rowan shift a bit behind her.
“Rowan?” She mumbled, her tongue heavy in her mouth.
“I want a message sent to Lys and Aedion, and one to the Cadre. Tell them it’s a girl, and that we’ll see them tomorrow,” she paused thinking. Maybe it was selfish of her, but right now, she couldn’t bear the thought of anyone interrupting their little bubble of solitude. “Tell them not to worry.”
 Rowan hummed and slid out from behind her, puffing the pillows around her before allowing her to lay back.
He looked her over, his eyes lingering on the child currently suckling at her breast. He leaned in, kissing her softly.
“You’re beautiful. Both of you.”
Aelin smiled tiredly against his soft lips, “I still feel as though I’ve swallowed Abraxos.”
 Rowan brushed a hand through his hair, the same color as their daughter’s, “Maybe, but you are still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Aelin.”
  Her cheeks flushed, but she rolled her eyes, shifting Evalin a bit. “Get the message sent, I don’t want them stampeding in here.”
Rowan chuckled, and crossed the room to jot down the note on a spare bit of parchment. Aelin watched as Rowan stepped out the door.
Aelin leaned down, kissing Evalin’s brow. The little girl gave a wet gurgle of laughter, and Aelin felt tears well in her eyes again.
 She adjusted the blanket swaddling Eva, “How you doing, sweetie? Daddy will be back in a minute.”
   Aelin smiled widely as Evalin went back to her breast, and suddenly Aelin felt the enormity of what she just done.
She just brought a child, a little girl into this world, and now she sat with her daughter and her husband in their chambers.
  A trill of laughter escaped her lips and as Rowan stepped back in, he cocked a brow. “What?”
Aelin shook her head, “Nothing, come back to bed.”
 Rowan gave a brisk nod, and walked to the other side of the bed, sliding in next to her. Aelin watched as Rowan smoothed a gentle hand over Evalin’s small head, his face soft and gentle, a new sort of grin tugging at his lips.
 “You have made me the luckiest male to have ever walk this earth, Aelin.”
Aelin closed her eyes against the tears that threatened to spill, and leaned her head against Rowan’s shoulder.
 “I love you, Rowan.”
“I love you, too.”
Aelin felt Evalin pull away, gurgling a soft noise before nuzzling back against Aelin.
“I think that’s her way of saying ‘I love you’.” Rowan mumbled into her hair.
   Aelin could only mumble her agreement before she nodded off.

  Rowan watched as sleep seeped over Aelin, her head pressing into his shoulder. With a quiet laugh, he eased them both back into the pillows. He stayed up until Yrene came knocking, asking to check on Aelin once more.
The healer quickly did her work, then reminded Rowan he should get some sleep. Rowan nodded slowly, then looked down at Aelin and Eva.
  “Does Aelin need to nurse tonight? Does Eva sleep with Aelin?” Rowan felt a blush creep up his neck. He should know this.
 But Yrene gave him a gentle smile, “I’ll lay the babe down, you sleep. If Eva needs to nurse, which she will, she’ll fuss. Wake Aelin, she’ll know what to do.”
Rowan nodded, watching as Yrene gently scooped the sleeping girl out of Aelin’s arms. Evalin didn’t stir, but Aelin jerked awake.
“Is everything okay? Yrene?”
Rowan laid a hand on Aelin’s arm, “We’re putting Eva to bed, Aelin.”
  His wife nodded, her eyes still flickering over to Eva.
Rowan tracked Yrene as she gently placed the still sleeping babe in the crib. “Aelin, if you feel any discomfort or feverish, contact me. I’ll be here in the morning, after you see me you can have visitors. None before.”
Aelin gave a weak nod and closed her eyes, wriggling back into the pillows. Yrene smiled at the now-dozing queen. “Make sure she drinks plenty of water, King, she’s lost lots of fluids. And she’ll need to eat a good meal in the morning, it’s been a while since she’s eaten.”
Rowan bit his lip, Aelin hadn’t eaten all day. He’d make sure she got something in the morning.
“And make sure Evalin sleeps on her back, nothing in the crib with her.” Yrene began towards the door.
  “And Rowan,” she looked back at him, a threat in her eyes. He braced himself.
“I mean it about no visitors. Aelin needs rest, as does the baby. I’ve already had Aedion and Lysandra at my door needling me for details.”
Rowan let out a quiet laugh. He didn’t doubt that one bit.
“Good night, Rowan. Get some sleep, you’ll need it.”
Rowan bid the woman goodnight and began shucking off his clothes. In his undershorts, he slipped into bed, next to Aelin. Brushing a chaste kiss over her brow, he tucked the blankets around Aelin, and with half a thought he snuffed out all the candles in the room.
  With his thought’s whirring in his mind, and love flowing from his heart, Rowan Galathynius closed his eyes, the image of Aelin holding their child in her scarred arms flickering in his mind.

