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Phantom of the Conjuring

You wonder what the fuck is this? Well let me tell you what is this. This is a new universe where Phantom of the Opera… is the Conjuring. And the Conjuring is Phantom of the Opera. I promised crazy crossovers after all. And this recently developed one is my ultimate favorite.

So how it started? Obviously. Patrick starring both in Phantom and the Conjuring. To cut things short, on joke, I searched for Phantom references while watching The Conjuring. And when you search, you find. While this… this came naturally. Originally crack, it honestly has everything in it… said crack, fluff, angst… perhaps even erotica, who can foresee what these freaks may think up.

How everything goes?.. Ed Warren certainly stars as Raoul. Not only they have same face, but also very alike personalities. Both are sweet, caring and protective, willing to sacrifice anything for their dear ones, yet in face of danger rush into danger without much thinking or caution. Besides.. both can’t keep their hand at the level of their eyes. :D

Christine and Loraine have similarities too. They both are beautiful queens ain’t nobody messing with. Of course, Loraine is far stronger, more willful and not naive at all, but after all, it makes sense. Not only she is older, but also a seer demonologist who had faced more horrors in her life than she can count while Christine is just a singer.

Then… the question remains…. who is Phantom? Could not be easier. The so called “nun demon”, or Valak. 

Yes, before you gasp out of surprise that is a man. Valak is clearly stated to be male in demonology and in the Conjuring 2 Bill Wilkinson, enslaved old man’s spirit who had encountered Valak in person, refers to the demon as he. Nun’s appeal is just a disguise and way to mock the Warrens. Or Ed at least. Because I am still not sure if he truly wanted to harm Loraine. His intentions remain…mysterious. So this is first aspect why Valak stars as Erik. He stalks Loraine/Christine and wants to kill Ed/Raoul. He appears to Loraine in a dream. We can easily make a reference “In sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came…”. Ha. Yes. He does not sing. But he can sing here. He pretends to be a ghost. No, I am not speaking about the haunting itself. Ends meet even better not because of a traditional horror movie plot. He is a demon, not a ghost but he pretends to be one (aka using Bill Wilkinson as a pawn). He appears not what he is in order to trick others. Just as Erik did.

And now. Time for the slayer of this justification. Behold.

One swift edit…

Reminds you of something?… 

Eh Valak/Erik man I hate to break it to you… ain’t working this time. 

This is already long ass, ugh… 

To the actual concept. Basically, in it, Ed and Loraine are reincarnated Raoul and Christine now working as paranormal investigators. While Erik all the time had in reality been Valak, President of Hell (it then also makes sense why he hid his true name. He avoided giving others power over him). And though all these years, he had been waiting for his beloved to return. Perhaps this time she shall make a different choice… she does. When Loraine/Christine realizes the truth, she refuses to lose Phantom/Valak again. Despite everything what could oppress. Her beliefs an her unending battle with dark forces for through all these years. The Chruch. His origin. All his evil deeds and souls he corrupted. This time she realizes what brings them apart is too weak to fight against what connects them. She does not want to lose Ed too of course. Valak/Phantom and Ed/Raoul both love her too much to let go and agree to put up with one another’s presence. So they end up in a very… odd… dysfunctional, but charming polyamorous relationship. That is the summary. Loraine though soon realizes her decision may not have in all ways been the wisest. You see… what do two men who loathe one another forced to share the woman they love bring into the house?… Storms of testosterone and constant fights. What else. Imagine living in a theater. Yes, That’s how it feels like. 

A flawless seer…. Insolent boy of a demonologist… and a composer demon monarch… what could go wrong?.. What could go wrong… 

How does poor sweet Judy take all of this?… Surprisingly, pretty well. She even feels safer with Valak/Erik lurking around because he can protect her from that Annabelle creep… 

Worry not. Of course Valak/Erik reverts back to his old Phantom appeal. Yes. He would be portrayed by Gerard Butler. Only eyes remain same. 

For glorious finish? Brace yourselves. A lot of stuff from Phantom of the Conjuring is gonna be on here to record adventures of craziest OT3 and every poor soul around them.