Lena after single handedly saving the entire alien population in National City and leading to the arrest of her evil step-mom, aka the leader of CADMUS.

in your dreams - joji (nsfw)

Prompt: That blowjob scene, could you do one where Joji is smoking while reader blows him?

This one is NSFW as well, but I have an SFW coming up soon (not the next post but the one after), thanks for sticking by me on this project. It takes a minute to write these as I’m just one person and I am a full-time college student.

               Watching Joji on stage was something you were sure you’d never get tired of. When he had told you that he was going to do a live show as Pink Guy, he had tried to seem casual about it, but it wasn’t hard to see through his cool guy exterior. He was excited. Of course, as a supportive girlfriend, you had come. You weren’t too obvious, in fact you were watching from the crowd for most of the show to get a better view. You even casually talked to a few of the people that were there, a lot weren’t there to see “Pink Guy”, but there still were a few that were. You felt a bit like you were undercover, but of course who would recognize you? Neither you nor George were the type to put anything too personal online, and even though you’d been seeing each other for over a year, there was nothing more than a few rumors going around about that girl that sometimes showed up in the background of fan’s photos with George.

               But God was it hard not to be obvious while you were watching him on stage. As goofy as the pink suit was, it really actuated every curve and dip of George’s body. You can just tell just how much he was sweating and no matter how vulgar the lyrics were that goofy little smile of his just kept popping up.  His eyes are hidden behind those sunglasses but you know that if you took them off they’d be bright and excited. You really wanted to take them off. You knew which song he was going to do last, so as soon as you hear the opening bars of his final song, you slip backstage. After all, you want to be there when he gets off stage, still excited and bubbly and sweaty, and riding the high of his show. You watch from side stage, staying just out of view of anyone in the audience as you watch Joji finish his last song and say his good byes before he walks off stage. He smiles when he sees you, and as soon as he gets close enough you reach out and plunk the sunglasses off his nose and put them on your own head to get them out of the way. He actually leans in to kiss you before you step away quickly, quietly reminding him that you two can’t do that in public, that you both want to keep your lives private and there are just too many fans around. He sighs and grabs a cigarette from the box he’d left back stage. He hadn’t offered you one in months. He knew by now that you were more a gum chewer than a smoker. “Come out and talk with me while I have a smoke?” he offers. You nod and follow him as he walks towards the back door. As soon as you’re out of sight you pull the hood off him so you can see him better. He looks good sweaty. Really good, especially with the way his hair is curling a little more than it usually does at the ends and the hair matted onto his forehead covers his eyes just a little. He’s already got the cigarette between his lips when he stops short of the door.

               “Shit, there are people out there waiting. I was hoping they’d hold off until a little later. I gotta have a smoke before I’m going to be any fun to be with,” he says, backing up from the door. You take his hand and point at a bathroom near the back of the venue. Everyone else is still near the stage, so if George just had a smoke in the bathroom he’d be all set.

               “Just smoke it in the bathroom and put it out with some water so it doesn’t burn the paper towels when you through it in the trash,” you offer. He smiles and puts the cigarette back between his lips as you enter the bathroom. It’s tiny, a toilet, a urinal and a sink in all one area. You lock the door behind you as George leans against the sink and lights his cigarette. He takes a long drag and relaxes a little, slumping against the sink while he unzips the front of his suit down his torso and slips free of it, tying the top of the suit around his waist so it’s more like a pair of pink pants then a suit. You can’t help but stare. He’s fucking shining from the sweat and that suit really doesn’t leave anything to the imagination when you get close enough. Your eyes get caught on that little bit of fuzz he’s got on his stomach that disappears under the cover of the suit.

               George snaps his fingers to try and get your attention, and when you look at him his got that stupid fucking grin on his face that he gets when he wants something. “What do you want Joj?” He takes another long drag, blowing the smoke out before raising an eyebrow.

               “If I asked you to suck me off right here in this bathroom while I finish my smoke, would you do it ?” he asks. He must be drunk off of the adrenaline of the show because he’s usually not quite so bold as to just flat out say that he wants to be sucked off, even if, as he eloquently put it the last time you’d gone down on him while you were drunk together “I always wanna get sucked off. Everytime I see your mouth I can’t help thinking about it.” Luckily, he gives as good as he gets, and he’s not at all shy when it comes to eating you out. You don’t even bother to answer him, just take a step forward and kiss him deeply for a moment before moving down his body. You place sucking kisses down his torso, leaving light marks on his hips and kissing a line across where his skin meets the pink suit. You tug just a little at the hairs on his lower stomach because the prickling pain turns him on and you know it.

               “Fuck,” he breathes, and when you look up at him, he’s watching you intently, his cigarette forgotten and dangling limply between the fingers of his right hand. His mouth is hanging open dumbly in anticipation and the shine on his cheeks from the sweat really brings out the fevered blush he gets whenever he’s aroused. You look at the cigarette pointedly, telling him with no words to finish it or he’d be too wired later. You know you need to be quick, but it’s just too tempting to tease him. You move a hand up to cup his cock over his suit and he shudders a little. It’s fascinating to watch him grow under the pink fabric until the lyrca is stretched tight and you keep feeling him through the suit until he manages a pathetic “please,” in between drags.

               You smirk up at him, you love it when you gets like this. Twitchy and desperate for the slightest touch. You slowly untie the arms of the suit from around his waist and pull the entire thing down to his knees. You lean forward and mouth at his cock through his boxers and he just whines. “You want it George?” He nodded, wide eyed as he lets out another puff of smoke. “Beg me for it.” He gives you that look that says he’s going to get you back for this as soon as you get home.

               “Come on, Y/N, fuck please? I need to…” he trails off as you softly kiss the base of his cock. “Mmm, yeah, that’s good,” he says. His eyes are starting to close and he’s leaning heavily on the sink, cigarette back between his lips. You let your tongue glide slowly up to his tip, and flatten it against the underside. Joji nearly drops his cigarette, and you have to bring a hand out to hold his shaking thighs still.

               “Patience Joji, I know you’re amped up from the show, but just relax.” He stops shaking a little, and you can see him breathe out another cloud of smoke as you take the pink head of his cock into your mouth. You’ve got a hand on his hip to steady him, and bring the other up to lightly scratch a fingernail across that spot under his balls that drives him insane. He takes in a sharp breath, and he’s biting at his own lip to keep quiet. You can hear the show going on and you know he can too but it just urges you on. He lets the cigarette dangle from his lips as he reaches his hands down to put in your hair. You swipe your tongue across his shaft as you take him in deeper and his grip in your hair tightens. He lets out a string of words in Japanese that you can’t quite understand, but the way he says them, like he can’t control the breathy way each syllable leaves his mouth, lets you guess what he’s saying. You keep changing the amount of pressure, humming to add a little vibration because you know it drives him insane.

               “Okay, okay” he pants, “D-don’t stop doing that,” he arches off against the counter, pressing forward and adjusting his position a little because he’s starting to slide down the sink. His face is twisted in pleasure and he’s got both hands in your hair, cigarette forgotten in the basin of the sink. You push him forward with the hand on his hip, letting him know if he wants to move a little, it’s okay. His hips are twitching as he fucks your mouth shallowly and he’s only being held up by his elbows, which are firmly resting on the sink basin. “Yeah, just like that…Y/N,” he moans, sucking in deep breaths. You can feel his body tense and he’s letting out these anxious little whimpers that he is always embarrassed to admit to making later. “Shit, I gotta-I gotta” he manages before he loses it. You suck him through it and he lets out a satisfied sigh before pulling you up to kiss him.  

               “Feel better now George? Relaxed and ready?” You ask him, he grins lazily and kisses you again before pulling his suit back on and tossing the cigarette butt into the trash.

               “Yeah, the cigarette alone probably wouldn’t have done it though. I might need you to come to all of my shows,” he teases, and kisses you once more before grabbing his sunglasses off of your head and putting them back on. He’s leading you out the door when he turns around.

               “Oh and Y/N? Just so you know, when we get home tonight I’m going to have you screaming for Pink Guy just like everyone else was tonight.” It takes a second for you to process the joke because you’re stuck on the idea of George’s tongue and the bed in your shared apartment.

               “In your dreams Joji, now go and meet some fans.”

Essays in Existentialism: Stud II

Your stud lexa was sooo good, I would love to see more of it!
Previously on

It was huge. Monstrous and huge and familiar. But, as Clarke sat in the car and looked up from the window at the fixture in the skyline, she felt as if she’d never noticed it completely before now. Glowing in the dark from the lights around it, the windows were like jack-o-lantern teeth from the late night workers and random careless employees. 

It was one of the biggest in the city, and it was Lexa’s. Mostly Lexa’s. Partly Lexa’s. The enormity of it was dizzying. And still, Clarke sat in the car and stared as if it was her first time.

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Yongguk- Mine

Some jealous Yongguk for Eliiana on AFF as well as an anon. Enjoy. 

P.S is my boyfriend around here? Is he seeing this?

Nevermind, just read the jealousy smut

-Admin Em

Rated M

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Bonkai + Kai hiding the ascendant (6x04 vs. 6x17)

Mine! (OhmBryce)(yaoi)(NSFW//kinda//)

((so now a jealous Brycey-Chan for you all~))

it was a normal out for the day. Bryce wanted to go to the new game store. so he took his friends, Ryan, Jonathan and Luke. they wanted to play or find something cool. so they got there and it was filled with so many games it was unreal.

“holy shit” Luke was wide eyed. Jonathan giggles, wide eyed, pulling the older male with him. “let’s go there! c'mon Luke!” “okay okay damn” Bryce giggles softly. “they kind of act like a married couple” Ryan laughs. “true, they did don’t they?”

Bryce walks over to a shelf with some cool games. he smiles at a few choices. he giggles, showing them to the older male, grinning cutely. “which one?” Ryan chuckles at the younger male’s cuteness and points.

“that one” Bryce saw it was a fun Mario kind of game as he nods. “i was thinking the same thing” Ryan nodded. ‘are you gentlemen finding everything nice?“ the cashier, a woman, young, asked them. "yeah we did” Bryce stated, handing the games for to her.

the cashier nodded, but her eyes never left Ryan. “and how you found everything nicely handsome?~” she playfully winked. Ryan ignore the wink but he answer. “same, i did” Bryce nodded how the cashier was eyeing the older.

the younger felt a huge burning in his chest everytime she looks at Ryan or even winks at him. soon, they got their games. but she would keep asking Ryan so many naughty shit. the cashier went as far as- “want to hang out sometime?” Bryce had it. he grabs Ryan’s arm, hugging it as he pouts. “he’s mine!”

the cashier and even Ryan was shocked. Jonathan and Luke, who were just finished paying by another cashier, saw this. Bryce then heard what he just heard and grabbed the bag, walking off quickly. “Bryce wait!”

he heard Jonathan called to him. but he didn’t stop. he kept walking. he wanted that burning feeling in his chest to go away. some reason, he wanted to cry. he didn’t know why. oh right, some bitch flirted with a guy he loves. oh yes, Bryce has deep romantic feelings for him.

he didn’t even know when he fell for the bunnyman, he just did and he fell hard. Bryce got to his car because they took 2 cars. Luke rid with Jonathan and Ryan rid with him. “he’ll probably go home with that girl or the others”

he bit his lip, unlocking the car. but as he held the door handle, a hand slams against the window, making him freeze when he felt panting near his ear. “found you” Ryan stated, he had ran, trying to find the other male. Bryce blushes heavily. they were too close.

“R-Ryan you’re t-too close!” Bryce turn to get away but Ryan pins him to the car. the bag of games long forgotten on the ground now. “Bryce, look at me” Bryce had his eyes shut. because he didn’t want to look and that their faces were inches away.

“Bryce” the tune in Ryan’s voice made him whimper. it was deep, wanting and something else he can’t believe. slowly, he opens his eyes. he blushes at how close they really were. Ryan smirks as he leans in, whispers breathless into his ear.

“Brycey~ were you jealous back there?~” Ryan purred into his ear, making Bryce shudder to this. he found it extremely cute. he wanted to pounce the younger male and do things to him. Bryce starts to breath heavily, blushing as Ryan bit his earlobe.

“a-and if i w-was?” Ryan growl and latches his mouth to his neck. “because you’re all mine Brycey, it was so cute how jealous you were, the cashier is a idiot” Ryan spoke in between licks and kisses. Bryce moans to each one.

his hands were in a fist that were still held by the older’s hands as he continues leaving so many hickeys on his neck. Ryan saw the other rubbing his legs together trying to be comfy.

he smirks, slipping his thigh in between his legs, rubbing his growing clothed erection more. “R-Ryan~” Bryce moans, leaning his head back, whimpers with a mewl as Ryan rubs his area harder with his thighs. “w-wait, Ryan~ w-we’re in t-the parking l-lot” Bryce struggles, but stops when Ryan growls.

“who cares, you’re too cute right now~” Ryan licks his collarbone as Bryce bit his lip, blushing. then he heard talking. people were coming. “R-Ryan, there’s people-” but Ryan cut Bryce off, kissing him passionately as Bryce moans, kissing Ryan back as their tongues brush together as their fingers lock together.

“where are they?” Jonathan asked, looking around. “who knows, but Bryce’s car is still here so they can’t be that far” Luke stated. Bryce had his eyes shut tightly, trying so badly to hold in the moans.

“maybe they’re walking or some shit, so we’ll meet them back at your place” Jonathan stated. Luke shrugs. “whatever” then footsteps were walking away. when they left, Bryce broke the long insane kiss, panting heavily with Ryan as saliva connected their tongues as they panted hard.

Bryce looks away, pouting, teary eyes. “w-what if they saw or heard us?” Ryan signs and kiss his cheek. “sorry i got carried away” Bryce blushes and moans softly, leans in and kiss his neck. Ryan groans softly, looking at him.

“y-you better finished what you started” Bryce stated cutely while kissing his neck. that smirk, that smug smirk, appear on Ryan’s face as he kisses him deeply which the other kisses him back. “gladly babe~ also you’re still cute even when you’re jealous” “shut the heck up Ryan!”

FIC: Plenty of Pressure

Title: Plenty of Pressure, But Good Hair

Pair: Kadam

Summary: While trying to make the sign-up sheet for his senior project visible, Adam takes a moment to reflect on the only name signed up for The Apples this year. That’s when he hears a voice from behind, telling him it’s “super fun.”

AU Season Four Post- The Quarterback. Kurt didn’t let Rachel and Santana take over his band, and he didn’t get a tattoo while drunk.

Kadam Week Prompt #2 Hair dye/Haircut

Adam scanned over the bulletin board in the common area. He’d put up a sign-up sheet here for his senior project… but apparently people weren’t so hard up as to sign on for post-apoc Geek Theater. Or at least, not from Adam Crawford. There were three other flyers pinned up on top of his sign-up sheet.

Not that bowling night, the spring performance of Too Damn Hot (the men’s acapella choir), and the campus Baptist prayer group weren’t important, but it would’ve been nice if they’d cleared away some expired flyers instead of covering up Adam’s.

Adam sifted through the layered mess, moving a few to the side and repositioned his flyer so it could be seen. With a moment’s hesitation, Adam removed the Apples flyer. No one would be signing up this late in the semester.

There was only one name on it, anyway.

“That’s NYADA’s premier show choir,” a voice drawled behind Adam. “You should join.”

Adam turned in surprise.

“I hear it’s super fun.”

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